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Name: Drake

Age: 17

Clan: Hunters of the Damned

Background: Drake is from a clan of monster and animal hunters. His father is the clans leader. Drake fought his first dragon at age 13. Since then Drake has traveled the land hunting dangerous and rare animals.

Personality: Drake is always up for a challenge and is a tactical thinker. He will always think out his attack plans but will fight without thinking if needed.

Fears: Spiders (but he rarely finds them)

Description: About 6'2", has messy black hair, usually wears a black shirt and black pants. Has his iron armor on most of the time.
Name: Lia

Age: 17

Clan: Mystical Assassins

Background: Lia is from an ancient clan of magic using assassins. She didn't want to become an assassin, she just wanted to study magic. Eventually she left the her city and started traveling. She trained her magic skills near expert levels. Even though the didn't like being an assassin she has all the skills.

Personality: Usually chill and down to earth, sneaky, sometimes cold and evil to her enemies.

Fears: Evil magic

Description: About 5'9", has shoulder length light brown hair, always wears a hoodie with her assassin clothes.
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Hollow: Easy. Who's the more of a threat
Katie: Whatever Jared's picking
Lindsay:Umm I forget all of their names
Ray: *mummbles*
Lisa: Who to vote............

Chris: Okay! First up is the Killing Computers!
The Giant Cheker boards goes to
RAY! *throws checkerboards at them*

All: OWW!!

Chris: Lisa.... Hollow......

*throws the checker board at Hollow*

Lisa: WHAT!??!!

*Chef throws her on the boat*

Zoey: She is soooo gone!
Gabby: If she doesnt go everyone will know
DJ: Sorry!
Aydan: DUH! Everyone is voting for her!*

Chris: DJ! NOAH! and Jade!

Chris: GABBY!



Gabby: BYE BYE!

*Aydan gets thrown on the boat of loosers*
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Tasha: Hey everybody this is a new season of Total Drama I'm Chris's Sister Tasha and I'm the host. And here comes the first contestant of Tds I welcome Natalie

Natalie: Hi Tasha it's great to be here

Tasha: *Whispers to the camra* Thats what she thinks next up is Rikki

Rikki: Hi Tasha and Hi other girl *smiles*

Natalie: WOW you have awesome teeth!

Rikki: Thanks

Tasha: Girls I welcome Jordan

Jordan: Hey Tasha

Tasha: Ya ya ya whatever. I present Rayven

Rayven: Hi Tasha

Tasha: HI ALREADY!!!

Rayven: Geez don't have to be so....

Tasha: Dare to finish that sentence! *Sinister look*

Rayven: *gulps* No

Tasha: I didn't think so. Now give it up for Jared

Jared: Hi people

Rikki and Nathalie: Whatever

Tasha: Heres Zoey!

Zoey: Hi Tasha Hi everybody I'm Zoey.

Everybody: Hi

Tasha: Heres Ray!

Ray: Hi everybody!

Tasha: Heres Penny and Samatha

Penny: Hi everybody

Samatha: Hi people

Part 2 coming soon :D
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I Ran To Him, Why? Cause I Needed To, I Have Seen This So Many Times.

I Had Always Seen Him In The Moon Light Glowing Like Hell, Bright And Beautiful, Everything About Him right there said 'Come and get me.' And How I want To So Bad.

I Ran Up To Him. I Look into his eyes, his deep deep beautiful blue eyes, And He looked back into mine. He was an angel, he was just so beautiful. He lightley grabed my shoulder and leaned in.

As always in my Shock to see Duncan Standing befor me.

"D-dunca..." I Muttered as i did everyother time.

"You Know i'v Liked You From Day One Right?" He asked as always.

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Anti : dxc Pro : dxg and Pro: Aleheater

G: It was so fun to go to the dinner with duncan!
H: W-what romantic, I wish alejandro was so gentleman!
G: Uhm he is, dont you know?
H: Okay he is, but not to me!
G: *gives telephone* Your gonna call him now!
H: No i dont want to!
G: *calls number and gives telephone to heather* To late my friend!
H: Hi al, want to go tommorow to a dinner*
H: yes, A-ha, Ok, No, yeah, Bye!
G: and?
H: EEEEH! where going to a dinner tomorrow!
G: Tomorrow we going shop for your dress and shoes!
NOTE: whenever there was a tie, I just crossed off the first one, because I hate doing tiebreakers.
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This story contains Violence, Language, Sexual Content, And Drugs.

Had been 2 weeks since Beth and Harold were killed. Leshawna was depressed about both deaths, but especially Harolds, Sierra burst through the door engulfed with anger. "What are you doing here?" questioned Duncan. "I know what you did with Cody!" she screamed. "Aww your sad that we killed that scrawny ass bitch that you never dated or were friends with?" Duncan teased. "FUCK YOU ALL!!!!" she screamed. "How'd you find out?" asked Duncan. "One of your 'FRIENDS' texted me about it" said Sierra. Everyone else was shocked. Duncan...
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Ashton: I told them I had a plan. But they still don't have my trust. Maybe if I.. *looks sad* Maybe if I stop caring about my body and actually swim. I might have to do that just for this show... I don't know how else to gain their trust.

AJ: There was a fifty fifty chance of us being losers so far, but I think our team is the best. Either us or the other team that hasn't lost yet.

