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Chris: Previously on Total Drama Reality check! 24 teens spit into 4 groups of 6 going into different house. Some house mates acted good. Some... not as well as others... Alice, Cole, Jason, and Layla were kicked out of the house. But in the end, it was Team Real who lost the challenge and as a reward for the winning team, Team Fake, they got to pick there tailor. Nice chose Team Fake. (In an Australian accent) Now it's time to survive down under mates. Will our contestants survive? Or will they die? Find out right here on Total... Drama... Reality Check!

(Theme song)

(Team Real Boy's tailor)
Jason: agggh.. I can't believe we lost that shitty challenge last week.
Cole: You said that 5 times just today!
Robert: Yeah, be happy it was a reward challenge.
Jason: Well, I'm just showing how fucking mad I am.


Lance: Jason is such a jerk. I fill really bad for the people who had to live with him for 5 days. Aggghh... I don't think he can last another day here. His so gone tonight.


(Team Fake's Girls)
Liza: Give me my bra back Layla!
Layla: I told you I didn't take it!
Liza: Then who did?!
(Team Fake's Boys)
Draven: (holding up Liza's bra) hehe!
Vincent: Yo, dude. Is that yours?
Draven: No! It's one of the girl's.
Garrett: You took it?!
Draven: I prefer to say, 'borrowed it with out asking and not giving it back'.
Blake: That might be the exact destination of taking something.


Draven: Don't worry. I'll give it back... when the time comes.

Matthew:I think they're all good,I might just be getting comfortable around them!I don't think I need to be shy now!


(Team Fake's Girl's tailor)
Lia: Here Liza. You can barrow mine. I have some spares.
Liza: aaaaa... thanks?
Chris: all contestants set 5 now!
Annie: You never learn to say please do you Chris?

(Set 5)
(It is all deserty)
Jason: Oh my fucking god. It is so fucking hot in the shity place!
Fawn: (rolls eyes)
Jordan: why is it so hot in here Chris?
Chris: Today's challenge is based on the hit reality show, Survivor.
Lia: Chris, what i remember survivor being is on an island with forest. Not in a desert.
Jordan: I second that.
Lia: (Blushes)


Lia: See Annie. Jordan likes me more! HA!


(Set 5)
Chris: well, this challenge is based on the Australian survivor.
Draven: Oh I've seen that one!
Chris: mhm. So, you have to stay in this 110 degree room with no water... unless you find some. If you can't take the heat, you may leave and come with me and Chef in a nicely cooled room and cost your team the win. The team with the last person left in here or the last person alive wins.
Alice: Wait, what do you mean, 'last person still alive'-
Chris: BEGIN!
(Chris and Chef exit)
Garrett: This shouldn't be that hard of a challenge!

(5 minutes)
Jordan: NEED. WATER!!
Lia: My tongue is so dry. Jordan, you look hot.
Jordan: I know. Man! I need something to cool me off.
Lia: maybe you could take off your shirt.
Jordan: Great Idea Lia!
Lia: (giggles and blushes)
Jordan: (takes off shirt)
(Lia's smiles turns to a frown)


Lia: Man. No abs! Just skinny. (sigh) I guess a girl can only dream.


(Set 5)
(10 minutes)
(Cole and Alice are making out)
Chilly: Cole? Cole? (sigh)


Chilly: I can not get Cole to speak to me. All he can think about is Alice. All I want is at least a hi. Is that too much to ask for? A simple hi?


(Set 5)
(15 minutes)
Ashley: (licking lollypop) I think my lollypop's going to melt!
May: Hey! That's not fare! You got a lollypop!
Ashley: I always have a lollypop.
Fawn: Give me a lick! please?
Ashley: NO! My lollypop! (hugs lollypop)
Maylene: ooooo... I want a lollypop!
Ashley: NO!!! MY LOLLYPOP!!! (Runs out of the room)
Chris: And Team Real loses a player!
Team Real: Aw man!
Jason: what a fucking bitch!
Fawn: (rolls eyes)


Fawn: I really hope Jason can't last long. I can't stand to here all the cursing! Aggghh!


