Total Drama Island Total Pokemon Island (Please Read) What do You think of these characters?

Franky494 posted on Jul 16, 2013 at 06:29PM
I am making a TPI on youtube so I would like to know if you think these are good characters


Bronzong: The Lazy, Sarcastic Dude
Cacturne: Nice Guy with a hidden dark side
Hitmonlee: The Athlete that thinks he can sing
Dragonair: The Happy-go-Lucky guy that never insults anyone
Abra: The Know-it-all Schemer (Secondary Anatonogist)
Charmander: The Fiery Personality
Ditto: The Transformer
Minun: The Cheerleader
Plusle: The Other Cheerleader
Swinub: The Hungry Strong One
Kabutops: The Fearless Competitor
Scizor: The Independent I-Have-to-win-because-I'm-Scizor guy.
Houndoom: The Talented Prisoner
Zubat - The Unlucky Boy that always is injured


Lopunny: The Jerky Model
Audino: The Nurse
Primeape: The Rage Girl
Weavile; The Naturally Evil Leader (Main Anatonogist)
Togekiss: The Comforting Friend
Mantyke: The Underdog
Remoraid; The Useless Dudette
Gardevoir: The Dancing, Singing, Gymnastic, Flexible Model
Milotic: The Rival Model
Roserade: The Dancer
Pachirisu: The Cold-Hearted Demon (Third Anatonogist)
Murkrow: The Gangster
Heracross: The All around athlete
Jumpluff: The Airhead

Some info

Anatonogist List (Pachirisu, Weavile, Lopunny, Kadabra) while Anti-Heroes are (Houndoom, Charmander, Primeape)

Planned Relationships
Charmander X Primeaper
Zubat X Murkrow
Cacturne X Gardevoir
Swinub X Audino

Team Names
The Cool Cresselia's and The Dreaded Darkrai's

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over a year ago tdifan0426 said…
Sounds Good! Some descriptions are kinda iffy with me. :I The team names sound good! It sounds like a good show/ project. Good Luck!