TV Couples 5 Couples You Hate

sahour95 posted on Oct 24, 2008 at 07:46AM
it's very simple just mention 5 couples you hate !!

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over a year ago cordyangel said…
2-sawyer and kate
3-buffy and angel
4-connor and cordelia they're not even a couple
5-george and izzie
over a year ago dermer4ever said…
1- Lucas and Peyton (OTH)
2. Noel and Felicity (Felicity)
3. Rachel and Puck (Glee)
4. Pacey and Joey (Dawson's Creek)
5. George and Izzie (GA)
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
1.) Jack & Kate
2.) Brooke & Julian
3.) Sawyer & Juliet
4.) Bill & Sookie
5.) Cuddy & Lucas
over a year ago huddygirl2 said…
1.Cameron and House
2.Cuddy and Lucas
3.Carly and Freddie
4.Shaw and Sarah
5.Abby and Gibbs(father and daughter to old)
over a year ago denisa142 said…
Jack/Kate - Lost i really hate them
over a year ago willow96 said…
1.lexxie and alex(grey's anatomy)
2.xander and faith(buffy the vampire slayer)
3.illyria and spike(angel)
4.buffy and rilley(buffy the vampire slayer)
5.shannon and shayid(lost)
over a year ago ziva_rocks said…
1. Jack and Kate - Lost
2. Sawyer and Juliet - Lost
3. Tony and Kate - NCIS
4 Kate and Ari - NCIS
5. Mike and Katherine - Desperate Housewives
over a year ago bright_angel said…
Hate them:

1.Lucas and Peyton [OTH] (EWWWWWWWWWWW)
2.Nate and Jenny [GG] (NOOO WAYY]

Just don't like them together:

3.Jack and Kate [LOST]
4.Damon and Bonnie [TVD] (Love their characters my 2 top on the show but I don't want them together)
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over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Buffy & Angel
Willow & Kennedy
Rachel & Joey
Connor & Cordelia
Rachel & Finn
over a year ago Senzu said…
Christina&Owen (GA)
Naomi&Archer (PP)
George&Callie (GA)
Bella&Jacob (i know its not tv show , but i hate them together)
thats all for now i think
over a year ago katie15 said…
Stefan and Elena (TVD)
Damon and Bonnie (TVD)
Angel and Buffy (BtVs)
Sawyer and Juliet (Lost)
Bill and Sookie (True Blood)
over a year ago supernowa said…
1. Sawyer & Kate (Lost)
2. Serena & Nate (Gossip Girl)
3. Freddie & Effy (Skins)
4. Liam & Annie (90210)
5. Brenda & Dylan (BH 90210)

Yes, I know that you love them.
over a year ago blair90 said…
1) Jack & Kate ( Lost)
2) Pacey & Joey( Dawson Creek)
3) Dan & Serena ( GG)
4) Sawyer & Juliet ( Lost)
5) Damon &Bonnie ( VD)
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over a year ago angiii7 said…
1. Bonnie&Damon (Maybe I hate them so much because of the fans I don't know)
3. Brucas (ew)
4.Luddy (They make me sick, thank god they're over!)
5.Skate (Just because Jate is fate <3)
over a year ago Sparky04 said…
1. Cordy and Connor (Angel)
2. Buffy/Riley (BTVS)
3. Kennedy and Willow
4. Doctor and Reinette (Not actually a real couple)
5. Juliet and Declan (Okay but the episode Shawn 2.0 was hilarous, didn't actually mind the character, just didn't like the couple)
over a year ago carambolas said…
1. Lucas and Brooke!! (OTH)