(Set 5)
(20 minutes)
Cole: Aggghh... So hot!
Alice: I want to go in Cole.
Cole: But we're losing already.
Alice: So? I can't stand this heat. I'm going in with or with out you.
Cole: (Sigh) Fine. I'll come.
Chilly: I'll come too!
(Cole and Alice exit)
Chilly: (Sigh) Maybe he'll talk to me outside of here.... or maybe not. But I can't stand this heat. I mean it's-
Jason: Hey man. Stop talking to your bichty self.
Chilly: shut up Jason. (exits)
Jason: No one tells me to fucking shut up.
Chris: And Team Real is down 4 members!
(Marissa is fanning herself with a book)
Joss: Lucky. You brought a book.
Marissa: Yeah. It's so hot in here and I just like reading.
Joss: Me too.
Marissa: (blushes)
Joss: (Blushes)
Liza: (gasp)


Liza: Does Joss have a crush on that Marissa chick?! No. no! Joss wouldn't do that to me... would he?


(Set 5)
(25 minutes)
Lily: (to Draven) How are you not sweating?
Draven: Because. I'm from southern Arizona. I'm out side in the 110 degree heat all summer. The heat is my life.
Fawn: Mine too. So good luck trying to win this Draven.
Draven: Oh I CAN win this.
Layla: Yeah. I can beat you too.
Fawn: What ever.
Draven: hmmm...


Draven: I think I could be in an alliacne with Layla. I mean, she's perfect... I mean for being in an alliance with...


(Set 5)
(26 minutes)
Draven: so... Layla.
Layla: What?
Draven: How about you and me be in an alliance.
Layla: I'm listening...
Draven: All we have to do is make sure our team wins every challenge. That's how we'll make the merge. And when we make the merge-
Layla: We can win invincibility every challenge and go to the final 2!
Draven: exactly.
Layla: Yes..
Draven: okay first off... (takes out Liza's Bra)
Layla: You took Liza bra?!
Draven: yep.
Layla: Well you have to give it back!
Draven: Don't worry. I'm going to plant it in someone. To get them eliminated. But who?
Layla: YOU! Liza thinks it's me so plant it on yourself and give it to her because you did it!
Draven: Yeah. But we will plant it on someone else so she won't think it was you.
Layla: Oh right...
Draven: Yeah... but who?
Layla: Joss? I mean, drama with a break up.
Draven: No, we need it to be someone on our team just in case we get eliminated.
Layla: Hmmm... yeah but we will win. I mean Team Real already has 4 people out and we have non.
Draven: Good point. So Joss?
Layla: Joss.
Draven: But how do we get it to him.
Layla: hmmm.. I got a plan. but it will take time. I will have to move a little slow.
Draven: Okay, but hurry it up.
Layla: What part of I have to move slow don't you get?
(Jordan and Lia)
Lia: It's so hot. Wanna go cool off with Chris?
Jordan: N.... N... No... not yet.
Lia: Jordan. This isn't healthy.
Jordan: We need to win Lia.
Lia: (Sigh) okay (lays on Jordan's lap)
Jordan: (see's a snake but it turns into a water bottle because of hallucination.) Water...
Lia: Water? Where?
Jordan: Over there. (Walks toward snake)
Lia: aaa.. Jordan...
(Jordan picks up snake and the snake and the snake pees in Jordan's mouth)
Vincent: eewwww...
Jordan: I got water!! (faints)
Lia: JORDAN!!!!!
(10 minutes later)
(Jordan is on a gurney being carried out by interns)
Layla: hmmm.... (sneaks the bra into with Jordan)
Lia: JORDAN! I have to go with him. (follows the interns out)
May: I'll go too. I want to make sure Jordan's okay.
Marissa: me too.
Joss: Yeah. I'll go too.
(May, Marissa, and Joss exit)
Liza: OH NO! Joss is going with Marissa. (exits)
Chris: Jordan, Lia, May, Marissa, Joss, and Liza are out! So that makes 7 out for team Real and 3 out for Team Fake!
Robert: We're going to lose!
Lance: No we won't we can win this!
Jason: Come on Bitch! We only have 5 fucking people left.
Fawn: Let's don't give up guys. Let's do this!
Maylene: (spinning around in circles) weee!!!! This is fun!!!
Fawn: Or not...

