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fred, velma, and Dafiney
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posted by nocofangirl218's the next episode. .3. Hope you all enjoy it! :D


*at the elimination Ceremony*

Chris: *walks up to the podium* Hello, and welcome to another exciting popcorn bag ceremony! So, as you may know, two people shall be voted- off this episode! Who will the two saps be? Find out...right here and now!

Noah: Is something wrong with you Chris?

Alex: Seriously! You haven't even tried to insult someone, or use the guy from Survivors lines! There has to be a catch to this...

Chris: Can't a guy be in a good mood without being interrogated?!...
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After they arrived at their cabinets, they were entering in their class.They were in the 7th grade.(They were 13 then).
-What are you doing at my cabinet?a boy with black hair and green Mohawk said to Bridgette.
-I didn't know that this cabinet is yours!
-Haha...Now run away from my cabinet!
She ran away from his cabinet and came close to Gwen.
-Have you s-s-seen that g-g-guy with b-b-black hair and green Mohawk?Bridgette said to Gwen.
-Yes.I think that he is cute!
-Cute?He almost beaten me up!
-AH!Why did he do this to you?!I'm going to beat him up...Aaah!His cute teal eyes and...AH, Gwen!Just focus!...
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Jamie: Jordan! I can't trust him!

Ray: Hummmmmmm........ Jamie did lose the challange for us but......... Rayven scares me. and also Bridgette and Jordan....... Is jordan geoff now??? well, IDK!


cHRIS: This might be the most dramist elamtion ever.
Less: I don't think dramaist is a word chris.
Chris: do you want to be pushed off??
Less: go on!
Chris: Ok only 2 of you had no votes.... and they are............ Ray and Bridgette.
Ray: Yes finle 10 baby!
Bridgette: Yeah Girl! *high 5 with Ray*
Chris: ok the rest of you had at least 1 vote....... witch only 1 of you had 1 vote! Jamie..............
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*Non-First class*

Jax: I hate this place!
Ezekiel: we were in first class for so long i will first class sick. eh?
Natalie: First class sick????
Ezekiel: yeah it's like home sick homes.
Natalie: ok...............
Trent: zeke is crazy!
Natalie: Yeah he is very much so.
Annie: I was so close to being kicked off.
Rochelle: yeah. Because you got out.
Annie: Yeah your right.
Rochelle: I miss Penny
Annie: me too. Pa-nie was so nice.
Rochelle: It's penny.
Annie: where's a penny????
Rochelle: wow.......

*First class*
Jordan: This place rocks!
Ray: I know. I think it would be better with Noah though.
Rayven: Noah was...
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Mizzie:*Still in Katie's clothes*Eeeeeee!*Laughs*I have seen every episode of TDI and TDA and TDWT, but, I realllly want to hurt Chris."*Waits a second*"Eeeeeeeeee! I can be a good Katie!
Elita: *takes a deep breath and tries not to stutter* I...I know I screwed up one of...the times voting, and accidentally...voted for Storm. This time, I' for her again. She's always so...angry all the time, and it's she's going to hurt someone. I just don't...want anyone getting hurt.
And the person on my team...oh, whatever, I'll v-vote for myself! I-it's not like it'll...
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Chris: Ok you all votted and tonight i will give you lova rocks from Hawii.
Jamie: Chris? Why do you have fire proof gloves?
Chris: no reason. Ok Theas people had no votes, Avan!
Avan: Yes! *grabs rock* Hot!
Chris: Bridgette!
Bridgette: Yay!!*grabs rock* Hot!
Chris: Ray!
Ray: umm.......... I'm not touching that.
Chris: ok! Noah!
Noah: I just want to know that i'm safe with Ray! *makes out with Ray*
Chris: DJ!
DJ: Yes!
Chris: and the finle person with a vote is.................................. Less!
Less: Yay!
Chris: Thease people had 1 vote Jamie!
Jamie: Yes!
Chris: Rayven!
Rayven: Yay!!!!!
Chris: Jar3d!
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Trent: The last time I remembered, the San Diego Comic Con isn't dangerous.
Heather: Exept for getting a dosage of nerd! *laughs*
Noah: Hey! I'm right here!
Izzy: Shut up, guys! Anyways... join us real soon when me and my friends are gonna go to the San Diego Comic Con!
Cody: Jesus Christ, it's not that dangerous, narrarator.
Izzy: Well...I'm gonna be dressed as...
Heather: *shuts Izzy's mouth* You can't tell them yet!
Izzy: Why not?
Heather: Why you little bi-

posted by RavenRox2
(sorry i took such a long time)
Marcuse: ugh...i can't tell you right now, im to tired ill tel you tomorrow...

*him and rayven walk back to the cabins and go to sleep*

*next morning*

Chris: *sets an alarm*

CONTESTANTS: *sleeping peacfully*

*alarm goes off*

Lulu: WWWHHHHAAAA *falls out of bed* What the heck, Chris!!

Chris: *laughs*


Chris: shhh! todays challange will be a scavenger hunt around the house!

Rayven: But the house is so fucking huge!
Chris: thats the point!

