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I crept in through the front door of the old house I call home. “Mom?” I called.
    No answer.
    “Mom?” I repeated. “Moooom?”
    I heard footsteps, then my mother peeked out from behind a heavy oaken door. She was dressed in a white sheet that she had wrapped around her chest. It came down to her feet, which were bare except for the thin golden chains she had tangled around her left foot. She had a washcloth pinned in her hair.
    “Mom?” I asked. “What are you wearing?”
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posted by cuteypuffgirl
This a short poem I came up with. I'm not a descriptive person. I prefer just simple words in poems. This deals with the term, "Looking behind the smile." This is inspired by a friend and mine's life experiences. Enjoy :)

Gone: a poem

She sat alone
in the corner of the room.
She didn't speak
she would merely loom.
Like she was a shadow
an invisible ghost.
No one gave
a damn at the most.

She would sit there
and simply stare
looking at those
who ignored her.
No one looked
at her twice
no one bothered
when she was nice.

She was a nobody,
forgotten by all.
Her ever-blank stares
directed at the bare, empty wall....
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posted by rory2011
she spend all the night thinking ,she doesn't want to marry cause she knows what will happened to her if she married Mac ,she could face the same fate that her mother faced from long time ago ,but she doesn't want David to die ,she loved her father in a way that she could do anything to save his life ,he's the last member and the only person who left in the family
it could be a big sacrifice with any decision ,but she has to choose

Kat opened her eyes ,and raised her head ,she know that she slept on the ground and now she's late for her work
she walked fast towards her room ,and took something...
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posted by alicia386
Spy Fiction

Chapter One: A Big Difference Between Normal and Reality

      "Well, maybe if you didn't yell so much then I would try to listen to you!" I gave Christina a dangerous stare that sometimes made her back off but not today. Today she had one too many to drink and decided to stand her ground. She knew what I was capable of but still she remained focus on me. "Then you think you could just stand here and pretend you actually love my father!"
      Her bright grey eyes gleamed a little, almost like she was hurt by what I said. "I do love him but you are too conceited to realize the...
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posted by rory2011
Jack and Kevin left the room ,leaving their father's thinking
Kevin looked at jack " what ? ,what did I do ? " Jack said
" are you really happy , with making Paul leaving this house ,and I know that Paul was right about the drugs thing " Kevin said
" first ,David is the one who told Paul to leave ,second you have no clue that I'm taking drugs " Jack said
" no I have a clue ,your hand ,just look at yourself jack ,you're eating a lot of sweets and sugar ,you sleep a lot ,you're lazy ,and our money just disappeared without spending it on anything " Kevin said
" well if you told dad ,he won't do...
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I flinched before he hit me I could already feel the nails from the belt on my skin exactly where he'd hit before he really did. He hit that same spot at least five times—it was right above my butt bone.

I cried out in pain as he went up and down my spinal cord with the belt he moved it to my arms that clinged to the top of the heater. Tears poured out of my eyes "Dad stop please dad!!" He whipped me harder saying "What did I tell you all about calling me Dad I'm your master you little runt!!" he changed to the other arm and and gave me a fine blow to the left jaw bone I fell on my back...
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posted by para-scence
If someone wouldn't mind reading and commenting, I'm kind of in need of feedback. Thanks in advance.

"Evangeline! It's time to get up!" Mom called from the hallway. I grumbled and pulled the blanket over my head. Just five more minutes... five more hours would be nice...

"Evan," my older brother Joshua poked his head into my room. "Didn't you hear Mom? You need to get up." I growled at him.

"Get out," I squeezed my eyes shut tighter.

"Why don't you try and make me?" he taunted. I grabbed my pillow and flung it across the room at him. He laughed and ran out of the room. Not having anything to...
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posted by alicia386
Dear Sam,
I've been see my therapist - never thought I would be saying those words - for a while now. She said that I was making a major break through. I do not know why she believes that since u barely say a word during the sessions, I barely do anything during the sessions.

I had to miss a few days from work so right how my boss is on the verge of killing me. His birthday is coming yo so I will try to throw him a surprise party. Ha, can you imagine my boss at a party?!

My boss is about as all as a 13 year old . He has a tangled beard and beady green eyes, he use to have a full head of brown...
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posted by Problematic129
Part 11!!! Okay so, super duper sorry for it being so so so late! So I'm going to try to make this short and simple, I own nothing! Nada, zero, zilch. Most of these I found on pinterest, tumbr, twitter, blogs, all that sha bang. I own nothing. These pictures aren't mine. I love you guys, thanks for viewing, stay strong, stay beautiful, and stay you.
Right now I thought it would be kind to give you a songlist, of some very powerful/nice songs. Random different nice. Just thought you'd like it. Go check 'em out.
The pretty reckless-under the water
Orla Gartland-Devil on my shoulder
Toby mac-city...
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posted by Dhampires
She looked at me throw narrow eyes droping her hostage to the floor she took a step toward me. She'd started to mouth off at me but I wasn't paying attention the only thing I had my eyes on was the man behind her.

He slowly drew a gun from his chest pocket before angling it at Camila's head he smiled at me and mouthed 'thanks'. I couldn't speak, I was speechless.

It was her words that brought me to life as of where I could run. "Duck he's going to kill you?"
"What?!" she sheirked turning to her attacker. He held a tight grin on his face. "Sweet dreams Princess." I could hear a faint Itialian...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Seven
Book Three- Zoe


      I stayed home all day today. I observed Shane as he inspected the forest. It was like he created work from himself so that he could stay here longer. I could just stroll out here and demand why he was still here but Emma came or appeared. I was up in the basement and she stood right alongside of me. I had gotten use to her just materializing whenever she pleased. "Hey Emma," I greeted without removing my gaze from Shane, "What brings you by?"
      "I need you,...
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