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-The evil plot-

It took Ally about a week to get over the debate. If Tiffany actually won, she'd never hear the end of it! Ally had to try her hardest! She worked day and night working on her dress and waltz. She'd never stop until she beat Tiff. As the same with Mike. He had been planing for ages! He really didn't want to lose to Scott either. It was Finally two weeks before the dance, and Ally and Mike were nervous wrecks! They were always on the edge and you'd never know when they were gonna snap and let their meanest personalities out. They didn't even get to talk to their friends. Like that one day during lunch.
     "Hey Ally! Want to sit with us?" Courtney called.
       "Sorry! Can't eat! Have to practice waltz in gym! Maybe later! I promise!" Ally replied in a jittery tone.

Courtney frowned and sat with the other girls and guys. 
   "She's busy again?" Dawn asked.
Courtney nodded sadly.
    "It's like their both too busy to hang out with us." Cameron said sadly.
     "I can't wait until this whole dance thing blows over! I swear, Mike nearly let Vito out on me when I asked him about our math homework!" Gwen exclaimed.

Tiffany, who was bragging to her friends about her winter dance dress, over heard the friends and started listening. "Vito?", she thought to herself. "There's no guy named Vito in this school."

"it's pretty interesting how Mike can change into Vito when he's mad and when you take his shirt off." Courtney whispered to Dawn.

"Yes. Vito can be very mean and too flirty. Remember when he tried to flirt with me at the Halloween party?" Dawn answered.

"Hmmm.. So Mike and Ally do have M.P.D.. And I have a plan." Tiffany said again. "BRB girls, I have to powder my nose." she lied.

She got up, smoothed out her skirt, and walked to the table populated with rebels and bullies. The one she wanted to talk to was Scott.
     "Hey Scott, I need to have a chat with you." Tiffany said sternly.

    "Finally decide to go out with me sweet cheeks?"He replied getting up.
    "Not even close, but I do have a strategy to help us both win Snow Prince and Princess." she said leading him into an empty hall.

"Listen to me.  I found out from Mike and Ally's friends that they both do have M.P.D! Its not an act! At this rate, they'll win for sure! I can't have that..So i have a plan.We all know that Ally has a crush on Mike. So tomorrow, I'll make a fake note from Mike that tells Ally to meet him near the computer lab. Then, I'll kiss Mike and that will crush Her heart. She'll be too depressed to go to the dance." Tiffany explains evilly.

"What about Mike? He'll eventually snap out of his personality and apologize to Ally!"Scott said.

"That's when you come in. You pretend to be my boyfriend and beat the crap out of Mike! He'll be too injured and upset to come to the dance too!" She exclaimed.

"-And why should I help you?" Scott said with a smirk.

"-Because you'll get more of this!" 
Tiffany grabbed Scott's face and pulled him into a kiss. She let go after a few minutes and Scott smirked more.


"We'll do this tomorrow after the last bell. They both should be in our reach."
Tiffany purrs evilly and walks back into the lunchroom with Scott. She was grinning uncontrollably..waiting and counting down for the next day.
Tiffany you sick sick puppy!!!!! To my readers, You may want to pack tissues for the next chapter... Both mike and ally are in for something terrible!

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