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Author's Note: I've decided to make the challenges different too. Who's going to get eliminated? Find out!

The thirteen new contestants we're all standing in a group now, and Chris was in front of them.

"Welcome to Total Drama Revenge of the Island. You guys all are gonna compete. Against each other," he smiled. "But first, you must make teams. Everyone, partner up."

Mike immediately ran to Zoey. She didn't protest. Scott looked around and grinned. "I choose Dawn. She will be a perfect partner." Dawn shrugged.

"Okay," she walked to Scott.

Scott's Confessional:

Dawn seems like she can get to know personalities too well, she could reveal my real personality. My main aim is to WIN, whatever it takes.

B shrugged and looked for some other contestants to partner up with. He walked up to Sam.

"You want to be my partner?" Sam asked. B nodded. "Okay. You aren't really the talkative type are you?" B shrugged.

Brick scanned his environment. He pointed to Jo. "Soldier! Permission to be your partner?" Jo nodded.

"Permission granted, as long as I'm boss," she said.

"Yes, mam!" he said.

Dakota looked at the remaining contestants. Anne Maria, Staci, Cameron and Lightning.

"Umm," she started, "can I choose myself?"

"Of course!" Chris exclaimed. "You'll be the one left over."

Lightning chose Anne Maria. "Don't think this is anything friendly. Lightning had to choose you because the other two were... challenge challenged," he announced.

"Whatever you say, crazy guy," she replied.

Cameron walked to Staci. "I guess that leaves you with me," he muttered.

Chris handed each pair a block of wood, a knife and paint. "Your task is to carve and paint your partner."

"What about me?" Dakota asked.

"You have to carve and paint our special guest from the original show... Justin!" Justin walked onto the island. "You made it Just-in time. Get it? Justin time!" Chef glared at him.

"Oh my gosh... you're so... you're so..." Dakota stuttered.

"Hot? Handsome? Gorgeous?" Justin asked.

"Old," Dakota decided.

"What?" Justin exclaimed.

"You just, don't look good anymore," Dakota explained. Justin looked annoyed.

"Just paint me," he ordered.

Zoey decided to make Mike. Jo would make Brick. Cameron chose to make Staci. Dawn wanted to make Scott, but he insisted, so he was making Dawn. B decided to paint Sam because Sam didn't look like much of an artist. Last but not least, Anne Maria was crafting Lightning.

After about an hour of chipping wood and painting it, the buzzer beeped and it was time to stop. Most people hadn't finished. Chris inspected them all and stopped at one particular work of art. "That is amazing, absolutely perfect! It's like... you cut off his head! Zoey and Mike win!" The two cheered and hugged, but immediately separated again, both embarrassed. "You two will be..." Chris began and Chef made a drum-roll noise. "Team captains!"

"WHAT?!" Both shouted at the same time.

"Chop chop, choose your teams," Chris ordered.

After both teams were chosen this is how they were:

The Mutant Maggots: Zoey, B, Dakota, Brick, Jo, Sam

The Toxic Rats: Mike, Dawn, Scott, Anne Maria, Lightning, Staci, Cameron

Chris looked at the teams. "Since Zoey was the one who actually earned the win, her team is safe from elimination tonight. Elimination is a bit different from any of the other series (I changed the elimination process) You see, we are all going to have a discussion about what happened and what went wrong. Then I'm going to target each of you. If you failed the challenge it could be the time for you to argue. Target someone else, blame them. Do what ever you can do to survive. Now come to the campfire ceremony."

The Toxic Rats assembled at the elimination ceremony.

Chris looked around the place and decided to target Dawn first. "Dawn, you might not be help in a challenge of strength."

Dawn shrugged. "I won't name anyone, but others in the team wouldn't either."

Chris nodded. "Cameron, do you think she means you?"

Cameron looked worried. "I.. err, I've got the brains for the team."

Chris glanced at Staci. "Staci, what are you good for?"

