*non-First class*

Buddy: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... I'm the only one in here. I swear thoughs 5 people in first class will pay! argggggggggggggggggggg................ It's so lonly in here. at least i can think of a plain to get everyone els off the show. hummmmmmmm.......... I might kill one of them.

*first class*

Jared: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... first class!
Jordan: I know. I fill victorius.
Jared: Oh I like that show.
Jordan: really me too.
Jared: sweat!


Jordan: i know Jared! I didn't think i would stand him.

Draven: arggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!! jared and Jordan??? Friends are like an alience! and i need to brake that alicen! so maby i will amke anouther vidoe. But this one will be hard! no it wont all i need to do is make a vidoe about Bridgette and Jared kissing! easy!

Ray: Ok me and Raven are the only girls left. we need to watch our backs! *gaps* I need to tell Raven! *walks out*


Ray: Hey Raven!
Raven: Hi Ray what's up?
Ray: well we need to vote off some boys cause we are the only girls left.
Raven: *looks around* oh man! your right!
Ray: But we can't vote off Draven! agree?
Raven: agree!
Chris: Ok everyone to the main room!
*Draven runs out*
Jordan: wow! Draven is in a hurry!

*Main room*

*Draven rns in*
Draven: Give this to someone when they come in. how about Jordan! *hands Chris he's phone*
Chris: Ok.
Buddy: *walks in* aaaaaaaaaaa...... only you and Draven chris????? everyone els is gone???
Chris: No we are just waiting for them.
*Ray,Raven,Jordan, and Jared walk in*
Chris: Hey Jordan! Billy sent this to me! *hands Jordan phone*
Jordan: wow sweat phone.
Chris: turn it on.
*Phone turns on and shows Birdette and Jared Kissing*
Jordan: *gaps* what????? Jared!!!!!
Jared: what??? i didn't do that!
Ray: OMG! it's right there!
Raven: you cheated on Jordan's girl friend??
Jared: no i didn't.
Chris: Ok we are going to Long island new york.
Buddy: New york again???
Raven: sweat!
Chris: yep! so we are going to land any time now. Please step out when we land.

*Long island new york girls scout camp*

Chris: This is Gril scout camp!
Buddy: girl scout?????? But There are more Boys here! and less girls.
Ray: yes!
Raven: I'm good at girl scout stuff!
Chris: sorry Raven but we wont be doing girl scout stuff here.
Raven: Than what will we be doing???
Chris: This place is called Camp Edey!
Draven: chris isn't Camp Edey hounted????
Jared: oh not anouther Gought challange.
Jordan: Oh what??? your going to kiss the ghoust girl friend and than chris has to show him the clip of it???
Jared: i said i didn't do that!
Jordan: Oh yeah right!
Chris: so what will happend here??? Oh and time for a song!
Jordan: Oh i got one!
Jordan: girlfriend kisser!
I thought he was my friend,
But now it's time to diss him!
Sure we had some fun times,
But I'm not gonna miss him now!
Draven: girlfriend kisser!
Jordan: You're gonna get
What's coming to you
If it's the last thing
I ever do-oo-oo!
Draven: That's right!
That's right!
Jordan and Draven: That's right!
That's right!
Jordan: All those times you made me smile,
You wanted my girl
All the while!
Buddy: Duh! It was so obvious.
Jordan and Draven: girlfriend kisser!
Jordan: You're not my new brouther!
You're a pus-y, cheaty, nasty blister! Oh!
Buddy: girlfriend kisser!
Jordan and Buddy: You're gonna get what's coming to you!
Jordan: If it's the last thing I ever do-oo-oo!
Draven: that's right!
Chris: great song! well the last one to scream wins invecbilty! bye bye! *runs in plain*
Ray: Ok Raven we can not sream.
Raven: I know.
Buddy: I'm not scared of anything!
Jared: I kind of am.
*screepy sound*
Jared: somthing rushed by me.
Jordan: It prably is a snake you girl friend kisser.
Jared: I said i didn't..........
*ghost sound*
Jared and Jordan: *Scream* *runs in plane*
Draven: *laghs so no one can hear him*
Ray: I love you Draven!
Raven: me too.
Draven: wanna join analicen???
Raven: Oh yeah.
Ray: tottly!
Buddy: I can't be scared! of anything!
Draven: watch this. *ghost sound*
Buddy and Raven: *screams*
Buddy:al man! *walks in plane*
Raven: wow you got him.
Chris: and he got you too.
Raven: oh man!
Draven: oh i didn't know that would scare you. will you ever forgive me?
Raven: yeah. i will, *walks in plane*
Ray: *snagles up to Draven* Draven I'm scared!
Draven: want me to scream so you will win invecabilty???
Ray: you would do that for me???
Draven: yeah i would.
Ray: thanks.
Draven: *screams*
Chris: Ok Ray wins!!!!!!!
ray: YES! Thank you Draven
Draven: No porblem.
Jordan: chris i would like to use my invebilty pass!
Chris: ot's about time!
Jordan: YES!


Ok everyone vote off someone tonight. message me or IM me your vote. here they are:

Ray *ivencabilty*
Jordan *ivencabilty*