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Thoughts Of The New Total Drama Fresh Meat. Part 1 

 I couldn't believe I'd actually even think about joining this, Deathtrap. But.. It was better than babysitting annoying little brats for miminum-wage. 
  Bur, Hey? Maybe I could actually have fun—Or Not—. 
 "Hey, Nikki." A boyish voice squeaked. 
I glanced down and saw My little, Brother Sammi. His Teal eyes glistening with tears. 
 Sammi and I were more close than anything could ever be. Even though he was only 4, He knew Me and My parents didn't get along. They wanted me to do my best in school. I could've cared less about school. They wanted me to Harvard. I wanted to become an Artist in music. 
 As, You can see.. They want the opposite of what their daughter wants. So, Yeah.. Bad Mix.
  "Yeah, Sammi?" I kneeled down onto the glassy floor of Seattle International Airport and looked right into those Big curious Teal eyes. 
  "I'll be rooting for you." He smiled lightly. 
 I Tried to resist rolling my eyes. He knew I hated mushy moments like these. 
  "Thanks, Sam." I presses my Dark Blue lips against his forehead and ruffled up his Black shaggy hair. 
  "See ya in awhile." I whispered in his ear before standing up and giving my mom and dad a simple nod. 
  "Goodbye." They both said in unision. 
I snatched my Black Suitcase and started for Flight 7, To Ontario. The bored tone signaled for everyone to board Flight 7. 
  My nerves started to go haywire. I absolutely hated flying on planes. My mind started to flutter to the possibilties of the plane crashing into a deserted island and Myself not being capable of seeing Sammi again. Or, The plane just exploding in mid-air and everyone burning to death. Or— 
   "Excuse me?," A Plane Assistant asked annoyed. "Do you want some peanuts?" 
  I shook my head a little before replying with a simple,"Sure." Man, I feel like a druggie. 
  "Nikki Stone, Would you please come up to the Pilot Section of the plane?" A  voice announced from the innercom. 
 Confusion fled through my head; Even my veins for an odd reason. 
 I stood from my seat and struggled to squeeze through a Fat man and his greasy bucket of chicken. 
  "Would you move?!" I snapped. The Fat man's eyes widened and his grease infested face looked like my Aunt Lessy yakked all over it. He finally stood up and switched his seats with a Nerve-Strucken woman. 
  I moped all the way to the Pilot's Section and slip open the Small compartment. 
  "Um.. You announced?" I cocked a Pierced eyebrow and leaned against the small wall. 
  "Yes! And Welcome," The man in a pilot uniform turned around in his seat and smiled widely. "To Total Drama Highschool! With, Me. Chris Mclain as your host." 
 I could tell by the smirk on that Owen Wilson face that Chris was trouble and there was no way of getting out of this. 
  "Um, Can I get a ride back home—?" I suggested. He laughed mockingly and shoved me into a Ruffled bag. 
  "Hey!" I shreiked. The tying of a knot secured me to be unable to move my Feet and arms. 
 I groaned. 
 How worse could this get? 
Manga Crossover!
Manga Crossover!
Rain stained the windows, as the rest of the Tendo bathroom was still...
"Duncan! You... You're a...Pig!" Ranma gasped leaning over the tub and getting a better look at the human.
"Ranma... YOUR DEAD!!" Duncan jabbed out his hand as it cut straight through the rag Ranma held before her face.
"WHOA! WAIT!" She screamed leaning back. She stared at his hand and took it away from the rag.
"So you did go to The Ground of Accursed Springs!" She said.
"Chasing you, I wondered throughout the vastness of China! For days I wandered... until that fateful day... Some strange girl knocked me from a cliff-- to...
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Noah & Emily<3
Noah & Emily<3
am sleepy lol the title of chapter 6 was blah bkuz i couldnt think of sh!t! lol

Chapter 6: Blahh!

