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posted by TDIlover226
Julie was always known as crazy. Not as crazy as Izzy, but still crazy. At 4th in comand on JG's possy she is IM-PORT-TANT.

Julie was thinking about how she would have to leave for that movie in alaska. She ran up to JG and Vanita who were sitting in the back of the possy's pickup truck doing...well nothing, just drinking some soda's. "I have apsolutly no ideal what I'm gonna do!!!!!" said Julie. "and why do you have apsolutly no ideal what your gonna do?" said Vanita. "this is no time to be sarcastic!" yelled Julie, "while I'm off in Alaska, whos gonna be the crazy person around here!" yelled Julie. JG couldn't help but to laugh, "thats your big emergancy!" she said (still laughing).
"well, I can't do good in my movie knowing that no one will be filling in for me in my absence!"
"no ofence but thats stupid"
"I NEED to get someone to do it!"
"what about Izzy?"
"Izzy's not gonna want to come all the way here from new york!"
JG sat up in the truck. "what Ya need ta do is go out have a good time, then go ta New york" said JG. "ok...whats with the good time part?" said Julie. "cause, I'm labled the FUN delinqent arn't I?".

Julie hopped onto the back of the truck. JG got onto the very top and smacked on the windsheld "lets go John, odalegh". (Speaking the usual Demmionese). John slammed the gas pedal. "off to new york" said vanita. "thats original" said Julie.

they got to New York and went to Izzy's apartment. Izzy happily went back with them, for the month that Julie was gone. Izzy came back after the movie was finished, Izzy came back one more time so her and ALL of JG's possy watched it, along with the other movies that JG and Vanita were in.
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posted by izzzyroxmysocks
hiya! i am gonna play a part of total drama island phobia factor!!!!!!! enjoy!
"shes pretty , shes nice." exlames courtney.
"just one hug and your done "chris said snaping his finger.
"that looks really real man!" said doncan.
"hey , its ok if you can't do it"courtney said conferting him
"alright, i'll try." he said smiling.
" you can do this ." said courtney.
"ok ok" he said with confidence
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa( sorry , thats the song they put in the the backround)
doncan did it! he huged the standee.
"whoooooooohoooo!!!!" cried courtney "doncan your awsome!"
"ha , i did it !" he said happily
courtney hugs duncan then remembers that she pretends she dons't like him.
"wooooooooohoooooooo"cried everyone.............thanks ...........................have a good one
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My favorite charater Bridgette!
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