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posted by Gwentrend24
Camile: Last time on Total Drama OC's, the campers found out that they will be spending the next 8 brutal weeks, on a haunted beach house. Alliances were formed, conflicts were started, *get's aggravated* and CAR KEYS were stolen. What do we have in store for our unfortunate contestants today? Find out right now on, Total. Drama. OC's!

Chris: Hey, how come you get to do the introduction?

Camile: -.- Don't argue with me.

*Theme song plays*

Chris: *pulls out bullhorn*

Camile: Um, don't you have a softer and nicer way to wake them up?

Chris: *pouts* Fine. Katie!

Katie: What's up Chris?

Chris: Can you GENTLY wake up the campers in the girls' cabin for me?

Katie: Snazzy. *heads off to girls' cabin*

Chris: Thanks Katie.

Katie: *blushes* No problem

Chris: Are you happy?

Camile: Not really.

Chris: -.-

(At the Girls' Cabin)

Heather: *rolling around in bed*


Heather: Rayn won't shut up in her sleep. It's driving me insane!

-------------End of Confessional------------------

Heather: Ugh! *gets out of bed and heads for the door*

Rayn: *in her sleep* Mmm, no dad....... stop..... I can't help you..... I told you don't...don't call me......Rhylynne.

Heather: *stops in her place* Rhylynne?

Rayn: I told.... I told you to never.....never use my real name ever again.

Heather: *smirks*

Heather: Rhylynne? Talk about uber nerd. Looks like somebody has a little secret.

------------End of Confessional-------------------

Katie: *walks in girls' cabin* Wake up call! Chris and Camile wants everyone out in 20 minutes!

Everybody except for Heather: *moans and starts to get ready*

Rayn: *sees Heather smiling* What are you smiling about?

Heather: Nothing, Rayn.

Rayn: *rolls eyes* Whatever.

Sarah: Aw, isn't Timmy cute?

Nikita: Very cute. I love puppies. So anyone ready for our first official day of hell?

Erin: I don't know guys, maybe it won't be so bad.

Gwen: Yeah, remind me of that when Chris isn't trying to kill us. I swear, he won't stop throwing seasons on us until we're dead!

Sami: I'm up for the violence. It's what makes life exciting.

Crystal: If we just stick together. Like, my best bud and I are super tight. Jake always has my back.

Gwen: Just gotta warn you, best friends grow closer. Just look what happened to me. My best friend is now my boyfriend.

Crystal:*blushes* Yeah, but I don't like Jake like that.


Gwen: In denial, just like I was.

---------------End of Confessional----------------

Kelli: Just making a suggesting here, maybe it wont be so bad if we stick together.

Kat: I agree, remember, girls' alliance? Beth, Lindsay, Erin, Nikita Sami

Beth, Lindsay, Erin, and Nikita Sami: Right.

Ariana: Are we gonna get breakfast anytime soon? I'm starved.

Sarah: Speaking of food, what's up with Miss Key Snatcher over there?

Rayla: I still didn't get my pie, so no keys for Camile or Chris.

Rayn: Sick.

Sami: Hey, I have to agree with the girl. If I had advantage over the hosts, I would keep it.

Rayn: So Rayla, I hear your into art, that's cool.

Rayla: I've been studying in the arts for a while. I do a lot of after school stuff.

Rayn: Cool, I do murals a lot.

Gwen: No way, I always thought of doing an actual professional mural. It would be wicked.

Rayn: No kidding. It's a lot of fun. You should try it one day.

Heather: Aw, looser bonding. So incredibly cute.

Sami: Go jump in a lake Heather.

Heather: Ooh, newbie has an attitude. I'm so scared.


Sami: Alright, I am officially starting an anti-Heather club. Who's with me? Oh, yeah, pretty everyone on this freaking show!

--------------End of Confessional-----------------

Erin: So, LeShawna, can I ask you something?

LeShawna: What's up?

Erin: What kind of girl is Harold into?

LeShawna: A girl like me.

Erin: Oh.

LeShawna: Why you asking?

Erin: Well, I just think he's kinda cute.

LeShawna: Really? Then go for it girl. You'll be fine.


Erin: Ok, so Harold likes girls like LeShawna. I am nothing like LeShawna! How am I going to pull this off?

