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posted by bubble_babe
"Hello and welcome to NEXT!" Said the host "4 girls and 1 boy have sighed up for the love of one guy." A boy named Duncan walked out into the open "This is Duncan, and i'm Kenzie, and This is NEXT!"

    (on the bus) 4 girls and 1 boysat on the Next bus, all looking happy as hell, they are in the run for a supper hottie, they talked about Duncan, and thank god no1 started a fight over him. the bus pulled over and and girl number 1 is up for Duncan. A girl steped off the bus in bunny ears that play boy bunnys wear, and had a nice pink shirt on and a pink scirt, fliping her hair over her should for the freez frame Her name is Sara. she's 5'8 wighs 100 and has kiss people of every sex, big time over achever, like to dress like a playboy bunny every now and then.
    she got off and walked over to Duncan, he gave a happy smile and took her hand in a strong shake "Hi, i'm Sara and i'm hot and your hot, its a good match!" she said Duncan let out a small chuckle and said "Nice, I'm Duncan and i'm your Date for today." Sara melted in his hands in a way he did not like. "Wo......NEXT." Kenzie ran up and gave Sara her doller "thats ok," she walked up and panteds Duncan "i didn't like you that munch anyway." she turned and stared singing "I gess i just lost my hottie he was a total jerk, so i'm gonna spend my doller, i'm speneding every cent." she was at the doors of the bus and walked in yelling "SO WHAT I"M STILL A ROCK STAR" Duncan looked at Kenzie in total shock "Well Sara melted under the presser, hopfuley the next girl picked from the right dresser, Kathrina is up next"
(back on the bus)
As Sara walked onto the bus the girls and boy 'WOOED' in total happyness
"What happened?" said Jojo as Sara sat down
"The boy dosn't like to be treated like a super hottie, and has no ass, Kathrina your up next." Kathrina sat up tall and got up
"All right Girls have a nice night," and she steped off the bus. she had dark clothing on and her hair was dark brown, she dosn't want to tell any more. she walked over to Duncan and her frown stayed upside down "Can I get the heck outta here? I gotta meet David Cook instead. You can talk to Dr. Neal Tiemann, though. He's happy to meet you." Duncan looked mad
"Well.....NEXT." this took her into shock.
"WHAT?!?" then some men came and took her away. Kenzie jumped back out over to Duncans side
"Well, Duncan was a little ass cause he wants some1 who can hold a grasp Jojo is up next.
(on the bus)
As Kathrina walked on everyone gasped "Sara you were soooo right, he dosn't have anything close to an ass, Jojo, take him homehome," Jojo jumped up and did her own little 'I can do it' dance
"WOO, Hear i go, kiss me goodd luck!" then she jumped on Sara givinh her a nice little kiss "Woo!" then she ran off the bus jumping in the air for the freez frame. shes 19,she's 98 pounds and is 6'1 she clames that she Made-out with a cop to stay out of jail, kissed her girlfriends lil sis, and wants to f**k her friends lil sis.
    she walked over to duncan and gave him a nice hug, then gave him a look as if she knew him "Hey i think i made-out with your sister be4" duncan gave a more then happy smile
"Lets See." then he puled her in for a kiss. "Yep, you have," she gave a giggle "Ok, so i need you to put this on," he held out a cheerleader outift, "and u have to make me my own little cheer. you up to it?" she gave a big nod "ok lets go." they walked over to a little tree stump, duncan sat down and wached Jojo change, when she was ready she jumped up to give him his cheer
"Ready, ok! Hey Hey Duncan Your so Fine, your so fine you blow my mind, hey Duncan, Hey Hey Dunca! WOO Go Duncan yeah Woo-" she danced around and Duncan looked at her as if she was crazy.
"I want a hottie that can have fun, not some crazy girl, NEXT!" she stoped dancing and gave hime a very bad look,
"whatever the girls on the bus are way hotter than you, i'm i'm gonna go and make-out with them." and she ran off to the bus and when she got on Duncan heard them woo then a charshing sound and a bigger woo. Kenzie jumped out to Duncan "that one was a little crazy, lets hope that next ones like a dasiy, Dustin is up next."
(on the bus)
Jojo had just stoped her make-out sesion with Sara to give her thought on Duncan "you couldn't see his ass even if it hit you in the face! Dustin your up." Dustin got up and told the ladies good bye and got off the bus. he says "Well f**k you! I might be gay, but you're handsome! Handsome I tell you! I'm gonna stalk you! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!!!!!" hes 112 pounds and loves the fellas.
    when Duncan saw him he cover his mouth as he cracked up then stoped. "theh, why not."
"Hi I'm Dustin." he said while takeing Duncans hand "I'm nineteen years old! I love writing poetry and I'm emo."
"Good to know, i need you to put this on" He said while gitting out the cheer outifit. Dustins eyes widen in shock.
"do i have to....." duncan gave a smile and said
"yes you do." dustin gave it anther look be4 saying
"ok" he took it and went off to get dressed. when he came back he looked funny as hell!! (i wish you could pitcher him how i do, its so fucking funny as hell!!)
"now can u make me a cheer?" dustin looked pissed but he wanted duncan
"well i'm always on top!" that did not make duncan happy
"Oh shit, NEXT!!" dustin droped his pampams and walked over to duncan
"I'm gay, but I LOOOVVVEEE YOU!!!!!! *trys to kiss but guards take him away*" kenzie slowley walkes over to duncan.
"Uh.......i got nothing Emilys up next"
(on the bus)
Dustin walked onto the bus looking rather happy "Emily your up, good luck," Emily jumped up and ran out the door not doing anything for the freezframe, she ran over to duncan and planted a big one on him, "do you want the 2'd date?"
"shouldn't i ask you that?" he asked trying to get her off him
" i want the fucking money." she let go off duncan and slaped him acrass the face and walked away onto the bus
Kenzie ran out over to duncan and jumped into his arms and kissed him on the cheack, "YAY I WIN!!" duncan looked at her
"Says who?" Kenzie kissed him again.
"Says me!!" and they walked off into the sunset.
The End....