Staci looked at her fellow teammates. "I have a broad talented family. It must go through the genes, right?"

Chris targeted Mike next. "Mike, you are the one who chose this team to go to the elimination."

Mike looked around. "I know, and I am sorry to whoever leaves, but I had no choice, I had to choose a team.

Chris looked at Lightning. "Lightning, you seem like one to be clumsy like Tyler. Are you?"

"Of course not! I'm the one you guys need in a strength challenge!" Lightning complained.

Next, Chris stared at Anne Maria. "You don't really get along with others do you. Do you think that could let your team down one day?"

Anne Maria just shouted; "I can get along with who I want to!"

Chris smiled. "And last but not least, Scott. What good are you?"

"I am a trusty teammate who wouldn't ever do anything to upset anyone."

"Is everyone ready to vote?" Chris asked. They all nodded.

After a voting session they were all together again and Chris had a plate of marshmallows.

"The marshmallows go to: Mike, Lightning, Dawn, Scott. Cameron, Staci and Anne Maria remained. The next marshmallow goes to Cameron." Cameron caught his marshmallow and grinned. "The Toxic Marshmallow goes to...
Staci." Chris concluded.

Anne Maria stood up. "Whatever," she said. She took the toxic marshmallow and her hair fell off. She screamed so loud everyone had to cover their ears not to be deafened. With that, she left in tears.

Who will leave next? Find out next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!

TDROTI Interactive! Zoey seems like a good artist. How good are you at art? Leave a link below of a drawing you made of your favorite TDROTI character, the best picture gets a Golden Marshmallow. Whoever has most Golden marshmallows in the end has their very own OC in the next season I make!.
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Ok! This is one of my second ever written Fanfic :) This is my first about the new cast which involves Mike and Zoey. Tell me if I need any improvements to the story! BTW, Mike's telling the story.


'You're such a freak!'

'You don't deserve to live!'

'Who'd want to be friends with a guy who changes personalities?'

Those words stung my heart, but not as much as what these people were doing to me. They kicked me in the chest, pushing me to the ground and yelled in my face. Just because I have a multiple personality disorder.

Why was I born with this curse? I ask myself that question every day....
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posted by duncylovescourt
really kind, animal lover, good person, scardy cat.

tough guy, sweet on the inside, cocky, bad boy, rule breaker, smart when wanst to be.

clumsy, trys to hard to impress, works hard.

geeky, dorky, nerdy, loves video games and comic books.

party dude, fun, ethusatic, not very bright.

bossy, user, maniplutive, self centered, tricky , smart.

dunb, girly, pretty

getto, tough

tough, scary, anger issues

quiet, self centered, all abotu looks

loves food, gross, friendly

sarcastic, know it all , smart

musical, little weird,...
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*first class room*

Jarde: Ray Raven!
Raven: agggggggggg what is it?????
Jared: Draven is not good.
Ray: oh your just saying that cause he likes us.
Jared: Ok but don't say i wroed you.


Jordan: Jared is so gone!!!!!!!!! arggggggggggggggg!!!!!! girl friend cheater!! agrgggggggggggggggggg!

Jared: Draven's gonna end up winning with Ray and Raven! I want him gone soo bad.. But Raven and Ray will never vote him off! Im not sure what to do

Ray: Draven is sooooo sweet...even if he did give me a necklace with poison ivy on it...and volcanic ash, which I'm allergic to...(frowns suspiciously) but...
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Chris: 0k! you all voted and here comes to see who is off. thease people had no votes Bridgette
down to the finale 3! Jordan, justin , trent. one of you will go hom tonight! this person had only 1 vote................ Jordan
Jordan: yes!
Chris: the finale 2..................... it gose to....................... justin! bye bye trent!
Karlie: Trent no!!!!! I'll miss you!
Trent: I gusse i'll miss you too!
Karlie: Bye bye trenty!
trent: bye!

