Total Drama Island Out of all of these Heather fanarts, which is your FAVORITE?

Pick one:
Heather. Red Passion by AShiori-chan
Beautiful in Yellow by EvaHeartsYou
Heather as Red Claw by Jose-Ramiro
New Heather by VaultMan
High School Girl by EvaHeartsArt
Perfection or Vanity by LordAkiyama
Heather, the Ice Skater by Cid-Vicious
Heather-Formal Wear by PIXANEFOREVER
Heather as Juvia Lockser Rock Version by RachelTD
All These Stupid Valentines by GwennieBlack
Midnight Heather by VaultMan
Cherry Bon Bon Management by Galactic-Red-Beauty
The Best Dress by EvaHeartsArt
Photoshoot 5 by comicstrip2000
Heather as Morrigan by VaultMan
Cause I May Be Bad But, I'm Perfectly Good at It by JazeEmm
Heather Among Diamonds by heathersuoh
Innocent by AShiori-chan
People Think It's Intimidating by JazeEmm
Pink is Fabulous by Original58
Heather, Are You Blushing? By Original58
Just Heather by Original58
Your Opinion Means Nothing by EvaHeartsYou
Going Out by Ricky-On-Fire
Hands to Myself by ObjectChaos
The Bee Queen by LaTameh
Photoshoot 6 by comicstrip2000
We'll be the Stars by TheTDChronicler
 DandC4evacute posted over a year ago
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