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Chris:Last time on Total Drama Voyage of the Seas the contestants got a pet.At last Team Wise had won and Team Golden lost and in the end it was Brandon who was thrown off.2 down 18 to go.Who will win?Who will Lose?Find out right now on TOTAL...DRAMA...VOYAGE OF THE SEAS!

(theme song)

(at lunch)
Nicko:Hey guys I heard Brandon was voted off even though he had lawyers

Blake:Really?I haven't heard of that.'s true


Lily: lawyers????

Blake: hahahahaha

Matt: Phew, that elimination was close. I sure hope we aren't up for elimination again anytime soon. What exactly did Claudia do wrong?...


Chris:Welcome sailors to your next challenge.Your challenge today is to go under the water and see who can breathe the longest.If you come up for air your out.

(after everyone are in their swimming suits)

Chris:Your time starts now!

(everyone jumps in the water including Ashton)

Janelle:You actually jumped?


Chris:Sailors you can go in the water!

(everyone goes in the water)

(in the water)


Everyone except Blake:*looks at him*

AJ:*is gasping for air then goes up*

(beside the ship)

Chris:And AJ's out

(under water)

Sundace:*goes up followed by Claudia and Chikaku*

Blake:*farts again*

May:Yuck..*gasps for air and goes up followed by Julia and Janelle*

Ashton:*wants to go up but doesn't*

Elisa,Evan and Micheal:*go up*

(30 seconds later)

Marissa,Nicko,Elena and Mathew:*go up*

(beside the ship)

Chris:Only four left.Ashton from Team Wise,Lily from Team Golden and Skylar and Blake from Team Music.Team Nature is out of players

(under water)
(20 seconds later)

Skylar:*goes up*

(10 seconds later)

Blake:*farts then goes up*

(beside the ship)

Chris:Only Ashton and Lily are left!

(under water)

Ashton and Lily:*both go up at the same time but Ashton reaches first*

Chria:And Ashton's out.Team Golden your safe.As for you three teams you will face another challenge.

Everyone except Team Golden:Aww!

Chris:Your next challenge is to jump in the water and find a Golden Cup.There are two Golden Cups there.Which ever team doesn't get a Cup will face elimination.Your time starts...NOW!

*Teams Golden,Nature and Music go under water*

(Team Golden)
Mathew:*goes to a shark's cave and points to it*

Claudia:*goes inside the cave and sees a Golden Cup and picks it up and goes to the others*

Team Golden:*go up*

Chris:Team Golden's safe!It's now between Team Nature and Team Music

Mathew:*breathes air*Yes Claudia you found it!*kisses her on the cheeks and then blushes*


(Team Music)
Skylar:*sees a golden glint in the ground and goes there and digs to see the cup and then goes up with his team*

Chris:And Team Music is safe!Team Nature I will meet you at the elimination ceremony.

(Just then Team Nature comes up)

Marissa:Oh no!This is so not happening!

Chris:Yes it is
Team Nature you have to vote someone off.

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