(1 hour later)
Annie: I wonder how Jordan is doing.... I better go check on him.
Blake: no. If you do that, we might lose.
Mathew: Well, I'm going in anyways. It's getting way too hot in here. (exits)
Annie: I'm going. (exits)
Blake: (sigh)
Chris: Annie and Mathew are out! 7 for Team Real 5 for Team Fake!
Jason: YES! we're going to win this fucking game!
Robert: Maybe...

(1 hour later)
Maylene: (crying but doesn't have tears)
Lance: What's wrong?
Maylene: I'm. So. Thirsty.
Jason: Well then act like your fucking age and go and get a fucking drink of water Bitch.
Maylene: your a meany!! (cries and runs out)
Chris: Maylene is out! That makes 8 out for Real and 5 for Fake!
Fawn: Stop being such a jerk Jason.
Jason: What?

(30 minutes later)
Robert: I think I'm going through heat stroke.
Lance: me too... aghhh...
Robert: I got to go inside.
Lance: Yeah. I can't stand it out here much longer.
(Robert and Lance get up and exits)
Chris: Robert and Lance are out! That make 10 out for Real and 5 for Fake!
Jason: What a bunch of fucking babies.
Fawn: (sigh)
Blake: Do you think we could win this?
Vincent: Well seeing as they have only 5 left and we have 7... yeah I'm pretty sure.
Garrett: Even if it was only me left, I would make us win.
Layla: And who said that?
Garrett: I can go weeks in this kind of heat with no water and still live.
Elisa: Humans can only go a few days with no water.
Fawn: So that's impossible.
Garrett: Nope. I'm not like the average human.
Layla: Yeah... I can tell. (rolls eyes)

(2 hours later)
Elisa: I wonder how Uni's doing.
Garrett: Uni?
Blake: oh... your dog?
Elisa: Yeah.
Lily: Where is he? I didn't see him in the room.
Elisa: His under my bed. I want to hide him just in case it's a rule that you can't have dogs on the show.
Layla: I don't think It's a rule.
Lily: You know what? (sigh) I got to go. This heat is just too much! (exits)
Chris: And Lily is out! That makes 10 Real out and 6 Real out.
Blake: Oh no. We lost another player!
Vincent: (puts hand on Blake's shoulder) Don't worry. We're still ahead by a lot.
Blake: (sigh) Yeah...

(6 hours later)
Vincent: Aghhhh.... I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! AGHHHHHh!!!!
Elisa: Vincent. Calm down!
Jason: Then fucking leave this shity place bitch.
Vincent: oh you wanna go?! (see's his dead girlfriend)
Dead girlfriend (sorry ninjacupcake88 you never said the name): Don't go yet Vincent. Don't go...
Vincent: aa...
Dead girlfriend: win this game... for me... (disperses)
Vincent: I will.
Blake: You will what?
Vincent: huh? Nothing...

(7 hours later)
Blake: Okay, I can't do this anymore. I have to go. (exits)
Jason: Yeah. I got to leave this fucking place too. (exits)
Chris: Jason and Blake are out! That make 11 Fake out and 7 Real out!
Fawn: Finally Jason's gone. (sigh of releaf) Wait, but now the whole inter team's victory is in my hands.... oh no... I can't let them down. I have to win!