------------End of Confessional-------------------

Rikki: So guys, any advice for the new girls?

Gwen: Just try not to die, and you'll be fine.

Nikita: I'll take note of that.

Ariana: I second that motion.

Lindsay: Chip is going to make our lives miserable. Take it from a smart girl. *points to herself*

Nikita: Where? I don't see one.

Lindsay: Harsh Nora.

Riley: Your not very bright, are you?

Nikita: No offense Lindsay. And, my name is Nikita. And it's Chris, not Chip.

Lindsay: Your funny Nora.

Kelli: Sorry to interrupt, but I think we should head to breakfast.

Riley: Agreed.

Eva: Don't hold your breath.

Riley: Well, we have to eat something. Let's go.

(At the boys' cabin)

Alejandro: 22 senoritas, 12 senors, we are madly out numbered my friends.

Alex: Yeah, but that leaves a chick for each and everyone of us. Who's with me?

Alejandro: That girl Rikki is kinda cute, I saw you giving her the eye Duncan.

Duncan: It was an innocent mistake. I'm not a womanizer like you. I have a girlfriend.

Jake: I'm not really into anyone.

Destery: *smirks* Cool, I'm kind of into Crystal.

Jake: Wha-what? *blushes*

Destery: Dude, just kidding. She's all yours buddy.

Jake: I don't like her!

Alejandro: Lo que te hace domir por la noche, pero cualquiera puede ver claramente que lo han mal.

Jake: In English please!

Jamie: He said, Whatever makes you sleep at night, but anyone can clearly tell that you have it bad.

All: -.-

Jamie: What? I'm fluent in many languages.

Noah: Woah, ditz has swagger. You were holding back on us.

Jamie: You know, I can be intellectical sometimes.

Noah: And, the swagger is lost.

Destery: Anyway, I think Rayla is kind cute.

Cody: I'm all for Gwen. *says her name dreamily*

Duncan: Ahem. *cough*

Cody: Oh, come on, she has to break up with you sometime and eventually kiss me!

Duncan: Keep on dreaming twerp.

Heath: *coughing*

Alex: Guys, the dude is having a seizure.

Jamie: I think CPR is the only way to save him!

Tyrone: I could think of a billion other ways!

Trent: Well, what are we gonna do? Leave him there to die?

Duncan: Hey, we do it in Juvie all the time. Just walk away like we didn't see anything and we're home free!

Cody: Inhaler, we need his inhaler. Now, if I was a nerd, where would I put my inhaler?

Duncan: IF?!

Harold: Stop joking. *looks through Heath's draw* Here it is. *tosses Heath the inhaler.

Heath: *gasps gaining his breath*

Trent: Are you ok man?

Heath: Yeah, thanks Harold.

Duncan: Nerd bonding, that's nice.

Harold: I'm not a nerd, I'm a human being with mad skills.

Duncan: Whatever you want to believe.

Jake: So guys, back to what Alejandro said earlier, we're out numbered, and face it, the girls are probably gonna knock us down one by one.

Tyrone: So what are we supposed to do about it?

Jake: I think it's a little too early to start an alliance, so we should just, for say, 'stick together'. Cool?

Jamie: I guess I'm in.

Tyrone: I'm down. Cool.

Heath: I second that motion.

All except for Heath, Tyrone, and Jamie: Agreed.


Katie: *through a bullhorn* It's time to start the challenge guys!

All: *walks out of cabin*

Heather: Where's Chris and Camile?

Katie: Somewhere. Chris told me to take over until they get back.

Beth: Fine by me, it's about time they replace Chris the Creep with a nicer host this time around!

Katie: Snazzy. Glad to know I'm appreciated.

Tyrone: So what's the challenge?

Katie: Alright guys, so today, each team has to make a stalker video. Someone on each team has to dress up as a celebrity that will annoy the shit out of you. You know, like Rebecca Black. But you can't use her now that I said it!

All: Aww. :(

Katie: Then, you have to choose a stalker/paparazzi who will stalk and take pics of the celebrity in the celebrity's commercial. You know, to show how famous they are and junk. So you guys get 10 minutes in the prop house to choose props for your commercial. Best team video wins invincibility for this week. Now get going!