*Jordan, Bridgette, and Laura's room*

Jordan: I was so close to saying bye bye!
Laura: Yeah justin too! Who voted for...
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posted by dxarmy423
Chris: Welcome back to the most dangerous and death defying show today. Total drama extreme rulez!!

Chris: Last episode we made the teams but today is gonna we even more awesome!!

Raven: oh come on chris just get on with it

Chris: shut up

Annie: come on

Chris: fine

Chris: here are the teams

Team Uno:


Team Dos:


*camera goes to chris*

Chris: todays episode is all about stunts and pranks

Harold: all right pranks

Chris: shut up

Raven: whos our guest host

Geoff: yeah

Penny: I hope its some one cool

Alejandro: or a hot model

Chris: sorry dude not enough...
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posted by TDItwin
i did not make this pic
i did not make this pic
hi yeah this is an djxheather fanfic so yeah its set the night between 1 flu over the cookoos and the sandwhich project

heather stepped out her trailer and breathed in the evning air "well at least il have some relaxtion before going to bed hearing izzy bark in her sleep" she mutterd quitly to herslef and started walking as she walked past the craft service tent she heard chefs voice "no more mommas boy dj" chef bellowed in an angery tone "but i like the mommas boy dj!" heather thought to herself and looked in side there was dj standing with...
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
I'm a banana! My spoon is too big! MONKEYS TASTE LIKE cake?
I'm a banana! My spoon is too big! MONKEYS TASTE LIKE cake?
A party up in here
Shall I go, love a lot
Friends be going
But forsooth, I cannot
For my heart
Broken down
By his voice
Chasing away my sanity
Cry away the pain
Whisper in air
Cry in water
Scream in noise
Grimace in pain
My heart hurts
He is gone
What went wrong?

The feel of his lips
On mine, like a curse
I be poisoned
With the drip
Of a venomous demon
Cursing in my ear
Shan't I wish I be free
I miss him
I cry for him
I scream for him
Keep the pain
Keep the agony
Keep the tears
Thy has taken my love
I do not wish to lock up
Shan't I free
Thy day shall exceed
My prescence
And popularity of the night

Purple tears
A broken heart
Lying limp on the bed
I do not feel love
I feel hatrid
I feel disobeyment
I feel broken

~Written by 7GG, courtesy of my sister Jacki, known as gwentrentever, who has forsince left Fanpop for good.
I love you sis
I love you sis
posted by Trent-lover123
>(Ranma jumps in roxys arms while puring) Roxy:Aww Ranma are you tring to act like a kity for me. Ranmas dad:when hes traped by cats he gets so scared he starts acting like one. Every one:Ohhh. Reyoga:what a sham so NOW I CAN DEFET RANMA HAHA!!Alex:any one want more p.... Roxy:say pizza one more time your fiered. Alex:cake any one hee hee. Roxy:just shut alex. Riana:I love you reyoga. Starr:I want cake cheese cake. Karen:whos a cute little kitty. Ranma:hiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss. Karen:you are really mean kitty I hate your human like cat. Roxy:he needs to get use to you god women. Kyoya:but...
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LUKE!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!
LUKE!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!
: : : : : : : CONFESSIONALS : : : : : : :

Brittani: OK, I have HAD it with Duncan! He is just so...UGH!!

Luke: I'm about ready to kill Lianna.

Brittani: And Luke is seriously getting on my nerves. I think i wanna send him home.

: : : : : : : END OF CONFESSIONALS : : : : : : :

Chris: Four left to hunt down. Hehehe.

Back on the western side of the mountain...

Duncan: OK, can you tuck and roll?

Brittani: Yea, as long as you dont spend your time checking out my ass.

Duncan: Hehe. Anyway, if you tuck and roll to that barrier right there we can swerve off to the side of the mountain and climb down.

