Total Drama Island Who Is The Best Xmen/Tdi Clash Together

Pick one:
owen as the blob
gwen as rogue
heather as mystique
duncan as colossus
leshawna as storm
geoff as cyclops
izzy as phoenix/jean grey
D.J. as spyke
lindsay as pixie
bridgette as emma frost
trent as wolverine
harold as magneto
courtney as shadowcat
sadie as lady deathstrike
beth as scarlet witch
cody as nightcrawler
tyler as quicksilver
katie as lady mastermind
justin as avalanche
noah as professor x
eva as spiral
ezekiel as toad
chris as archangel
chef as sabretooth
bunny as mercury (lol)
mr. coconut as mimic (lol)
 comicstrip2000 posted over a year ago
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