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posted by Fangirl99
Izzy would cry herself to sleep every night. Why did she ever brake up with Owen?

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Why didn't she just get back together with Owen?

Well, she tried that.

Did it work?

Read this first.

Izzy begged Owen for just 1 more chance.

But ever since Blaineley joined Total drama world tour, and even though she had no interest in him what so ever, he wouldn't give up. So he told izzy that he has moved on is looking for someone more sane.

Yeah, Blaineley is SO SANE!

Do you know the answer now?

She thought no one could replace him.

Or, not until 'That night.'

One night, Izzy had a horrible dream.

A dream where Izzy and owen were making out, but Blaineley took him and started kissing him.

Izzy tired for an hour to go back to sleep, but it didn't work.

She decided to go to the green room to think

To think about how

To think about who can replace him

To think..

Just to think...

As she entered the room, she found Noah, reading a book, of course.

"Hey, izzy," he said, not even looking up.

"Hi, noah," she said, taking a seat next to him

Noah looked form the book to find izzy.

She looked really upset.

"What's wrong izzy?" he asked, actually sounding concerned.

"Nothing, its just, i tried to get back together with owen, but he's obsessed with Blaineley.

"Oh...well, I think you can do better without him."


"Yeah, you need someone who can treat you right. Someone"


"Yeah. Ok look, I've always liked you. Even though i think your crazy,i really like you. I've talked owen into breaking pu with many times, so i can have you to myself."

Izzy just stared at Noah, blankly.

"Yeah..i know. Im not your ty-"

Izzy just kissed him, right on the lips.

They ended up making out the floor.

Soon later, Noah didn't have a shirt.

Then, Izzy didn't have her skirt.

Finally, after a while, Izzy got up from Noah.

"Um.. where's my skirt?" Izzy asked.

Noah forcefully gave izzy the skirt.

"Thanks," she said, and put it on.

"Same time tomorrow night?"


Izzy left the room.

But she forgot something.

She forgot her bra.
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Yay! high five almost done I'm halfway through!If took me 13 hours on the first season and 9 hours on the second season.And I'm not going to do halfway anymore because it seemed very useless. and I was thinking about getting this out to you guys every 3 or 2 days.So lets start with my lest favorite season winners.

The one with the most villain points is Chris Haha told you he is the most evil creature alive on total drama and you through it was Courtney.And Chris has 106.

The person with the most hero points is Courtney with 74 hero points.

The runner up fort he most hero points is Chris with 32 hero points.

And the runner up for the most villain points is Duncan with 35 villain points.
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Don't have to like this disney channel/td crossover but you are always welcome to watch it.
circle of life
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so awesome!!! and funny!!
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a random dxc vid by me
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i didnt make dis i add dis 4 ppls enjoyment. btw read the comment i left on da bottom it explains da whole vid
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holy crap! i love his hair!!! X D
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