(3 hours later)
Elisa: (yawns)
Vincent: (yawns)
Elisa: I'm getting tired... I'm going inside to take a nap.
Vincent: me too...
(Elisa and Vincent exit)
Chris: (tired voice) And Elisa and Vincent are out! That makes 11 Fake out and 9 Real out!
Layla: After this challenge... I am going to have a lot of water... agghh...
Fawn: dito that...
Draven: (shivers)
Layla: (shivers)
Garrett and Fawn: (shivers)
Draven: M.... M.... Man... It's... It's.. It's getting cold.
Fawn: I know...
Garrett: Well deserts get cold at night.
Chris: (intercom) His right!
Layla: W... well... it's... it's... it fills pretty good.
Garrett: Yep. I know.
Draven: I have never been in such cold temperatures before...
Fawn: I... I have... but from the heat to this cold... it's... it's just abnormal.

(3 hours later)
Draven: Okay... It's getting too cold. I have to go inside. I can't sleep.
Layla: Yeah. Me too.
(Draven and Layla exit)
Chris: Draven and Layla are out! Now it comes down to the last 2 people fighting it out for our teams! It's Fawn vs. Garrett!
Garrett: I am going to win!
Fawn: nooo... I will.

(1 day later)
Fawn: I... I th... th... think it's colder than the other night.
Garrett: Really? I don't fill anything. (starts doing jumping jacks)
Fawn: Oh... g.. good idea... (starts doing jumping jacks but the faints)
Garrett: Oh no! Fawn? Are you okay..
Fawn: f... fill... I fill sick...
Garrett: Chris! We need help!

Chris: Well... now that Fawn is in the infirmary with Jordan... It looks like Team Fake wins it!
Team Fake: OH YEAH!
Chilly: can this be another reward challenge?
Chris: Nope. Team Real has to vote off someone tonight...
Team Real: aggghh...
Jason: Wow... good job fucking bitches.

Okay, Team Real it's time to vote off! You can either IM me, Inbox me, or comment your vote below. You can put it in a confessional form or just plane out tell be who it is.

Here is who is on Team Real:
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-The truth with it-

It was a beautiful day in Northern Toronto. The snow was all melted and the sky was turning a bright blue. Mike was the first to wake in his home. The tanned guy shifted in his bed and opened his dark brown eyes. He helped Ally get up and got dressed as quickly as she did. Both excited to expose Blainley Blasnic for who she really is.
    After dressing, they dropped the twins off at their parents house and called their friends to meet at the studio.
   It only took an hour to arrive at the tall, pale building and to be greeted by a million fans.

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posted by nocofangirl218
That's right, it's time once again for Total Drama Rama! :D So.....yeah......I better just start now. ^^; Hope you like it! :)


*at elimination ceremony*

Chris: *walks up to the podium - still with his neon pink hair and JB haircut*

Alex: *snickers* Enjoying your new hairstyle Chris?

Chris: >.< Shut it Alex! Anyway, since you all know the drill, if you don't receive a popcorn bag you immediately have to report to the Cab of Shame and leave .... unless your brought back. So, if Alex can be silent for once in his life, we...
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Narrator:Once Upon A Time In A Faraway Land, Young Prince Cody Lived In A Shining Castle. Although He Had Everything His Heart Desired, The Prince Was Spoiled, Selfish And Unkind. But Then, One Winter's Night, An Old Beggar Woman Came To The Castle And Offered Him A Single Rose In Return For Shelter From The Bitter Cold. Repulsed By Her Haggard Appearance, The Prince Sneered At The Gift And Turned The Old Woman Away, But She Warned Him Not To Be Deceived By Appearances, For Beauty Is Found Within. And When He Dismissed Her Again, The Old Woman's Ugliness Melted Away To Reveal A Beautiful Enchantress....
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! France. the Birth place of Tennis. Here our conpetiters Played a game of Chach, a game of tennis, and a good old smell of Owen's Butt! At the end it was good old Trent who left. Leaving Natalie cry to deth. who will leave on this tasty episode of total drama around the world?