Lulu: do we know what to find?
Chris: you dont.
lulu: *looking confused* huh?
Chris: you will be guessing what...
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posted by misschloedad367
courtney cheering about johny
courtney cheering about johny
izzys pov

chris: "so izzy are we going out"
izzy: "maybe"
chris:"come on it will be fun"
izzy: "ok sure"courtney and bridgette walk in when chris leaves
courtney: "hi izzy"
bridgette" "hey"
izzy: "hey guys i am going out with chris"
courtney , bridgette ,and izzy: eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

courtney pov

so i'm celeabrating with izzy when johnny comes he's my crush!!! duh.and he ask me where duncan is so now i am ticked off because my old boyfriend is here and my crush is his friend ugh!!! so now i have to be duncans friend to date johnny double ugh

duncan pov

i met this guy named johnny and he seemed cool...
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my story starts here at Courtney's house.
One morning before the first day of high school start Courtney and her sister, Pamela, are getting ready to go to school....

Pamela/ Court! are you ready?
Courtney/ just wait a minute!!!
Pamela/ hurry up!!!! we cant be late!
Courtney/ fine im ready lets go...
Pamela/ finally!!
Courtney/ but why are you so hurry?
Pamela/ im going to meet kevin there! i cant be late...
Courtney/ oh yeah your boyfriend!
Pamela/ yes! now come on!!!!

At school......

Trent/ Duncan dude whats up?
Duncan/ oh hi guys...
Gwen/ is cool that we are in the same school!
Duncan/ uuummmm yeah, whatever......
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*TDI theme*



Andi:*stretches* Wow those new beds are SO comfertable!
Sofie:I know!! *puts shoes on*
Noah:Well I thought that I was sleeping on a ton of ridged rocks..
Andi:Wow Noah..Why so grumpy?
Noah:Im not grumpy you SON OF A B!TCH!
Noah:*walks away*
Courtney:Hes just mad cuz I took his bed.*starts texting*
Sofie:Didn't you get your own bed, b!tch.
Courtney:*stops texting* Well Miss Duncan Stalker, I didn't get a bed...*goes back texting*
Sofie:IM NOT A DUNCAN ST...never mind..oh and HA HA HAAAAAAA! *razzberry*
Courtney:*roles eyes*
Sadie:Oh my gosh!...
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posted by Trent-lover123
Ranma:get it away!!! Roxy:whats wrong??? Ranmas dad:Im so ashamed my son is afraidof cats. Roxy:oh well then you want a dog??? Ranma:YES!!!!Alex:come on take it like a man!!!! Ranma:AHH Stop THAT!!! Roxy:Hey riana maby you can help. Riana:well I dont want to get killed by shampoo. Christy:whats that in the sky??? Reyoga:I have came a very long way to see ranma soutomy to FIGHT!!! Riana:wow what man heehee. Roxy:whats so instrasting about him??? Riana:he came a long way for just a fight that takes a lot of guts. starr:your just fishing for guys arnt you. Riana:so just as little this is the last...
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posted by Trent-lover123
One day Trent came running to his pals Gwen,Duncan, and Courtney. Trent: Guess what I got GUYS!!Duncan: A big cage! Courtney: Ha ha very funny Duncan. So what is in the cage? Trent: I got a cute its a Boxer! Gwen: WOW its a little puppy. Well I gotta go! Everyone: BYE Gwen!!. Duncan: Lets go get some icecream guys, Don't worry the puppy is inside it can get out. Trent: Ok lets go! TEN MINUTES LATER...Courtney: Hey Trent where is you puppy? Trent: Oh no!! the puppy is gone! Duncan: the dog couldnt of gotten far." THEY LOOKED FOR HOURS UNTILL.... Gwen: Im back guys." Trent: We lost my puppy."...
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justin:oh hello finale 4 it looks like today we will be trying out costumes

courteney:ok hot justin

justin:but still finale 4 lets all go to my closet and pick out some of my moms old clothes

bridgette:heres my outfit justin

justin:thats awesome bridgette

linsay:here hanna

justin:my names not hanna IM justin and thats a pritty cool costume

courteney:here justin

justin:that is an awesome costume courteney next

gwen:here justin

justin:thats sweat gwen

(IT looked like justin thought every costume was pritty hot but one he thought was pritty uncool)

justin:ok finale 4 who is safe is bridgette and gwen and its courteney vs linsay and the last name IM going to call is....................courteney

linsay:oh goodbye

every girl:have a nice trip linsay

linsay:well bye

justin:well well well if it isint the finale 3 gwen,bridgette,and courteney

Ok let's first start off with Lindsay. Lindsay is a beautiful but dumb (no offense) girl she always wants to make friends and she has a crush on Tyler that relationship moved fast because they made out in the 5th episode ok back to Lindsay I like Lindsay because she is friendly,and creative however she is scared of roaches or anything that climbs or crawls I also don't like how she focuses to much on her looks I also love they way she roasted heathers ass in that's off the chain but the way she got out was a little weird but it didn't really matter because she loved the loser island she even...
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