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the scene
the scene
heather:okay, i thought this would be a good place for the movie. what do you think?
duncan:was this used for a horror moive?
brooke:awesome! itll be twice as fun to do it now!

chris:okay,we ready? and ACTION!
duncan:Brooke,i cant make it. GO ON WITHOUT ME!!
brooke:we can do this,duncan. WE can get thought it!
duncan;im glad you believe in us,but in case we dont, i just want to kiss one last time.
brooke:okay. *about to kiss*
chris:cut! end of movie!
brooke:but what about the kiss?
chris:when someone gets hurt, you have to stop the whole challenge.
duncan;okay,so critic, how was the movie?
courtney:well,F! i rather watch my little brother!
heather:*puts thumb up*
chris:oh, wait i forgot to mention, ill be picking someone to go home. and the person who is going home today is....HEATHER!
chris:because, that was the worse backgroung for a romance movie ever! So,bye bye!
heather:but what about duncan?
duncan:i wasnt gonna pick you anyways.
heather:why? cause im bald?
duncan:that, and your a bitter *camer turns off for 2 seconds*

chris:well then, tun in next time for another exciting Total,drama ACTION! Chris, out!
posted by Fangirl99
sxd lol duncans far which is why hes so small!
sxd lol duncans far which is why hes so small!
Chris:today, we are going to see the behind drama, as we call it. We have some cameras pointed in random places, and you get to see what the students do when no one is waching. or, that they think no ones watching hehe.

Sumer:*sits by the fire*
duncan: *sees her and walks over* What are you doing?
duncan:*lays back* Why you here?
sumer:why are you?
duncan:cause you are
sumer:i goota tell you, me,brooke,and jackie all like you.
duncan:really, hmm..
sumer:who do you like best?
sumer:hang on im gonna get a blanket brb.
chris:blahblahblah! lets see some action!

jared:*walks through halls*
jared:who are you?
voice:i am....
posted by NarutoLuver202
*Chris Narrating Again* “I Love Narrating! Anyway, Last Time Of Total Related Island, Ashley Got Voted Off. This Time, I Will Be Hosting The Bonfire Ceremony, YAY! And Who Will Get Voted Off Next On Total Related Island!”
*I Wanna Be Famous*………
Izzy: “You’ll Never Get Me Aliiiiiive!!” *Runs Away From Chris*
Chris: “*Flies An Airplane* “Got Ya Izzy!”
Izzy: *Ducks* “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!”
Alexa: “It’s 4: 15 In The Morning!”
Lia: “I Know! Let Us Sleep!”
Chris: “Sorry, But We Have To Get Ya Ready For Today’s Challenge!”
Karen: “Then Let Us Sleep So We Can Get Energetic!”...
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posted by bubble_babe
Heres what a 10 min nap will do to me

Ok i'm not talk werid like DuncanxBeth weird, i'm talking GwenxCandy canes WERID!!!
ok So frist of it was chrimas time :D and for some unknow resion i'm on my roof in short shorts and a small t-shirt(and our house....IS FUCKING BIG AS HELL!) and i'm waiting for santa....insted....Duncan SANTA!!
Well you no Trenty, gweny, and Courtney'ie, you no brigetteie, geoffie, and izzy'ie, but can you re-call...the must fucked up camper(They were deer) of them all.....JUSTIN THE UGLY RAINDEER!

so i'm right their.....seeing...
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posted by rockzsanders
*Author's Note: As most of you know, this super-amazingfully awesome chick is my fanfic character. I've updated some information about her, and some info. is the same. Note I do NOT want a bunch of fangirls coming on here bitching at me about what she likes/dislikes. SO! Enjoy xD



Name: Hayley Elizabeth Cameron

Age: 17

Birthday: March 11th, 1993

Country: Canada

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Religion: Not sure

Orientation: Bisexual (Go figure xD)

Lacey Adreian Cameron(older)
Madison "Maddie" Lyyn Cameron (younger)

Fear/s: Balloons popping (conquered, but not cured. Globophobia...
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posted by vamp_grl_123
The sun was high in the sky, its about 4:30 PM. Tomorrow my flight is at….ummm….
“Um what time dose the plane leave again???” I asked as I stood before my open suite case double checking I have everything I will need for Spain. “Plane takes off at 8 AM, we get there by 7, and we leave your house at 6 so wake up at like 5.” Trent replied entering my room with my cell phone and charger. “Forgot already? My sister Ashly ran you threw it like what 35 times?” He was right I was told 35 times how the schedule would be. “I just wanted to make sure” I lied threw my teeth, cause I...
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I told u hannah!!!i goin to do twilight,or wiards of waverly place next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This will keep me awake either until I see a new TDA or I will never sleep again...This still makes my stomach do back-flips whenever I see it My Goal: Watch this full scene(not through my fingers)
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