Total Drama Island LEAST Favorite Total Drama ACTION Episode?

Pick one:
"Monster Cash"
"Alien Resurr-eggtion"
"Riot On Set"
"Beach Blanket Bogus"
"3:10 to Crazytown"
"The Aftermath I: Trent's Descent"
"The Chefshank Redemption"
"One Flu Over the Cuckoos"
"The Sand Witch Project"
"Masters of Disasters"
"Full Metal Drama"
"The Aftermath II: Forgive & For-Gwen"
"Ocean's Eight – Or Nine"
"One Million Bucks, B.C."
"Million Dollar Babies"
"Dial M for Merger"
"Super Hero-ld"
"The Aftermath III: O-wen or Lose?"
"The Princess Pride"
"Get a Clue"
"Rock n' Rule"
"Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen"
"2008: A Space Owen"
"Top Dog"
"Mutiny on the Soundstage"
"The Aftermath IV: Who Wants to Pick a Millionere?"
"Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special"
 DandC4evacute posted over a year ago
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