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velvet pov
so i arive at the camp i thought it was a five star hotel
velvet:hi okay like you look so familir
chris:its me the host
chris:chris mclean
velvet:thats where i know you from
when i walk over to the other people i see a big guy and nerd a gothie that doesn't tan and party dude and then this scary girl comes and her glasses shined and the nerd said hi to her and she spit all over her the i hear rock music and and scary punk dude comes he has to many percings i can't even count that much and he flirts with heather and she rejects him lol and then the cutest boy i've ever seen his name is tyler and he likes sports and then a weird nerd comes with a keyboard and a kind of cute guy comes his name is trent and he brought his guiter and i see some love between gothie and trent and all these other people come an atype a homeschooled a cray girl and lots more then chris talks about the show and my team has owen izzy me beth heather trent naoh cody gwen lafonda justin every one else is on the other team and when i was brushing my hair i saw a beetle and i screamed as loud as i can and then chris said to come for the first challenge and we found out that we had to jump out a cliff
to be continued
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