Total Drama Island Which elimination did you think was the craziest?

Pick one:
Zeke&# 39; s boot
Zeke's boot
Eva&# 39; s temper vote off
Eva's temper vote off
Noah&# 39; s smarty pants kick
Noah's smarty pants kick
Bye bye hotty (Justin)
Bye bye hotty (Justin)
Katie and Sadie&# 39; s part
Katie and Sadie's part
Tyler&# 39; s chicken boat boot
Tyler's chicken boat boot
Izzy&# 39; s RCMP surprise
Izzy's RCMP surprise
Cody&# 39; s beating
Cody's beating
Beth&# 39; s tiki terror
Beth's tiki terror
Sadie&# 39; s elimination
Sadie's elimination
Courtney&# 39; s unfair kick off
Courtney's unfair kick off
Harold&# 39; s booby problem
Harold's booby problem
Eva&# 39; s second boot
Eva's second boot
Trent&# 39; s kissing mistake
Trent's kissing mistake
Bridgette vs. The guys alliance
Bridgette vs. The guys alliance
Lindsay&# 39; s swearing elimination
Lindsay's swearing elimination
DJ&# 39; s chicken little routine
DJ's chicken little routine
Izzy&# 39; s crazy and second kick off
Izzy's crazy and second kick off
Geoff&# 39; s crap
Geoff's crap
Leshawna&# 39; s kicked off kick off
Leshawna's kicked off kick off
Duncan&# 39; s sticky bun elinination
Duncan's sticky bun elinination
Heather hair hassal
Heather hair hassal
Gwen&# 39; s ending
Gwen's ending
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