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Ashton: I told them I had a plan. But they still don't have my trust. Maybe if I.. *looks sad* Maybe if I stop caring about my body and actually swim. I might have to do that just for this show... I don't know how else to gain their trust.

AJ: There was a fifty fifty chance of us being losers so far, but I think our team is the best. Either us or the other team that hasn't lost yet.

Blake: *yawn* ok so i wondering if Lily gets kicked off

(outside Chris's cabin)
Brandon:Knock's on Chris' Cabin. "Chris, I demand this be a fake elimination, or you WILL hear from my LAWYER's. I don't care if this money will be held up in the court for month's. If I go TOTAL DRAMA GOES!

Brandon: Yeah, I threatened Chris with my lawyer's. I had to!As I remember me doing nothing to help the team I will most probably voted off. I couldn't leave, not when all the drama will be starting soon. *Get's notepad* Writes: Destroy Clauida and Matt!! AHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE TRADER's! (Whole ships rocks) *Throws camera at wall.*

Chris:One of you will probably be going tonight.
Brandon:*gives a confused look*
Chris:*smirks*Now everyone please go in the elimination cabin and vote.The players who are safe will get a water bottle and the one who isn't safe will get a random bottle with no water in it.

Claudia: I vote for Brandon because I don't like him as much as everybody else. Sorry.

Lily: i hope i dont get sent home i gusse i vote for Micheal not that i really want to.

Matt: Aww man! I don't know who to vote. Okay, this is just cuoosing my least favourite FRIEND. *sigh*
okay, well it can't be Clauda, and Lily did heaps this challenge to help... Michael or Brandon. Michael or Brandon. Sorry, but I guess I have to choose....... Brandon.


Brandon: If Chris does what I say, I'm totally going to make an alliance with Lily and Michael. I will need a trustworthy teamate's. All I have to do is promise a share of the money goes to them. Which I will give if they prove worthy.


Chris:The people who are safe are Matt! (throws water bottle)

Matthew:Yes!(catches water bottle)

Chris:Lily!(throws water bottle)

Lily:Phew!(catches water bottle)

Chris:Micheal!Nice octopus hat man.

Micheal:Thought so.(catches water bottle and glares at Octi who was refusing to go)

Chris:Claudia, Brandon one of you WILL *glares at Brandon* be going tonight.The person who is safe is................................................
(angle on Claudia looking worried)
(angle on Brandon just being a little worried)
Chris:.................................................Claudia.(throws water bottle to Claudia and random bottle to Brandon)
Claudia:Yes!(catches water bottle)
Brandon:WHAT?!?!(gets hit in the head by the bottle)
Chris:Sorry Brandon looks like I have better lawyers than you.Buh Buy!

Chef:Come in and throws Brandon out of the ship

(Place where Brandon is lying unconscious)
(near land)

Neanderthals:Woo Woo!Food!


Chris:2 down 18 to go.Who will win?Who will lose?Find out next time on TOTAL...DRAMA...VOYAGE OF THE SEAS!
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