A fanfiction-ish thing, kinda, of Courtney's feeling when finding out about the whole Gwuncan kiss. Just felt like writing it, because Courtney went through like 10 different emotions during that thing and I thought I'd be fun to get inside her head. (PS I DO NOT BLAME GWEN FOR ANYTHING IN THE SITUATION, I ACTUALLY BLAME DUNCAN, BUT COURTNEY BLAMES GWEN SO W.E)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
She had acted like this before, the concern in her voice matched the tone of my own. Something was up, there's something going on that no one's telling me about.

Alejandro walked up to his teammate, asking him to repay a favor, "Please tell Courtney what you know about Duncan and Gwen." My jaw dropped, I was right, some was going on. I could feel my blood almost starting to boil. What was he talking about? I turned to glare at Gwen, my anger filled eyes questioning her fear and guilt filled ones. She was scared, she was hiding something....

"I-I saw Duncan and Gwen kiss!" I gasped and screamed in protest, I couldn't believe my ears. I had a million possibilities run through my mind before he had said that, but I had never though of this,
I thought we were friends..sort of.
I thought that meant something.

I guess I was wrong... she had been playing me all along, trying to cover it up how much she really liked him. I guess she just couldn't help herself any longer.A million questions and emotions ran through my mind, but three things stood out and made themselves clear.
Betrayal, Anger and Pain.

I let everything out on her, screamed at the top of my lungs, attempted to jump on her and claw her eyes out. Someone was holding be back though. I looked at her with pain in my eyes, stating that we had some sort of friendship. She just stared, wide-eyed, afraid and confused. I snapped once again, attempting to get free from whom ever was holding me so I could get at her. I hated her, I hated her with every fiber in my being

I stood heaving, calming down slightly and getting my head back. I saw now that Sierra was the one holding me back and still had a firm hold on me in case I intended to attack again. I looked back to the challenge, Tyler had taken off a good distance in the air, yet Cody had yet to move an inch. An idea made it's self present in my head. I commanded Cody not to move, we need to loose, so we can send her home. Away from my boyfriend and out of my life for good.

We watched as Cody flew up high, my heart sank, I wanted to yell and swear at him for doing it. What was he doing!? I TOLD HIM TO LOOSE! After she's gone, he's next on my list if he makes it up there. Tyler flew up high, I prayed with all my heart that Cody would suddenly just fall to the ground, we needed to loose. She needs to pay for what she's done. Feathers start to fall, I pray even harder that Tyler gets up there, fly faster, please.

Tyler falls, all hope is lost. Cody grabs the medal and foats down to safety. We won, my chance to get rid of her has past. At first I feel numb, but then the anger starts to bubble and push it's way through my body once more. She will go down I promise you that.

I was a loose cannon now. Anything she said, I would snap on her. She cheered, I screamed. She says one wrong thing, she goes down. I hear her sigh in relief that we won. I didn't even spare her a glance as my hand contacted her face and she fell to the ground. I didn't care, she could be dead, and I wouldn't even give her a second glance.

We were all shoved back into the jet, I didn't look or speak to anyone as we entered. I walked swiftly and fast straight into the first class section. My wedge sandals making heavy noises as I almost ran to our room. I sat on one of the big yellow chairs, exhausted after today. The nothingness that I was attempting to feel before has suddenly been cracked and came crashing down. Everything hit me like a giant title wave. Hurt.Fear.Betrayal.Questions.Anger.Pain.
I broke down, I did something I swore I would never do again on this show, and something I would never do again because of him.
I cried.

I sobbed, I cared about no one else around me, It hurt to breath, my mascara ran wild down my face. I was a mess, but it I didn't care. I was in so much agony. I just kept asking.
What had I done?
Why did they do it?
Was this all my fault? Did I push him too hard?
Why. Why. Why....

I put my hands in my face, I was gasping for air, trying to make sense of it all. I couldn't decide at the moment which emotion I was more at the moment,
Angered or Hurt?
I deiced for now I shall be in pain, I don't care anymore, I just want to sit here and cry my eyes out, Chris can throw me out the plane without a parachute for all I care. Everything came tumbling down, anything I had ever said to him, anything we've ever done together, it meant nothing. I felt sick to my stomach.
how could it mean nothing to him?

I felt a small hand rub my shoulder. Heather sat across from me, a look of sympathy in her eyes and a weak smile on her face, a rare thing to see from her. At the moment, I didn't even cared that it was Heather of all people that was trying to comfort me, it was just nice to see that there was someone there for me, and I wasn't all alone in this stupid situation.