(Left) DanixxDumb-Jasper (Right) soxfan89-Lani
Hey guys! We're coming at you live from Camp Fit, somewhere around New York, New York; I'm you one and only host, Jasper—
(Gets cut off from voice off scene) and what about me?! Jasper: Fine. And co-host Lani. (Lani is shown) Lani: Hi, I’m-- (gets cut off from voice off from Jasper as she’s pushing Lani out of the way)
Jasper: No one cares! Any way I’m dropping the newest reality shows on television, now! (Moves to Dock of Shame) And just like the original season Total Drama Island, were on an island! Ok, so here's the deal, thirteen campers have signed up to spend- uh, a couple weeks right here at this exercise camp. (Lani barges in)
Lani: They'll compete in challenges against each other, and then have to face the votes and opinions of their fellow campers. Every few days, one team will either win a reward, or watch one of their team mates walk down-- (Jasper barges in)
Jasper: --the Dock of Shame, take a ride on the loser boat, (snickers), and leave Total Drama Sports, forever! (Moves to campfire ceremony campfire pit) Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremonies where each week, all but one camper will receive... a 1 pound dumbbell. (Lifts a dumbbell) In the end, only one will be left standing and will be rewarded with amazing tabloid fame and a small fortune. (Lani comes)
Lani: So let’s meet our campers as they arrive!
Jasper: Here comes Leeroy! Sup Leeroy!
Leeroy: (with no enthusiasm) Hi.
Lani: ...Well ok then! Heres Spider!
Spider: Hey guys!
Jasper: Hi, now I think I see Brinory off the port side, or something.
Brinory: (in slow motion) *flips hair in the wind then bats her eyes* (not in slow motion anymore) Hi guys. ;)
Lani: Hey Brin! Now I see Cherry! Aloha, Cherry!
Cherry: Hola, Lani!
Jasper: And now comes Avery!
Avery: *shoots daggers kind of like TDI Heather*
Jasper: And also Love.
Love: Really a summer camp?!
Jasper: You’re the first to complain.
Spider: Yeah but all of us were thinking it.
Jasper: *rolls eyes* Let’s hope Reyna doesn’t care.
Lani: Heeeeeeey Reyna!
Reyna: *also flips hair in slow-mo.* Hello. ;D
Lani: Let’s hope no beauty contest will come in-between Brinory and Reyna.
Jasper: Here comes Roxy!
Roxy: Hi so where the hot tub/
Jasper: This is a sports contest not a hotel.
Roxy: Oh yeah.
Jasper: Yeah. So heres Willow!
Willow: (quietly) Hi.
Lani: Now only a few campers are left to meet so let’s meet them all at once! HELLO AXEL, RAVEN, AND ANNA!
Axel: We don’t even get to get introduce alone?
Lani: NOPE! Now that were done meeting every—(gets cut off)
Shawn: HEY! WAIT!
Jasper: and Shawn.
Lani: So now that everyone’s here, we’d like to split you up into teams. If I read of your name, you’re on Team Hula.
Leeroy: Hula? Really.
Jasper: Anyways, everyone else is on Team Surf.
Team Hula
Team Surf