hay babe what are you doing asked Geoff.

nothing i see Courtney said Bridgette

hi courtney said Bridgette

hi Bridgette said courtney

what are you doing asked Bridgette

im wating for duncan i need to talk to him said courtney

with the guys

hay man said Trent to duncan and geoff

hay they both said back

have you seen gwen asked trent

no they both said

i hope dhes ok said duncan

me to said trent

duncan see courteny hay princess wats up he asked

nothing can we talk alone for a minet asked courtney

yeah said duncan

duncan i love you so much but i am moving to New york said courtney

what duncan said all up set

i will miss you so much why do you need to go asked duncan

my dad got a new job there so we are moving with him said courtny

i have to go to class now bye duncan said courtney

i will miss you so much said duncan