***Part 2 – Read Part 1 First o_O***


Yuri was out on a walk when it started raining. “Just my luck,” the Japanese girl snapped.
She ran to the girls’ cabin, but it was locked. “Gwen!” Yuri called for her best friend. “Leshawna? Beth? Lindz?”

No answer. Yuri couldn’t think of any other sheltered place, and as much as she usually loved rain, she had to find shelter.
“No way am I going to the washrooms, and the guys’ cabin? Pshh.” She rolled her eyes. “But then... I have to go to the Awards Ceremony tent.”

So she did, walking until she saw the quiver of the moving spotlights, and the golden glow of the roof. “Great.”
Then she noticed Duncan. Well, he saw her first... “Yuri?!”
Yuri turned. “What... what do you...”
“Got locked out from the guys cabin,” he said briskly. “Don’t even ask.”
Yuri giggled. “I was on a walk,” she started. “The girls’ cabin was locked, too.”
“Uh... oh... kay,” Duncan said, awkwardly.
“Well, we’re stuck here, so we might as well spend the night,” Yuri snapped, though inside she was screaming, Omigod! I can’t believe I’m doing this! I don’t even...

Like him.

But did she? As much as she’d like to deny it, seeing Duncan gave her a feeling, a special feeling that Yuri had never felt before. Her heart swelled with pleasure after seeing Duncan joke about something, of seeing him fire a cool comeback. She felt especially shy around him, but she still had some of her high-school-Miss-Popular-coolness to pull it off.

Duncan widened his eyes. “You really want to...? Spend the night? Here? I mean...”
Yuri looked at him. “No, no,” she said quickly. “Not in that... I mean...”
She blushed. She knew what she had meant to say, and Duncan did also.

Not in the sexual way.

“I know that,” Duncan said, like duh.
“Um... okay,” Yuri blushed again. “Just saying.”
Was everything a lie now?!


Five minutes later, Yuri was blissfully lying on top of Duncan’s chest – who knows how they got like that - smiling and giggling.
Duncan closed his eyes, smiling, and neither of the two said a thing.
But they were both enjoying it, while spazzing out at the same time.

After a long while, Yuri finally opened her eyes, and gazed down at Duncan.
Duncan opened his eyes too, and stared into Yuri’s blue ones.
“Yuri...” he murmured, his voice brimming with emotion.
Yuri didn’t say anything; she just traced Duncan’s jawline with her fingers.
Finally she looked up at him. “I still don’t like you, though,” she giggled.
Duncan smiled. “Oh, what, you think I like you?” He teased, shaking his head mockingly, but even though he didn’t mean it, anyone could see not to tease Yuri, for she was very sensitive and hated to be teased.
“Of course not!” Yuri scowled.
Duncan flinched. “Who would like a goody-goody like you?”
“Well, who would like a criminal like you?”
“You’re ridiculous!”
“I’m not. You are!” Yuri snapped back.
“Well, why don’t you get the shit off me?” Duncan challenged.
Yuri gasped, surprised to find that she was still lying on Duncan. She quickly scrambled to her feet. “You should have mentioned it!”
Duncan shrugged. “Not my problem.”
“Was too.”
“Was not.”
“Totally was!”
“Argh! You’re ridiculous!” Yuri yelled before her eyes filled with tears and she stormed off.
Duncan shook his head darkly and headed back to his own cabin.
Neither of them said another word to each other that day. Well, so much for that thought.


And the small little dandelion that had regarded Yuri’s every move lifted its golden head, almost as if it were looking up at the sunset. A gust of wind blew, and its bright yellow velvet petals broke free and danced along with the wind, floating breezily towards Yuri’s cabin. The petals all broke free, one by one, and they gradually blew away until all that was left was a little yellow-green bulb, staring at the girls’ cabin.
There were a few shimmering sparkles, *or it might have been the sun*, and a velvety voice whispered, echoing in the distant hills...

I’ll always be with you, Yuri Satomi. I love you. Your love for me... will come later.
*And strangely enough... the voice sounded a lot like Justin’s...* x3

Lawl. xD This is just another YurixDuncan story, just cuz I luv him <3