(With Team Wild Wolves)

Rayla: Well, I'm into acting, I bet I could probably play the celebrity.

Destery: I think you'll do great.

Rayla: *smiles*


Rayla: Is it me or does Destery suddenly seem kind of cute?

------------------End of Confessional-------------

Heather: Yeah, that's great but right now, we need to find props.

Rayn: As much as I HATE to admit it, Heather's right. Let's focus on the props first, then we could sort out all of the acting jobs. Ok? :)

Rayla: Fine by me.

Riley: Rack of wigs, that could come in handy.

Alex: Totally, I bet you would look good in one of those.

Riley: *looks down at worn out dirty wigs* Gee, thanks Alex. *walks away*

Alex: She wants me. :)

Noah: *pulls out 2 fake snakes from a crate*

Ariana: Ahhhh!

Noah: Calm down Ariana, they're fake.

Ariana: That's a relief.


Ariana: I'm TERRIFIED of snakes. They just creep me out.

---------------End of Confessional----------------

Crystal: Maybe this disco ball could help.

Rikki: Nice thinking Crystal.

Crystal: Thanks, *sighs* only if Jake were here.


Crystal: Jake and I are best buds. Too bad we're not on the same team. Maybe I can convince Rayla to keep Chris and Camile's car keys until they agree to transfer Jake to our team. Ugh, I don't know!

Nakita: Hey, I'm not against Crystal or anything but she shouldn't let her obvious crush on Jake get in the way of the game. Just saying.

---------------End of Confessional----------------

Nakita: It's alright Crystal, let's just focus on the competish alright?

Crystal: Alright, thanks Nikita.

Rayn: Look Gwen, some oil pastels. You and I can sketch some plans and designs for the commercial.

Gwen: Sounds like a plan.

Heather: Fine, but if you screw this up, you're going to get it.

Rayn: *sarcastically* Oooh, I'm so scared!

Heather: Trust me, you should be.


Heather: If Rayn messes up on this, say hello to my new 'friend' Rhylynne. The secret is coming out. That, or if she just gets on my nerves.

Rayn: *gets nervous* Wha-what's with her?

----------------End of Confessional---------------

Riley: Mind if I help you out with the designs? I'm a good artist.

Gwen: No problem Riley. Besides, three heads are better then two, unless it's Heather's head. In that case, everything's screwed.

Riley: *chuckles* You know it.

Ariana: I found a radio and a CD, lucky us, entitled, 'Most Annoying Songs of 2011'.

Nikita: Where does Chris and Camile get this crap?

*they finally collect all of their props*

Alex: We got this one in the bag.

Destery: Alright, let's get started guys!

(With Team Sneaky Snakes)

Duncan: Crap, crap, and wait, look.... MORE CRAP!

Sammi: What are we supposed to use here?!

Eva: I just think we're wasting our precious time.

Tyrone: Let's just chill guys, we'll figure something out.

Sierra: Oooh, I found firecrackers, glitter, a fake paparazzi camera, a fedora, a skateboard, and a long piece of cardboard.

Jamie: Ok, so I guess this is turning out for the best for us. Awesome job Sierra.

Sierra: Thanks Jamie. I wonder how Cody-kins is doing.

Kat: I bet he's fine.

Sierra: :)

Erin: Kat, I really want to talk to Harold, but I don't know how.

Kat: I got your back, girls' alliance remember? *winks*

Erin: Thanks Kat.

Kat: Hey Harold!

Harold: Wha- what's up Kat?

Erin: Um, Erin needs help searching through that box over there.

Harold: Cool, where's Erin?

Kat: She was just here. *looks behind back and see's that Erin was hiding there* There you are Erin. Go with Harold.

Erin: Um, alright. Let's go.

Beth: Look Heath, I found a wig.

Heath: Great job Beth. *sneezes* But, *sneezes* I'm allergic, *sneezes* to the dust.

Beth: Sorry about that Heath. *hands him a tissue*

Heath: Thanks Beth, you're nice. Most people would tease me about my allergies.

Beth: No problem. Friendship bracelet? *holds out a red beaded bracelet*

Heath: Thank you. :)

Sarah: I've collected a few things. I would say that we're off to a pretty good start. What would you say Kelli?