2. Nate and Serena (Gossip Girl)
3. Dawson and Joey (Dawson´s Creek)
4. Lucas and Lindsey (OTH)
5. George and Izzie (Grey´s Anatomy)
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over a year ago itwasepic98 said…
1.Damon&Elena (VD)
2.Rachel&Puck (Glee)
3.Rachel&Jesse (Glee)
4.Ted&Stella (HIMYM)
5.Shawn&Abigail (Psych)
over a year ago comet-love said…
1. Brooke & Lucas (OTH)
2. Ryan & Marissa (OC)
3. Stefan & Elena (TVD)
4. Nate & Serena (GG)
5. Ted and Robin (HIMYM)
over a year ago BeautifulLover said…
1- Jate (Jack and Kate from LOST)
2- Serenate (Serena and Nate from Gossip Girl)
3- Emily and Maya from Pretty Little Liars
4- Puck and Rackel (I don´t know their name) from Glee
5- Bill and Sookie from True Blood
over a year ago Maja2601 said…
1) Damon & Bonnie - Damon belongs with Elena!!!
3) Nate & Jenny - It's just wrong!!
4) House & Cameron - He's just so mean to her!!
5) Bill & Sookie - Sookie should be with Eric :)
over a year ago Evanescent said…
Clark&Lana - never;
Damon&Elena - big mistake;

not order here.
over a year ago Piria said…
I hate:
1- Sawyer and Juliet (Lost) - Boring, boring, boring...

I dont like:
2- Bill and Sookie (True Blood) - Repetitive
3- Jack and Kate (Lost) - Depressive. They were always crying or screaming.
4- Chuck and Blair (GG) - Overrated
5- Robin - Barney (HIMYM) - I dont see chemistry between them
over a year ago ArthurGwen said…
Bamon (don`t know if i can call them a couple) and DAIR.uuugh.
over a year ago babe1492 said…
1. Lucas and Peyton (OTH)
2. Chuck and Jenny (Gossip Girl)
3. Peyton and Nathan (OTH)
4. Romeo and Ruby (Home and away)
5. Sawyer and Kate (LOST)
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over a year ago delenadarti said…
1 joey and pacey
2 dan and serena
3 brooke and lucas
4 clark and lana
5 sawyer and kate
over a year ago celina said…
1.Joey and Dawson(Dawson's Creek)
2.Nate and Jenny(Gossip Girl)
3.Serena and Dan(Gossip Girl)
4.Pacey and Audrey(Dawson's Creek)
5.Brenda and Dylan(BH90210)
over a year ago smckinlay2 said…
1) Dawson and Joey - Dawson's Creek
2) Stefan and Elena - Vampire Diaries
3) Liam and Annie - 90210
4) Dan and Serena - Gossip Girl
5) Matt and Caroline - Vampire Diaries
over a year ago XNaley_JamesX said…
1. Damon & Elena (The Vampire Diaries)
2. House & Cameron (House MD)
3. Nathan & Peyton (One Tree Hill)
4. Ryan & Theresa (The OC)
5. Nate & Jenny (Gossip Girl)
over a year ago bene22 said…
Joey / Dawson( Dawson's Creek )
Veronica / Piz ( Veronica Mars )
Isabelle / Shawn ( The 4400 )
Max/ Logan ( Dark Angel )
Kris / Matt ( Wildfire )
over a year ago rosyn_cullen said…
I really hate them as couple :s
over a year ago LoveBonesGlee said…
1. House & Cameron - THEY MAKE ME PUKE !
2. Puck and Rachel !
3. Brittany & Artie
4. Quinn & sam
5. Booth and Hannah ( But i really like hannah )
over a year ago Brittanagleefan said…
1. Kurt and Karofsky (not gonna happen, but the thought disgusts me)
2. Finn and Rachel
3. Finn and Quinn
4. Brittany and Artie

I can't think of a 5th one...
over a year ago bibi88 said…
over a year ago Eirinaki_b_13 said…
1. Leyton (OTH) I dislike it the most for sure

2. Stefan/Katherine (VD) well she is a bitch, he deserves better

3. Jack/Juliet (Lost)

4. Neyton (OTH)

5. George/Izzie (GA)
over a year ago ChuckJenny4ever said…
1. Brittany & Santana [Glee]

2. John & Natalie [One Life To Live]

3. Chuck & Blair [Gossip Girl] - Most of the 2nd half of season 3 and onwards.
I LOVE them before that!

4. Emily + all of her love interests other than Alison and Toby [Pretty Little Liars]

5. Lucky/Elizabeth & Sam/Jason [General Hospital]
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over a year ago Slayerette89 said…
1. Trudy/Jay (The Tribe)
2. Ebony/Jay (The Tribe)
3. Kate/Jack (Lost) or Brooke/Lucas(OTH)
4. Kate/Jack (Lost) or Brooke/Lucas(OTH)
I can't decide which of these two I hate more, so it must be that I hate them equally, lol
5. Peyton/Jake (OTH)