*Theam song*

*non-First class*

*Katie is crying*
*You can hear Natalie crying from the confessional*
Harold: agggggggg.......... first Katie and now Natalie???? How bad can this get?
Gabriella: how much water can Katie hold?
Wally: I don't know but If she crys much longer she...
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No One's POV
*groans* Chris why are we doing this again ?, Trent asked. Because the viewers love drama and I love making money, Chris responded. But this is crazy, we're going to miss the whole school year, Beth said. Don't worry about that, you can make up school work between challenges, Chris said. We are still going to miss prom!, Heather shouted. Not like it matters, you couldn't even get a date to your semi formal, Gwen laughed. Heather turned around in her bus seat and glared at Gwen. Don't even bring that up again, she demanded. I think I just did, Gwen snapped. LADIES, no fighting, atleast...
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Did Jacki REALLY bang Duncan?
Did Jacki REALLY bang Duncan?
Redirect from One Missed Call

That next morning...

Brittani and Jacki: *walking to the restrooms with toothbrushes and toothpaste, talking about Duncan*

Brittani: I think we should form an alliance.

Jacki: What?

Brittani: You, me and Duncan should form an alliance. I mean, he likes me and i know you like him.

Jacki: Well.....ok

: : : : : : : CONFESSIONALS : : : : : : :

Jacki: Do I like Duncan? ...Yes. I mean, come on, he is SO sexy!

Duncan: Do I like Jacki? A bit....ok, a lot!

Jacki: And I'm just waiting for him to make his move.

Duncan: *making out with Jacki, they both fall off the chair and start um......doing...
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A few weeks later. Courtney and Duncan are watching a movie in Duncan's house... and It's late. Courtney has a little belly, but, she always is changing her humor, making her pregnancy more obvious.

Courtney: AAAAAA! Why we are watching this? I hate terror movies!
Duncan: Here we go again... Courtney, 10 minutes ago you told me that you want to see this!
Courtney:*crying* but Duncan, you don't understand me! this is a difficult moment in my life!!
Duncan: Alright, you don't need to be so melodramatic! If you want to see other movie, it's ok. but it's late and the video store it's close. Stop crying,...
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Mike took Ally's right hand and kneeled on his knee. He gazed into Ally's crystal blue eyes and started pouring his heart out.

"Since the first time I first saw you..I thought you'd be just a regular sweet and awesome girl that would think of me as a freak. But after we found out more about each other, I now know your sweet, caring, beautiful, angelic and pure enough to be an angel.Your everything to me..your my everything. Your the reason I'm even alive today. I always love to wake up and see your smiling face.. I love you more than ever.. " Mike dug into his pocket and took out a small,...
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Natalie: A few things I want to say. 1, I did not enjoy it and I feel like crap actually agreeing to it. And B, how could Trent just offer to take her like that? I mean, I- *starts to cry alot* *stops crying and sniffles* I'll bet I'm overreacting, but if either enjoyed a SECOND of it, I swear *holds up silver bow and arrows* this will come in handy. My friend Lynn from camp gave it to me. Whenever you want it, it appears with you. Handy, hm?


Gabriella: Harold's lips we're so gross, I think he ate some poop before he kissed ME!*throwing up* I must...
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posted by kk99aa
Duncan sat there, absorved in the movie.
There was only 7 teens in the movie theater.
It was basicly Just all of my friends there.Crystaale was first,
then Ryan then me, (Vannessa),
then Duncan. And in the second
row was Sasuke, Diamond, and Jason. We were watching " friday the thriteenth"
in 3D.Diamond went to the bathroom, Crystaale went to get popcorn and sasuke went with her. Ryan had a "Tuxedo malfunction" and went Home with Jason to change. It was just Duncan and me. "Soooo...." Duncan stammered, trying to make dumb conversation. "Shut up!" I yelled, and put my finger over his lips. His happy expression went from happy to shocked. But when i leaned in, his expression turned lusty....