Kelli: Yeah, now we just need to plan our commercial. I'll say we've done pretty good.

Sammi: Yeah, but does anyone on this team have actual acting experiences?

Sarah: Not sure, but one step at a time right?

Sammi: Sure, whatever floats your boat.

Beth: Look, I found some flowers in a vase.

Heath: Ah, I'm allergic to pollen.

Beth: Sorry, wanna help me look around?

Heath: Sure.

Erin: *nervous* So Harold, are you ok?

Harold: If you mean, 'do I still have pain from the massage wedgie Duncan gave me', then yeah, I'm fine.

Erin: *chuckles*

Harold: Seriously? You actually laughed at that, most people would just beat me, or walk away in awkwardness. You sure are different.

Erin: Um, um, really?

Harold: Yeah, but it's a good kind of different. I like it. *smiles*

Erin:*smiles back*


Erin: Yes! Harold is hilarious, and so sweet. I really, really like him, but how am I going to tell him that?

Harold: Erin's cool. I think we'll get along very well this season.

------------End of Confessional-------------------

Tyrone: Ok guys, are we ready to start?

Jamie: Looks like it. Think we're gonna win it?

Kelli: Well, it IS the first challenge and even if we don't win, it would just be a lesson learned to improve our efforts next time.

Jake: Wow, your smart Kelli.

Kelli: Thanks, I have a G.P.A of 4.0. And, I'm very advanced in acting so I can help with that.

Kat: Cool, let's get started shall we? *walks up to Kelli and whispers in her ear* Hey, you know you would be a very helpful addition to the girls' alliance. If you ever want help, just call and we'll be glad to welcome you in.

Kelli: Really? Thanks, I guess if I need help, I'll call.

Kat: Awesome. *smiles*


Kat: Kelli is so sweet, I would love to have her be apart of the girls' alliance. So far, it only consist of 6 people, including me. But, we got each other's backs you know? :)

Kelli: Maybe I will join, maybe I won't. I'm just glad that I'm a positive effort to the team.

-----------------End of Confessional-------------

(With Team Wild Wolves)

Gwen: Alright, Rayn, Riley, and I finished the designs to the set. *shoves sketch in Heather's face*

Heather: Ehh, do it again!

Rayn: What?

Riley: What?

Gwen: What the hell?

Heather: You heard me wannabees, do it again. It's not right. I mean, why is the scene a famous Hollywood club? Why is there a red carpet?

Riley: It's a paparazzi video Einstein! That's how it's supposed to look.

Heather: But, I don't like it!

Rayn: Who the hell cares what you like? You. have. no. taste.

Heather: Watch what you say Rayn. Cause I know you will regret it afterwards.

Rayn: *rolls eyes* Anyway, it's too late to just start another sketch. We have to use this one whether you like it or not.

Heather: Fine. Just get to work, and make sure to get my approval.

Riley: Why do we need your approval?

Heather: Hello! I won last season. I'm basically team captain.

Gwen: I came placed second, first season though!

Heather: Second isn't first, and plus, you lost to OWEN!

Gwen: So did 20 other people! Including you.

Heather: That wasn't fair, I got my hair shaved off!

Gwen: Still.

Heather: Well look at you all smug in a rug.

Gwen: You freakin' bi-
Nakita: Wow, put. the. claws. away chickas!

Alejandro: Nakita is right. There's no need for fighting. Let's just focus on winning this challenge.

Rikki: Alejandro and Nakita are right. Let's just win this thing first.

Alejandro: Very wise words senorita. *kisses Rikki's hand*

Rikki: Um, thanks Alejandro.

Nikita: Yeah, Alejandro, you always know how to charm a girl.

Alejandro: It's a Burrometro gift. (sorry don't know how to spell it and too lazy to look it up.)


Nikita: Alejandro is really cute. Love ya like a sister, but he's all mine Rikki. Sorry.

--------------End of Confessional-----------------

Alex: I think Riley should do the acting. Right Riley?

Riley: Um...

Rayla: If you're not cool with it, I could do the acting.

Riley: That could work.

Crystal: Ok, we need a paparazzi. Only if Sierra were hear. But, we could somehow distract Sierra. And we have just the right person. Cody!

