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posted by iPsychic
This is my first poem ever posted here. It’s about Mike’s personalities and how he feels when no-one wants to be his friend. It’s kind of sad. I’m terrible at poems so advice would be appreciated :) Thanks!

I look in the mirror,
And what do I see?
One teen, but
Five personalities.

Making friends,
Was always tough.
Can’t I be normal?
I’ve suffered enough.

Everyone I meet,
Would run away.
‘It’s that freak!’
They’d always say.

Why you ask?
Why do they run?
I have five personalities.
Not just one.

How I wish that I
Was a normal teen.
But of course,
That’s only a dream.

Sometimes I can be,
A gymnast from Sweden.
People would laugh at me.
My heart almost bleedin’

But at other times,
I’m a grumpy old man.
Complaining about everything,
Again and again.

My parents... well,
They don’t really care.
They’re busy with work,
Talking would be rare.

On the outside,
A smile is what I’ve got.
But on the inside,
I’m not happy, no I’m not.

I hope one day,
To meet the perfect friend.
One who won’t run,
Leaving me as a trend.

But of course I know,
It won’t come true.
I wish I was normal,
Just like you.
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