MWHAWHAWHAHWHA, i felt like doing something stupied so i did, but i gave me a happy ending hahahaha, now untill NEXT time i'm gonna go yell at the SKY!!! WOO
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posted by TDIfangirl
Heather: *looking enraged* ......
Sierra: Okay, um, Esper wanted to say that everyone's being REALLY immature right now.
Cody:'s not like the entire fanbase is listening to this-
Alejandro: And even if they do-
Heather: .....SHUT UP....-they won't care.
Alejandro: Heather..
Heather: r.r
Alejandro: :(
Sierra: Okay..anyway, you guys aren't called fans for nothing, but you don't need to freak out when it seems things on the show aren't what you pictured them to be. It can still be that way; just because it's not happeining on the show doesn't mean it's not going to happen.
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"uh,i like girls"
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Well, this is just perfect. It's my junior year, and I'm a clutzy nobody. Great. How I even survived freshman and sophmore year, I'll never know. But, at this prison named Cridel Creek High, the oddest of things will happen...

I swerved around the corners, finding a parking spot in the very back, and hurried inside, trying my best not to fall flat on my face. I burst throught the doors, but the school seemed deserted... I raced off to the Lego gym, thinking I was already late, but I heard a commotion in the preformance gym... I slipped inside, trying to avoid detection by the hundreds of...
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This whole story is based on the youtube video called charlie teh unicorn.


Katie: Duncannnnn!

Sadie: Duncannnnn!

Duncan: ugh, what?

Katie: We gotta go! were burning this place down!

Duncan: Well what about all the animals in the forest?

Sadie: Well clearly their gonna BURN alot!

Katie: Well that isnt nice!

Sadie: Why dont you shut the hellll up.

Katie: No you shut the helll up.

Sadie: No you shut the helll up.

Duncan: Alright you can both go and shut the hell up.

Katie: Im not talkin to you duncan!

Sadie: Rainbow! *barfs*

*on a bridge*

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Nadia: ok guys, the race starts here in Peru and here is your first clue.
*everyone takes the clues*

Noah: ok niomi it says we have to go walking to the store Bondi.
Niomi: ok if there is the next clue, lets go!

Tappy: we cant use a car or taxi?
Dj: no, so lets hurry!

Duncan: Come on Sam we are in first place...
Samie: Yeah! lets continue running!

Courtney: ough where is that store?
Tom: i dont know lets ask
Courtney: fine, *ask to someone* the store is over there!
Tom: ok, lets go!

Freddy: yes! now we are in first place
Izzy: yay! woohoo 4 us!

Jared: sorry guys but now we are winning!
Lindsay: uuummmm Jared,...
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Duncan and Izzy sound the cutest to me! :D
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Part THREE of AkamaruEevee's famous total drama WHAT series!
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sierra: well hello i'm sierra the host of total drama altament challenge. your probably wondering weres chris well chris is on a crus to mexico for 3 monnths and said i need to host. ok onb this hsow there are 12 new players and 16 old players. let me tell you the old players Duncan Gwen Courtney Noah Coodyy Heather Trent Justin Lindsay Izzy Lesawna Alijondro(plz tell me if i speeled his name wrong) Geoff Brighette Tyler and finally Herold now lets introduce are 14 new contestances Keli Star Rayla Crystal Destrey Rily Nikita Canile Alex jake Niki and angle
star: so your hosting the show

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Courtney's Prom Dress
Courtney's Prom Dress
Heather:Alejandro Alejandro:Yes Chica? Heather:*sighs*I'll go to prom with you Alejandro:thank you chica *at the dress shop* Courtney:*looks at dresses and see's a purple long silk dress*Oh this ones perfect! Bridgette:*looks at dresses and see's a light blue really really short dress*Love this one Katie:*looks at dresses and see's a pink really short dress* *squels*This is the one! Gwen:*looks at dresses and sees a long black silky dress*this one is awesome! Heather:*looks at dresses and see's a red long frilly dress*this one will do Lindsey:*looks at dresses and see's a short pink,blue,and...
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