Courtney got up from bed and so did Cody. They both got out of their bedrooms at the same time. And it was only 5:30 AM. "Hey Courtney! Want to come joging with me? Lauren and Jared run in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons with Andi and Emily. " " Oh no thanks w8 umm...Jared? Uh...sure.." "Kay get your watch an change into something else. " Mmmm...k." She came back out and they headed out. Courtney didnt know where but somewhere he must of known already. They where near a liqor and...
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Well, My first day of High school. luckley Izzy is here too. we knew each other from the 1st grade. so is my guy Noah. "Are you ready?" He asked me as we standed in front of the door. "Ya. I think so." I said. "Well bye." We both whispered to each other as we walked to our diffrent dorms.


As I walked in the door I saw no one there. "I guess there late, or im early." I said to my self. "Where's the Bell hop?" I herd a voice. "Oh hi! I'm Lindsay! Lets be besties!" She said hugging the snot out of me. "Uh hi?" i said hoping that my other room mte will come in soon. And she did. "Hel-...
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Chris: Hi Im chris mclean with the next season of the total drama series TOTAL DRAMA CULDESAC!!!

Chris: The new teams are Team Scam and Team Peach creek.

Team Scam:

1. Nazz
2. Katie
3. Marie
4. Owen
5. Ezekiel
6. Tyler
7. LeShawna
8. Sadie
9. Trent
10. Kevin
11. Justin
12. Noah
13. DJ
14. Sarah
15. Courtney
16. Harold

Team Peach Creek:

1. Eva
2. Ed
3. Gwen
4. Jimmy
5. Lindsay
6. Johnny 2x4
7. Bridgette
8. May
9. Beth
10. Geoff
11. Edd
12. Izzy
13. Rolf
14. Lee
15. Duncan
16. Eddy

First Challenge- The Afterschool Race

Chris: you have to race from the school to the culdesac.

Chris: The races will be contested under best 2 out of 3.

Race 1: Noah vs. Rolf

Race 2: Owen vs. Jimmy

Race 3: Nazz vs. Eva

Please vote for who you want to win by leaving a comment below. Voting ends on July 20th.
Courtney: Duncan... I'm pregnant...
Duncan:(He doesn't react, and he has the SAME face)
Courtney: Duncan? (He still doesn't react) Duncan! You're scaring me!
Duncan:(He FINALY react, but he still with the same face) ggg.. aaa...
Courtney: What?
Duncan: youuu... areee... WHAT?
Courtney: I really need say it again? I'M PREGNANT!
Duncan: Ok, i know it... it's just only...
Courtney: What? Say it!
Duncan: It's just only i'm shocked, alright? I'm shocked!
Courtney: I'm shocked too Duncan...
Duncan: But... how can it be?
Courtney: Why everybody ask that? You know HOW!
Duncan: Alright...
Courtney: You're are...
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hiya! i am gonna play a part of total drama island phobia factor!!!!!!! enjoy!
"shes pretty , shes nice." exlames courtney.
"just one hug and your done "chris said snaping his finger.
"that looks really real man!" said doncan.
"hey , its ok if you can't do it"courtney said conferting him
"alright, i'll try." he said smiling.
" you can do this ." said courtney.
"ok ok" he said with confidence
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa( sorry , thats the song they put in the the backround)
doncan did it! he huged the standee.
"whoooooooohoooo!!!!" cried courtney "doncan your awsome!"
"ha , i did it !" he said happily
courtney hugs duncan then remembers that she pretends she dons't like him.
"wooooooooohoooooooo"cried everyone.............thanks ...........................have a good one
justin:gwen stay leshawna go

leshawna:you mean

justin:oh I do mean

leshawna:well good bye ugley

justin:shut up and go home on the dock of shame

justin:ok then the next challange is to make-ya-own-episode

izzy:oh ya I do know how to make a killer movie

justin:well really then make it

(all the episodes were made justin liked them all but there were one not so great episode!)

justin:ok then lets see who's safe first is bridgette,izzy,katie,gwen,lindsay,ok then it's courteney against heather and the next name I'm going to call is.........................
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me and Jacki messin with Josh! lol
not my dreamwriter99
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The funniest blonde ever known! I do not own this video,Total drama island,Lindsay,Teletoon Song:This Is Me, Demi Lavato
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