Honorary mention to Izzie/George (GA). I've run out of places, but I hate them as a couple so much that I simply must mention them.
over a year ago 19leeann said…
1]Serena and Nate
2]Kate and Sawyer
3]Jenny and Damien
4]Vanessa and Dan
5]Whitney and Lana
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over a year ago TheLiineGirl said…
1. Dan & Blair
2. Nate & Jenny
3. Piper & Dan - not that i hate them, they were just a waste of time!
4. Dan & Serena - got boring in the end ...

not sure, there's probably lots i hate, just can't remember more xD.
over a year ago BeccyBear said…
1. Brulian - I want to set this couple on fire and watch them slowly burn to death while i stand outside laughing my ass off. hahhahahahahahaah.

2. Bangel - I want this couple to--- oh wait,, haha bangelers they're already broken.....sucked in!!!!!!!

3. Safe (sami and rafe) - I want to shoot rafe in the head for being so boring, and then shoot sami for being so boring with him.

4. Harry & Hermione - dude they're basically like brother and sisters

5. Willow and kennedy - don't make me throw up becoz i will. Everyone out there knows what kennedy deserves.
over a year ago LuCe60bis said…
1. Brooke/Lucas & Brooke/Julian
2. Clark/Lana
3. House/Cuddy
4. Damon/Elena
5. George/Izzie
over a year ago loganrory4life said…
How can people hate ryan and taylor as a couple? and brooke and julian?!!!
over a year ago CharmedFan4eva_ said…
1. Cangel
2. piper and greg
3. sometimes leyton but i do like them
4. lucas and lindsey
5. spuffy, again dont hate then just dislike they have their moments
over a year ago Kackahaluzova said…
1. Dean & Lisa (SPN)
2. Lucas & Peyton (OTH)
3. John & Riley (TSCC)
4. Stefan & Elena (TVD)
5. Dan & Serena (GG)
over a year ago wishful-thinker said…
1. Dawson/Joey (Dawson's Creek)
2. Dylan/Kelly (Beverly Hills 90210)
3. Jack/Kate (Lost)
4. Bill/Sookie (True Blood)
5. George/Izzie (Grey's Anatomy)
over a year ago xleeloo said…
1. Chuck/Blair (Gossip Girl)
2. Pacey/Joey (Dawson's Creek)
3. Dean/Jo (Supernatural)
4. Dany/Drogo (Game of Thrones)
5. Rachel/Finn (Glee)

6. Sam (Supernatural) with any girl. LOL
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over a year ago D_J267 said…
1. Huddy
2. Jate
3. Skate
4. Bangel
5. Leyton
over a year ago jethrojenny said…
1)Gibbs and Colonel Mann-NCIS
2)Gibbs and Kate-NCIS(they weren't really an official couple some people say they were good together though and i disagree
3)Brooke and Lucas-OTH
4)Rory and Dean-Gilmore Girls
5)House and Cameron
over a year ago TheDevilsDuches said…
1. House and Cuddy (House MD)
2. Jane and Lisboon (The Mentalist)
3. Emmett and Daphne (Switched at Birth)
4. Bill and Sookie (True Blood)
5. Damon and Bonnie (The Vampire Diaries)

@xleeloo I'm taking a page from you
6. Castiel with Anyone (Supernatural)
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over a year ago nicole_23 said…
1. Spike & Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
2. Piper & Dan (Charmed)
3. Izzy & George (Grey's Anatomy)
4. Dawson & Joey (Dawson's Creek)
5. Booth & Hannah (Bones)
over a year ago Zalax said…
1. Buffy/Angel
2. Dean/Lisa
3. Stefan/Elena
4. Castiel/anyone
5. Kate/Sawyer
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