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Nadia: ok guys before u start to play we have a special guest!
Emily: who?
Nadia: she is famous...
Jared: who?
Nadia: u should hear about her...
danny: who?
Nadia: she is one of my best friends...
Duncan: just tell us who si she?
Nadia: fine! she is sky!!!
Everyone: sky?
Izzy: who is she?
Sky: i told u im not so famous...
Nadia: she is a great narrator! and she is going to narrate the game!
Tappy: why she will narrate the game?
Courtney: yeah its just a baseball game...
Flavio: its not that we are on the dodgers or red soxs...
Dj: we are just teens...
Nadia: yeah teens that will goign to be in ESPN sports!
everyone: what?!?
Sky: yeah u are going to be in ESPN sports! thats why i come here!
Nadia: ok everyone is reade?..... good! sky are u ready?
Sky: yes im ready!
Nadia: ok the game starts.....NOW!!!

ok, here we are in the Total Drama Adventures stadium! today the green team and the orange team are going to play! and the loser team will going to decide who will be out!
the green team is going to start the game! the pitcher is Elizabeth!
Kevin: a girl is going to be your pitcher?
Elizabeth: yeah, any problem with that?
Kevin: no its just that this will be so eassy...
Elizabeth: oh yeah sure... *throws ball*
sky: and there is the first strike!!
Kevin: what the?
Elizabeth: yeah sure so eassy...
Kevin: just wait im going to make a homerun!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Nadia: and is foulball! so that counts like a strike!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Kevin: *hits the ball and starts to run*
sky: and kevin run to the first base! now is the turn of tappy to take the bat!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Sky: foulball! so that means is the first strike!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Sky: strike 2!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Sky: foulball...
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Sky: and it is ball! 2 stikes and 1 ball...
Tappy: im doind the best i can!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Tappy: *swing and start to run*
Sky: Kevin is running to the second base and tappy to the first! but sumer take the ball in the air so that is OUT for tappy but kevin is in the second base!
now is Emily´s turn!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Sky: STRIKE 1!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Sky: another ball!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Sky: STRIKE 2!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Sky: ball 3! there are 3 balls and 2 strikes! one more strike and is out, one more ball and is free base!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Sky: STRIKE 3! OUT!!!!
there are 2 outs, one more and its going to be the time 4 the green tem to take the bats!
Courtney: Flavio! u go!
Flavio: ok...
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Flavio: *swing and start to run*
Sky: the ball is in the air! kevin is runing to the third base! and Flavio to the first one! and kevin make the first run! and flavio is in the first base! now is time 4 paola!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*
Sky: foulball! so its STRIKE ONE*
Elizabeth:*throws ball*
Sky: strike 2!
Elizabeth: *throws ball*

Katie: nice work eli!
Eli: thanx!
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"Duncan is going down...I hope..."
"Duncan is going down...I hope..."
My mind burned. I was terrified. I thought Duncan loved me, and this was how he shows it?!

I turned the TV off and ran out of the room, screaming, desperately looking for a place to hide. Duncan was gonna kill me. If I fought him, I'd be roadkill. But I still wondered why he was pissed.

My nightgown fluttered around my ankles as I darted around the foyer. All the dorms weer closed, and my voiced echoed around the large couloir. I gripped onto a metal fountain and fell to my knees as if a twister was batting the university. My body shivered, my head throbbed, my entire world was spinning as I...
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posted by izzzyroxmysocks
hiya! i am gonna play a part of total drama island phobia factor!!!!!!! enjoy!
"shes pretty , shes nice." exlames courtney.
"just one hug and your done "chris said snaping his finger.
"that looks really real man!" said doncan.
"hey , its ok if you can't do it"courtney said conferting him
"alright, i'll try." he said smiling.
" you can do this ." said courtney.
"ok ok" he said with confidence
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa( sorry , thats the song they put in the the backround)
doncan did it! he huged the standee.
"whoooooooohoooo!!!!" cried courtney "doncan your awsome!"
"ha , i did it !" he said happily
courtney hugs duncan then remembers that she pretends she dons't like him.
"wooooooooohoooooooo"cried everyone.............thanks ...........................have a good one
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The sun was high in the sky, its about 4:30 PM. Tomorrow my flight is at….ummm….
“Um what time dose the plane leave again???” I asked as I stood before my open suite case double checking I have everything I will need for Spain. “Plane takes off at 8 AM, we get there by 7, and we leave your house at 6 so wake up at like 5.” Trent replied entering my room with my cell phone and charger. “Forgot already? My sister Ashly ran you threw it like what 35 times?” He was right I was told 35 times how the schedule would be. “I just wanted to make sure” I lied threw my teeth, cause I...
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