chapter two
sorry, it took sooo long. i was buisy. hope you like it :)!

i heard a knock at my door that afternoon. i ran to go open it,
"hey Jake!" i couldn't hide the fact that i was excited.
"hi heavenly!" he said almost as excited as me.
"we should go before my mom ca-"
"HEAVENLY! WHO'S YOUR FRIEND?" i was red with embarrasment.
"uh... ma, this is Jake, Jake, this is my ma." i introduced them.
"HEY SWEETY!" my mom said super loud even though he was standing right there.
"hi, mrs. Paulmero, it's a pleasure to meet you!" Jake was really polite.
"you know you're very handsome-"
"MOM! WE'RE LEAVING NOW." i practically yelled at her, filled with embarrasment.
"nice meeting you mrs. Paulmero." Jake said laughing as we walked out.
once the door closed and we were safely outside:
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Jake burst into laughter. i didn't know what to say.
once he had calmed down he said, "im sorry Heavenly, but that was sooo funny!" he said still half laughing. after that embarrassing moment, we started walking on the beach.
"so are you gonna tell me about yesterday?" i asked, anxious.
"yeah, ok umm.... you know the quillete tribe is descendent from wolfs?"
"oh ya?"
"ya, um.... well im just gonna say it: me and my friends you met yesterday are wolfs, we have our own pack, and we protect the reserve from... vampires."
"oh yeah and i also met the goblens in ohio." i said sarcastically, did he think i was stupid?
"judge all you want, but just let me finish and i can prove this to you afterwards."
"carry on Jake, really i wanna know." i said sarcastic again.
"alright, well we can phase into wolfs whenever we want. but sometimes it happens by accident when we're angry. we're shape the Alpha of the pack and when the pack is together and we're phased into wolfs, we can hear each other's thoughts. there is also this thing when we imprint."
"what's that?"
"we can get to that later. also, wolfs don't age. but we look like we do. we have to keep our hair short because that determines how long our hair is when we phase. i think that's it... oh ya and we heal very fast."
"ok, and what about these 'vampires'?"
"well isabella from the beach yesterday was a vampire. there is a whole coven of vampires in Forks called the olympic coven. we've made a truths with them due to prior engagements. um... they don't age either, they like magically turned beautiful or something when they become vampires. most vampires survive on human blood, but these vamps are 'vegetarians'. they survive on animals. is that it, umm..... wolfs and vamps are natural enemies. we can't stand each others' smell."
"ok well what was that thing about you breaking her daughter's heart or something, and her calling me a tramp." i asked still curoious.
"ok well it's impossible for vamps to have kids, but edward, another vamp, and bells had her when bella was still a human. right when they were about to lose bella at birth, they turned to a vamp, which means she couldn't die unless she was ripped apart and burned, so that's how Bells became a vamp. so there kid, renesmee, was in love with me, but i never like her that way. so just recently, she told me this and i had to tell that i didn't feel the same way so i geuss she told mommy on me. oh yeah and vamps are really strong and fast and some of them have gifts. like Alice can tell the future, Edward can read minds, and Jasper can control mood."
"well is that it?" i asked, completely overwhelmed.
"pretty much."
"ok well what about that imprinting thing?"
"ok well it's a rare thing, but Embry and me already have. which is weird. but, ok, well, when a wolf imprints, it's like.... the first time you see someone, you're instantly in love, almost."
"like love at first sight?"
"you sounded just like Bella when you asked me that.... anyways, um.... almost like that but like 1 million times more strong. it's like when you imprint on someone, you have no choice. you have to love them, unconditionally."
"well, so who did you imprint on?" i asked, devastated.
".........." silence.
"JAKE, the suspense is killing me!" this whole thing was already killing me!
"I IMPRINTED ON YOU!" i was so happy, i couldn't explain with words. i looked him straight in the eye,
"Jacob Black,.... i love you."
"i love you to Heavenly Paulmero."
"WAIT! how am i supposed to know you're not just messing with me?" i asked thinking this was too good to be true.
"jump on my back," he said and turned around. i was hesitan, "trust me Heavenly." he said.
"alright." i said and jumped on laughing. we walked deep into the woods. eventually when i could see nothing else besides trees, we saw his friends.
"hey Heavenly, so Jake told you huh?"
"hi seth. umm.... he told me, but i gotta admit, im not so sure." jacob interrupted right then.
"wait here Heavenly."
"alright?" i said almost like a question.
he and his pack walked away untilthey were out of sight and came back a few minutes later, i think. Seth came back, but four huge bear- like wolfs followed him. i couldn't say anything, i wasn't scared. i was just shocked that there was another supernatural world that no one knew about.
"ok that's Leah, the silver one. the one with the almost black fur is embry.the really light brown one is quil, and the russet colored one is Jake."
"wow" was all i could say. seth laughed. i starred at Jacob, and he starred at me. they suddenly turned around and walked away.
"they're just going to phase back. Leah will take more time beacause she has to get out of the guys' sight too."
"i really like can't like....."
"well you're gonna have to deal, cuz Jake imprinted on you, and you're a wolf girl now."
"im a wolf girl now..." i repeated.
suddenly, Jake came out from the trees. i didn't say anything, i just starred stupidly.
"hi." he said as if none of that had happened.
"well i believe you now."
"Heavenly, you need to know that what you know, you can't tell anyone,.... anything"
"i understand."
we were interrupted by Jake's phone. he answered it quickly.
"hello?" he said. i just starred at him. stunned again by his beauty.
"what?" was what he said after a long pause.
"alright, we're on our way over." he hung up with out saying bye. then everyone else came out from the trees.
"come on we have to go." he said grabbing my hand.
"where are we going?" i asked. he started talking to the pack.
"we're goin' to the cullens'!" he yelled already dragging me out of the woods.
"something happened to nessie. bella said she's been depressed lately and she just asked the family to kill her."
"WHAT?!" eveyone said at once. except for Leah, she just asked, "what does that have to do with you?"
"well Leah i happen to be the cause! i'll talk to you guys later. oh and Leah, maybe you shouldn't be such a bitch!"
i couldn't help but laugh when he told her that. once they were out of sight he asked me, "i don't think you sould come." he said. i suddenly hugged him tight.
"i don't wanna be away from you!" i almost yelled.
he picked my chin up an said,"I love you Heavenly." then he kissed me passionately.
"wow!" was all i could say when i came up for air.
"it's all gonna be alright. now let's go"