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posted by splinter505
i got bored so i'm making this but i still need more people
Phil: where are they, i mean not even the co-host is here
Ghost: *banging on door* come on let me out i promise i'll give up my criminal ways just let me out
Phil: *sees ghost hunters come in* the ghost is in that room, destroy him
ghost: AHH!!! what are you people doing to me ow that hurts
*car horn*
Phil: finally the go-host is here
Duncan: sup
Phil: nothin you
Duncan: nothing
Phil: i'm gonna go check my e-mail
E-mail: we are sorry to inform you that the limmo you reserved to pick up is delayed
Phil: damm it
Ghost hunter: we're done
Phil: thanks here's 20 bucks
Duncan: wanna play cards
Phil: sure

by: Vannessa Hart

I walk away,
no one wants me,
all alone,dark,gold
Dark complection,
Gold Heart.

I see their smiles,
I feel my frown,
Dark complection,
Gold Heart.

I turn away,
From all the pain,
Dark complection,
Gold Heart.

Many don't love,
they hate,
Dark complection,
Gold Heart

-V Hart
Jumanji: i'm finally out of my cast
Phil: good, your gonna need it, meet me at the cementery for your challenge
at cementery
Phil: you will be battling on the top of those ston things up high, there in the sky those things
jumanji: *in grave of confetion* did i mention i've been a little afraid of hights since death throw me
Phil: jumanji and hollow
jumanji:*wobbling on top* wow *falls and knocks of hollow*
Phil: hollow, to the scardy car, next is summer and Aydan, here are your wips
Aydan: *wips with wip*
Summer: *falls off but grabs on to Aydan's wip and swings to her but accidentaly kicks her off* woohoo
Phil: Aydan you leave, next is Alex and Jackie
Alex: * hits jackie with a wip but misses* hiyaa
Jackie: *throws off Alex* alright
Phil: bye-bye Alex, the winners follow me to the casts dinner
Phil: who will go home who will come back who will betray find out next time on total drama the haunting
(After Cody and Jacki's date)

so how was it-Brittani
it was awesome-Jacki
so what happened-Duncan
well we went out to dinner and then we made out and then he asked me to be his girlfriend-Jacki
ewwwwwww you made out with Cody-Duncan
yeah he's hot-Jacki
your gross-Duncan
no she's not Cody is hot but not hotter then you-Brittani
exactly what she said-Jacki
wait you think im hot ah HAHAHAHAHHA IT HURTS ALOT-Duncan
no i used to think you were hot until you became a womanizer-Jacki
whatever you dig me-Duncan
no i dont i have a boyfriend-Jacki
Duncan shut up before you get your ass kicked-Brittani
she wont, come...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Full name: Victoria Agnes Carmen Elizabeth Dadidson III

Story: Vee is hyper and emo. Ever sience her mother left her father when she was only a baby, Vee hated her mom. She now lives with her dad, Barry. She's a regular juvinile delenquent. When she grows up, she wants to be a phsyco killer. She's very silly. She is a hell of a daredevil. One time, she jumed over the grand canyon on her motorcycle! Dawn likes her because she's funny and silly.

Friends: Dawn, Duncan, Courtney, Cody, Lindsay, Heather, Izzy, Trent

Enemies: Everyone else (especialy bridgette and geoff)

Crush: Trent
posted by TDIlover226
Ok, gonna start out with a quick bio than get straight to the story.

Name: Bri'ana Sanchez, aka Bri, aka Bibi
Age:15 1/2
Friends: Seiamica, Shawni, JG, Vanita, Amy, Brandi.
Ememies:Heather, Bryanna, Calvin, Clay.
Talents:drawing, speed texting, soccer, creative writing.
phrase:The possibilities are endless, can't you see!.

Bri'ana Sanchez changed her name to bri, but then Bryanna Simon came along, she then changed her name to Bibi, Bibi bri. She is best friends with Seiamica and is highly inteligant and creative. She's a great drawer and has a huge imagination. She is always seen drawing caves, or...
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