Geoff & Bridgette are a couple on TDI/TDA, and are known for always making out.
Bridgette is a relaxed, carefree, surfer chick, while Geoff is a wild party animal.
In 'Not-So-Happy-Campers part 1' Geoff warmly greets Bridgette when she arrives on the island. In the title secence, they are looking lovingly into each others eyes when Owen farts. They show more affection in the later episodes.
In 'The Sucky Outdoors,' Geoff trys a few moves on Bridgette but they are literally the worst ever made.
In 'Up the Creek' Bridgette confesses to Courtney about the gift that Geoff gave her, a small bowl that has 2 pictures, ripped and taped together, to show Geoff and Bridgette. Bridgette shows that his gift makes her want to barf.
In 'If You Can't Take the Heat...'Geoff is head chef while Bridgette is with DJ making somthing I can't remeber. Dj pushes Geoff over to Bridgette, and he trys to complitment her but it goes wrong. (You do NOT tell a girl "You look good when your cooking dinner, like my friend Evan's REALLY hot mom")
In 'Who Can You Trust?' Dj has Geoff take care of Bunny, so Geoff puts him on the lifeguard's chair while he and Bridgette swim. Bunny then gets eaten. Also in this episode Geoff & Bridgette are paired together to prepare poisonus japenese fugu fish.
In 'X-Treme Torture' Bridgette and Gwen set out to find who wrote the corny haiku poem, and Bridgette asks Geoff, "You know what's REALLY romantic?" HE responds, "Uh..writing someone's name in the snow with your pee?" It turns out Geoff didn't write the poem.
In 'Brunch of Distgustingness' the teams are disbanded. Bridgette is moving her stuff, and the two talk a little bit and look like they are about to kiss when Chris pulls Bridgette out and Trent accidently smacks Geoff with his guitar case. After the guys win and leave for their resort, it shows Geoff and Bridgette staring out the windows on the cabin and boat.
In 'No Pain, No Game" Eva has Bridgette do lake leeches, and Geoff takes her place. After they are both eliminated, they smile at each other.
In 'Hide and Be Sneaky' the guys form an alliance. Geoff says that he and Bridgette are close and he doesn't want to join and alliance without her. Duncan pressures him into joining. After the challenge, the guys decide to vote off Bridgette for stinking. Geoff is again pressured into aggreeing. When Bridgette is voted off, Geoff confesses that he DIDN'T vote her off, and the 2 almost share a kiss when Geoff relizes how much she stinks.
In 'After the Dock of Shame' they are seen making out in a hottub while Ezekiel trys to get close.
In 'Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island' they are making out nearly the whole time, and Bridgette accidently gives Geoff a black eye, pushes him off a cliff, and gets him chased by a moose.