Total Drama Island If Courtney is close to fire, what would you do?(please no mean comments on:"Please stop with these questions".Are questions that I'm more sick.)

Pick one:
Defend her from all the bad things in the world!She's an angel!
Push her in it and let her die!I HATE HER SO MUCH!!!
I would push her butHeather would probably beat me to it xD
Added by neonwalflower
I'm to lazy so I'd just let her burn :p
Added by izzysawsome
Help her, why let someone die when you don't have to.
I may dislike her, but I'm not going to let her burn to death :I
Added by TDIlover226
She may not be my fav but I don't won't the guilt of letting someone die eat at m
Added by poptrop300
She's smart. She'll just run!
help, do you really want to go to jail for murder?
Added by DandC4evacute
I'll help her out and call the firefighters.
Added by icemily42
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 i_love_music posted over a year ago
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