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posted by tdwtteamgwuncan
ok so this is my first fan fiction..... please rate because if no one rates then this will just be a one shot and bye bye.... so... enjoy! Gwens P.O.V: "take that heather!" best prank ever... but with a consequence... "GWEN!" the princepal yelled, "YOUR GONE!" so what that i shaved heathers hair while she was sleeping in math SHE DESERVED IT, plus it made duncan laugh which made it even better! i guess ill go tell my mom....... oh no... Duncans P.O.V.: best day ever! heather finally got what she deserved! and gwen was awesome and.... OH CRAP! NO!!! our stupid princepal EXPELLED HER! well at least i could still hang out with her seeing as i shaved alejandros hair in science. better go check on her. Gwens P.O.V.: "Mom, i, uhhh kinda got expelled from school...." "Oh i know" she said but how was she calm a time like this? "uh whats that pamphlet you got there?"I said "oh its this beautiful school called tower prep im enrolling you in" "HUH?!" GOODBYE!!!!!" i said angerily " Gwen wait!-" I went upstairs but all the sudden i heard a buzzing, and my whole world turned around...
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