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Name reasons to be on teamjacob/teamedward because i am stuck in the middle

please tell me personality reasons not because their cute
same here i cant chose i think i just wanna stick with both i wont b able to pick
Elzybells posted over a year ago
 1aremone posted over a year ago
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TotallyMe105 said:
Im Team Switz too but you should be content where you are because no you know that you could handle both personalities of the guys meaning your not as picky as other people...

Honestly the team thing is overwhelming and i think that honestly but are great guys but i guess you can have a preference.

Like if you want more of a romantic mysterious guy Edward definatly id better for that. Hes spotlessly polite and is always making sure you are content and happy and i guess thats what makes him attractie is that all he wants is for his love to be happy.

Now if you like more of a friends type guy with a hint of bad boy then jakes the way to go. Hes funny and cute and very sweet. The only thing is both these guys can be jerks sometimes but i cant say well hey they are just human....cause they arent.

Honestly both are really great guys, both are the ideal guy for most people. Honestly i think Bella deserves neither but im glad the series worked out to where edward has bella and jacob has Nessie.

So be happy you are a content person your on Team Switzerland:)
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posted over a year ago 
jacksonrain said:
Pros of Team Jacob:
1. He's got body heat. Who wouldn't love that on a cold day?
2. He's funny.
3. He listens to what you have to say and will be there for you through anything, because he is also your bestfriend.
4. You wouldn't have to change anything about yourself.
5. He would take you out to eat, and actually eat.

Cons of Jacob:
1. He has a temper.
2. He could very likely leave horrendous scars on your face.
3. He is jealous.

Pros of Team Edward:
1. He can be an ice pack if you need him to be.
2. He's been around awhile, so he's a gentleman.
3. He wouldn't want you to change anything about yourself, but you would have to, to be with him.
4. He will play you songs on his piano.
5. He's so beautiful it makes your eyes hurt.

Cons of Edward:
1. He doesn't sleep, so when your asleep he will be watching you intensly, and/or sneak in your house, without you knowing.
2. He's ice cold, so you'd have to where jackets around him just to not be that cold.
3. You can't be tooo passionate with him, because he has venom all over his teeth, and plus he might wanna bite you.

Take a look at the lists, it's all evened out.
It just reallys comes down to what kind of guy you like.
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posted over a year ago 
Edward: He's effing gourgous He's beautiful on the inside He will always protect you He loves you and would die for you He has a really nice family He still lets you see ur best friend even though he's his arched enemy He sparkles like shimmering diamonds every time a ray of sun hits him He's just al round hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IFLEdward posted over a year ago
Jacob: He has a temper :( He changed himself just to fit in with his dogs He tries to stop you from seeing your beautiful boyfriend !! He's horrible !!! And finally he thinks he is the hottest person alive !!!
IFLEdward posted over a year ago
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