Blake: *yawn* ok so i wondering if Lily gets kicked off

(outside Chris's cabin)
Brandon:Knock's on Chris' Cabin. "Chris, I demand this be a fake elimination, or you WILL hear from my LAWYER's. I don't...
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*In the Green room*

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Video Game Highschool...

Sgt. Calhoun: we saw Isaac get the boot...

Chris: yeah thats what you get for messing with me...

Sgt. Calhoun: now we are down to 8 contestants...

Chris: but not for long....

Sgt. Calhoun: this is gonna be one of the most epic challenges to date...

Chris: Because they're no more TEAMS!

Sgt. Calhoun: its the merge episode and its next!

*Theme music plays*
*In the cafeteria*

Jasper: *eating breakfast*

Sayu: so whats the plan next...

Jasper: Eliminate Draven at all costs...

Jimmy: good...
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Note: You should read the prologue before you read this :D link

Duncan laid down in his bed, staring at a particular spot on the ceiling. He'd been laying like this for over an hour. He was thinking the same thing he'd been thinking nearly every minute of every day for the past three months. How could she have dumped him? Duncan knew he had his flaws, he was defiant, rude, sneaky. But he thought Courtney loved him despite those things. He punched the wall in frustration. Duncan sighed, where was Harold when he needed a human...
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brooke:*sitting on bed listening to music*
duncan:*knocks on door and leaves a note*
brooke:huh?oh, a note, let me see, dear brooke ,meet me in the cariteria,duncan AW! I wuv you! woh, that was weird.

chris:you said it.
brooke:chris i can hear you.
brooke: you probably have speaker on.
chris:no i , oh, i do. *turns off speaker*

brooke:*sees duncan in cafiteria* hi.
duncan:what? oh hi brooke. why you all dressed up?
brooke:i thought it was a date.
duncan:oh, sorry i didnt get dressed up.
brooke:its okay, i like you with your normal clothes.
duncan:thanks. you look um, whats the...
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In a big upset to many Fanpop users Owen wins TDI over Gwen.Gwen says afterwards that at least she came in 2nd.Owen says he will have a party in a future date.Owen will have his party at playa da loza.You can see Owens best moments at www.CartoonNetwork/ is expected to win if there is a 2nd season.This is music222224 and im out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Okies, so here I am. Hello!

Um... you might not know me. I'm Demigods-Rock, and even though I am "too old to like Total Drama" I still go on here - you know why? For you guys! You're all awesome and friendly so how could I let you go. Anyways there may be some newcomers so, consider yourself my friend from now on if you read this.


This is Total Drama Half-Blood and Oooh by the way, my name: Demigod means Half-blood. A half-blood is someone who has a human / mortal parent, but the other parent is a Greek God! *dun dun dun*

So if you were a half blood who's daddy was named Jim and mummy names...
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Chris McLean was standing on top of a snowy mountain side near 2 log cabins. There was a ski lift, a mess hall, and a winter sports activity centre. Chris faced the camera and smiled a dazzling smile.
"In Season 1 we had a tropical island. Season 2 an abandoned movie set. In Season 3 we travelled across the globe. And Season 4 we returned to the, now toxic, island. But this season will be different. 22 contestants will be staying in log cabins in the Colorado mountains.11 of these contestants will be South Park residents. The rest will be regular teens from across the globe. All will be competing for the million dollar prize. There will be laughs, some romance and a lot of drama. Stay tuned for the beggining of...Total...Drama...South Park!"
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(okay i am so SORRY for not writing another T+C article sooner! it's been a LONG time)

*at school*
*5th period*

Duncan:*whispering*Hey Princess..
Courtney:*whispers*Stop calling me that.
Duncan:You know you like it-
Courtney:Look I'm having issues right now so-*yells*just shut up!
Teacher:Courtney,is there something you and Duncan would like to share with us?
Courtney:*thinks*Oh man!I just yelled at my boyfriend.....well...i think he's my boyfriend..

*at Trent's house*

Trent:*rocking Anya*Gavin,go to school before i call Roy.
Gavin:Yeah,right,You wouldn't...
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Sofie: A frufru. :B Wassup, everyone. Your probably thinking, "Sofie, why don't you appear and any articles anymore?" or "Sofie, do you still love Duncan?". WELL, super-awesome-uber-bitches-that-I-love, the answer to question one is because Lolly4me2 is a lazy ass, and the answer to question 2 is PFFF NAAW I WUZ JUST PLAYIN WITH YALL. I hate him. So yeah.
Lolly4me2: Heh-heh... uh, Sofie does not know what she is saying. She... uh... still loves Duncan! VERY MUCH. o_o
Sofie: No I don't. He's an ass.
Sofie: Nooo... DX But he's still...
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"We'll then you have to wear this" Chris said pulling out a chicken hat.
"There is no way I'm wearing that" Emma said crossing her arms.
" you ether jump or wear this" Chris said holding out the chicken hat.
" ok I'll wear it" Emma said taking the hat from Chris.
"Ok who's going first?" Chris asked.
" I'll go" a boy with brown hair that was spiked in the front step froward.
"Name?" Chris asked.
"Mike" he said.
" jump when your ready"
Mike stepped to the cliffs edge and jumped.
Zoey whispered into Emma ear " that mikes guys cute"
" I guess, but I think he's cute" Emma said pointing over to...
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