Total Drama Island Out of all of these Crimson fanarts, which is your FAVORITE?

Pick one:
Crimson and the Book by alter-gioia01
Devil Pray by CHYNAD0LL
Creepy Girl, You're Just My Style by wrath-andangels
Fan the Flames by Cinnamon-Stars
An Open Door by alter-gioia01
Without a Soul by alter-gioia01
We're not Alone by EvaHeartsYou
Darkness by EsthertheGothQueen
Rather be Blind by Creative-Horizons
In the Snow by BeckDaylee
Summertime by Avril-that-kid
Even in Death by BBXRae040
Break the Chains by BBXRae040
Happy Crimson by Rray-XD
Spirits Sitting by alter-gioia01
Halloween Crimson by Original58
The End is Where we Begin by alter-gioia01
Warrior of the Night by Avril-that-kid
Murderous by EvaHeartsYou
Punk Rock Crimson by EvaHeartsArt
Gothic Pin-Up by Mother-of-Trolls
Crimson as Zoey by Original58
Dreadful by EvaHeartsArt
Pin Her Up by Nemmysis
Crimson is Cuteness by ObjectChaos
 DandC4evacute posted over a year ago
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