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Twilight Series Question

What job do you think any charter would have if it was all Human?

Like do you think edward would be a doctor or a fireman.
Or bella a writer or wedding planner but i think wedding planner is more up alices street. :)
Your grammar bugs me.
r-pattz posted over a year ago
calm down it jut grammar
gaby124 posted over a year ago
Sorry what wrong with my grammar?
Twilight123e posted over a year ago
 Twilight123e posted over a year ago
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Twilight Series Answers

Andressa_Weld said:
Edward: Musician
Bella: Teacher
Jasper: Police
Alice: Fashion Designer
Emmett: Fireman
Rosalie: Model
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posted over a year ago 
LionLamb1918 said:

Edward: Piano teacher
Bella: Teacher
Alice: Fashion designer
Jasper: Writer
Emmett: Policeman
Rosalie: Housewife

The reason I say that Rosalie would be a housewife and not a model is because she always wanted a child and husband, a family. Also, I don't really know what Esme would be, and Carlisle is already a doctor. :)
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posted over a year ago 
DWLoverTBCEDT said:
Edward: Doctor or musician
Bella: Writer, teacher, something like that
Alice: fashion designer
Jasper: psychologist or history teacher
Rosalie: something to do with cars
Emmett is the one I have trouble with. I can't figure out what he would do.
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posted over a year ago 
VampiresRevenge said:
Edward: Piano teacher
Jacob: Motorcycle handyman
Bella: She can draw in customers to Jacob's motorcycle business.
Jasper: Psychologist would be perfect.
Alice: Party planner
Emmett: Carpenter
Rosalie: Beauty pageant coordinator
Carlisle: Doctor
Esme: Nurse at a children's hospital, since she's motherly.
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posted over a year ago 
kuncuyug said:
Alice would be a fashion designer. Jasper or Bella could be an actor because they can both control feelings, Bella her own and Jasper others. Rosalie could be a hair dresser since she's always careful about how she looks and she made Bella's hair beautiful for her wedding. Edward could be a nice musician. Emmet could be a baseball player. Esme could be an interior designer (if that's what it's called ). Renesmee could be an artist since she can make images. jacob could be a mechanic or someone that does extreme sports.
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posted over a year ago 
ScottishChic said:
Carlisle- Still a doctor
Esme- Housewife
Edward- Soldier (like he wanted to be) or teacher
Emmett- Weight lifter or Personal Trainer
Rosalie- Mechanic (she's good with cars) or Beautician
Alice- Fashion Designer
Jasper- Soldier (again) or Historian
Bella- Biology teacher or scientist or something like that
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posted over a year ago 
taylosgrl said:
Edward- Pro. musisian
Emmet-Baseball player, Wrestler
Alice-Art teacher
Jasper-ninja(haha)no really,chofer(how ever you spell it ShoFur)
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posted over a year ago 
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