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Twilight Series Question

hey..quick question..

i know this is nothing to do with twilight, but this spot answers the fastest!
just wondering if anyone else likes the princess diaries? the books that is? not the films!
if you do can you please join my spot?

 lauracullen66 posted over a year ago
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Twilight Series Answers

tool82cry said:
I didnt know there were books too for the princess diaries. IDK maybe i'll check the spot out and read the book.
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posted over a year ago 
yea i didnt know there was books.... ill check out the spot to
topazEYEs91 posted over a year ago
I didn't know there were books either.
teamjacob96 posted over a year ago
the books are MUCH better than the films!
lauracullen66 posted over a year ago
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