It was early in the morning. The sun was barely up and a gentle breeze surrounded the trees. Just then a car came screaming down the street. The engine roaring and the tires blazing.

Owen was getting the news paper when the car nearly ran him over. When owen looked in the window he saw courtney. She was very angry. Owen had never seen here so mad.

As owen picked up his newspaper he ran into the house and called duncan. "Duncan get out of there now courtney coming over to your house," yelled owen. But duncan never got the call it went to his voice mail.

Courtney parked in ducans driveway. She went to the trunk of the car and pulled out a baseball bat. She ran up to the door and kicked it down. She walked to duncans room to find him and gwen making out!!!!!

"Duncan I knew you were still in love with this freak," yelled courtney. "Whoa this is not what it looks like," cried duncan. "I dont care duncan you and your little whore get the hell out of my house," yelled courtney. Duncan and gwen ran out of the house. "Duncan Its over," yelled courtney as she slammed the door.

Courtney put down the bat and started to cry. she got her cell phone out and called bridgette. "Bridgette you were right he was cheating on me with gwen," said courtney as she cried.

"I'll be right over," replied bridgette. Suddenly there was a knock on the door it was trent. "Courtney I came over to tell you that I love you," said trent.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!