Total Drama Island Out of all of these Dakota fanarts, which is your FAVORITE?

Pick one:
Dakota - Summer by Original58
The Fame Monger by JazeEmm
A Sunny Day! By PsychoTD
Isn't it Delicious? By Mother-of-Trolls
Allods. Dakota by Chizu-PS
Dazzler by Mother-of-Trolls
Dakota Designs by MustacheSkulls
Dakota Chandelier by lucyferb
Bit of a Bitch by wrath-andangels
The Beautiful Dakota Milton by EvaHeartsYou
The Chocolate Eggs by DerignDesign
Sunbath by DerignDesign
Dakota in the Square by EvaHeartsYou
Dakota Looks Good in Blue by PIXANEFOREVER
D A K O T A by Bellatender
Dakota Milton - The Pink Princess by EvaHeartsArt
Dakota Summer Selfie by KiraCactus
Dakota Bikini by EvaHeartsArt
Dakota - True Beauty by Original58
 DandC4evacute posted over a year ago
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