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Chris: Hello everyone! Today we're going to Hollywood!

Lucas: Awesome!

Jake: Sweet!

Chris: Everyone get on the Plane!

*everyone gets on the plane*

*On the plane*

Zoey: So what do you think our Challange is going to be this time?

Annie: Hopefully not another sports challange!

Jordan: Hey guys who got voted off of your team?

Lexxi: Briony! Im so happy!

Zack: Yeah, she was bossy!

Chef: Attention everyone, the plane will be landin in 5...4..3..2...1!!!

*The plane lands*

*everyone gets off*

Jared: Ahh, Hollywood smells,good.

Izzy: It smells like Sex and Shoes!

Jake: Um. Okay Then?

Chris: Since we're in Hollywood, the Challange will be a sining contest!

Katy Perry: Hey everyone!

Annie&Lexxi: OMG ITS KATY PERRY!!!

30H!3: Sup

Lucas: Oh my god, you guys are AWESOME!

30H!3: Yeah we know

Chris: Your Challange will be to sing a song by Katy Perry and a song by 30H!3! Got it?

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