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I did this by cannon couple, weather I like them or not.
fan art
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"Welcome the three new contestants on total drama." Chris said.
Serenity,Anna-lee,and Joey stepped out of a boat. "So where's the money?" Asked Serenity with her hand out. "Never made any promises." Chris said. "Welcome returning contestants Lindsay,Duncan,Lightning,mike,Zoey,Cameron,Scott,Gwen,Courtney,and Geoff." Said Chris. "First challenge is to find your cabins first, the other team wait! We need teams!" Said Chris. Ok team uhh crap is mike,lightning,Scott,Duncan,Lindsay,Gwen, and Zoey. "Crap what kinda of sha-name is that? Asked Lightning. "Team uhh song is Geoff,Cameron,Anna-Lee,Joey,Serenity,Courtney,and...
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This is a fic about Scott as a child. It's pretty messed up.


Morning sun. A pale hand pours the blue contents of one container into a mug of coffee. His hands are then clasped around the mug tightly, as he fears dropping it.

Slowly, the nine year old hands it to his mother, trying to hold back his smirk. He can see that she's trying not to glare at him, but he's not sure why. "It's about time you came back with my coffee..."

"Sorry, mom," Scott says, though it only took him about a minute to poor the coffee and add his 'secret ingredient'.

"You're not sorry about shit,"...
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In this fanfic, Duncan is making a video to show to all of the slash fans explaining why he doesn't like Harold...

WARNING: This contains slash, as in a boy/boy pairing. DuncanxHarold. Don't like it, don't read it.

Genre: Humor/Romance

The video flashes on, revealing Duncan sitting at a chair in a room that's painted mostly black and green. He's glaring at the camera when he begins to speak.

Okay, so I've been going on fansites recently. Yeah, that's right-- or or whatever the hell it's called. DevilArt and all that crap. I was grounded...
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Here's the themes for every couple. I've included every canon couple (even the ones that have broken up) and three one-sided crushes.

TylerxLindsay: Hot by Avril Lavigne

IzzyxOwen: Hot N' Cold by Katy Perry

CodyxSierra (one-sided): Snow White Queen by Evanescence (Most of the song is from Cody's point of view. The chorus is from Sierra's point of view.)

CodyxGwen (one-sided): High Above Me by Tal Bachman

CourtneyxDuncan: I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace

HaroldxLeShawna: White N' Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovick

HaroldxHeather (one-sided): Just the Girl by The Click...
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