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posted by TDIlover226
I'm not going to treat this spot like it's mine even though I created it. Now, i just want to tell you what this spot is all about.
Nothing should be reported, unless it is hurtful.
I created this spot, mostly so where, we Fanpop TDI users could submit fan art, and requests, without them getting reported. Also for links.
With this little spot, you can submit links to other spots, that have nothing to do with TDI, that you've made, or that you just want more fans on it. I think that people started getting mad when that whole making fan clubs for yourself fad started, and we were adding the links to the TDI spot. Please peoples, believe me. I had actually been working on the spot for me a long while before the fad started...
Anyways, I don't think that people should fight here, and I think that everyone should get along, and just have fun! XD
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posted by izzzyroxmysocks
hiya! i am gonna play a part of total drama island phobia factor!!!!!!! enjoy!
"shes pretty , shes nice." exlames courtney.
"just one hug and your done "chris said snaping his finger.
"that looks really real man!" said doncan.
"hey , its ok if you can't do it"courtney said conferting him
"alright, i'll try." he said smiling.
" you can do this ." said courtney.
"ok ok" he said with confidence
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa( sorry , thats the song they put in the the backround)
doncan did it! he huged the standee.
"whoooooooohoooo!!!!" cried courtney "doncan your awsome!"
"ha , i did it !" he said happily
courtney hugs duncan then remembers that she pretends she dons't like him.
"wooooooooohoooooooo"cried everyone.............thanks ...........................have a good one
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posted by vamp_grl_123
The sun was high in the sky, its about 4:30 PM. Tomorrow my flight is at….ummm….
“Um what time dose the plane leave again???” I asked as I stood before my open suite case double checking I have everything I will need for Spain. “Plane takes off at 8 AM, we get there by 7, and we leave your house at 6 so wake up at like 5.” Trent replied entering my room with my cell phone and charger. “Forgot already? My sister Ashly ran you threw it like what 35 times?” He was right I was told 35 times how the schedule would be. “I just wanted to make sure” I lied threw my teeth, cause I...
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posted by 789703011
a heatherxnoah story
    (the other day i was watching tv when i came across zoey 101 well in the ep. a couple where datein but they didn't want any1 2 know so i made a re mix of that and hear it is)
heathers p.o.v
    as i walked down the hall way of my new school that chris had bought just 4 the ppl that went 2 tdi, i hated it onley 1 lunch table and 22 seats in every class room i never got away from thes ppl day after day after day i hated them and they hated me but some how i was regrentin it did i relly want EVERY1 2 hate me.i...
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My favorite charater Bridgette!
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