Cody: I'm not going near that stalker ever again!

Rayla: Oh come on Cody, take one for the team.

Cody: What happens if I get captured.

Rayla: Eh, you won't be missed.

Cody: -.- Yeah, now that makes me feel better.

Crystal: Cody, please, please, please.

Cody: No way.

Crystal: If it doesn't work, your safe from elimination this week.

Destery: If Sierra doesn't kill him first.


Rayla: Just go Cody!

Cody: Fine! *walks out into the woods*

Ariana: Hello, we still need a stalker.

Destery: Ariana is right. Let's think about all of the annoying artists in the world.

Alex: Willow Smith. (I think that's how you spell it)

Lindsay: Eeeeee! Willow Smith!

Destery: Perfect. Lindsay could be the stalker and Rayla could be Willow. Let's get you guys in your costumes.

(With Team Sneaky Snakes)

Sierra: Alright, we got everything we need and I'm ready to be a paparazzi!

Katie: *the song bell goes off* Song time kiddies!

Kelli: Chris and Camile still aren't here?

Katie: Nope.

Sarah: So, what are we supposed to sing?

Katie: Do I look like Chris or Camile to you? Just choose one.

Sierra: I got it. Just play along.
[I know I cut some verses out of the song but it was just too long]

We are the crowd
c-coming out
Got my flash on it's true
Need that picture of you
It's so magical
We would be fantastico


Leather and Jeans
Garage Glamorous
Not sure what it means
But this photo of us
It don't have a price
Ready for the flashing lights
Cause you know that baby I


I'm your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me
Baby there's no other superstar
You know that I'll be


Promise I'll be kind
But I won't stop until that boy is mine
Baby you'll be famous
Chase you down until you love me


I'll be your girl
Backstage at your show
Velvet ropes and guitars
Yeah cause you'll know
I'm staring between the sets
Eyeliner and Cigarettes


Cause you know that baby I


I'm your biggest fan
I'll follow you into you love me
Baby there's no other superstar
You'll no that I'll be


Promise I'll be kind

Lindsay and Beth:

I won't stop until that boy is mine


Baby you'll be famous
Chase you down until you love me




Real good
We dance in the studio
Snap, snapped
That shit on the radio


Don't stop for anyone
We're plastic but we'll still have fun


I'm your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me


Baby there's no other superstar
You know that I'll be


Promise I'll be kind
I won't stop until that boy is mine.
Baby you'll be famous
Chase you down until you love me

Katie: *claps* Snazzy. Carry on.

Sierra: As I was saying, I'm the paparazzi and- *sees Cody*Codykins! EEEE!

Courtney: And?

Sierra: Oh, and Ty, will you play Justin Beiber?

Tyrone: Sure Sierra.

Sierra: OMG Cody. Why are you here?

Cody: I- ugh, stop choking me first.

Sierra: *puts him down* Sorry.

Cody: I-I just, missed you.

Sierra: So sweet.

Cody: Yeah, I should maybe get back to my tea-

Sierra: What's the hurry. Stay with me!

Cody: Ugh, Sierra.

Sierra: Please Codykins

Cody: Fine.

Sierra: EEeeeee!

Sammi: Great, let's get this over and done with.

*This part along with many other parts were deleted on my stupid computer so I'm just gonna give a short summary*

[ The Wild Wolves got a 8/10 on their video. Rayla wiped her hair back and forth with a Willow Smith wig. He he. And Lindsay was a surprisingly good paparazzi, even though she took some pics wrong. That deducted points. In the end, their final score was a 7/10.]

[The Sneaky Snakes got a 9/10 on their video. Tyrone, due to all of his singing and performing experience, made a terrific Justin Beiber. And Sierra, of course was an awesome stalker/ paparazzi.]

[At the end, the Sneaky Snakes took the victory]

Katie: Snazzy, I get to do the conclusion too! Ok, so, Will Heather reveal Rayn's secret, will Kelli join the girls' alliance, and where are Chris and Camile?! Find out next time on..... Total. Drama. OC's!

Vote for who you want to eliminate.

Here's the team:


Sorry I took so long to write this. My internet connection has been down for a while
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