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Lindsay- photoshoot 1 theme: dramatic makeup
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Critique - Stunning. There’s vulnerability in your eyes and expression. The pose needs work, but this time it seems to have worked.
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-Talking to Blainley and Lamaze Classes-

Mike and Ally made an emergency meeting with Blainley at the Celebrity Gossip studio. It took about 30 minutes to get there by car, and enough time for the couple to figure out what to say. They finally get to the building and storm in until they found Blainleys office. Mike knocks on the door furiously.

"Come in!" Blainley says.

Mike and Ally walk in and cross their arms angrily.

"Well if it isn't the coupe of the hour? What can I do for you?" The blonde hostess asks.

"We want to talk to you about the recent 'Celebrity Gossip' episode." Ally said while...
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(Ok I no I should b working on my other storys but im kinda brain dead rite now so I decided to make this. Well enjoy!)

Cody-Girl all the bad guys want by Bowling for Soup

I think this is Cody's theme because Cody is chasing the girl who allways has someone else. In this case the bad boy. But nomadder what Cody does this girl still won't like him.

Alejandro-Womanizer by Brittney Spears

I think it's pretty clear why this is Alejandro's song. CAUSE HE'S A WOMANIZER! I for some reason find it funny that Al is so Manley yet his theme is Brittney Spears.

Geoff-Who's ready to party by Fred

Even thoe I...
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