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posted by Pinkkatluv32
Rikki: omg
Mellissa : grabs paper bag
Teens walk in haunted college
Star: it stinks in here
Mellissa: wtf how'd I get here
twany: vinny,kat hello sighs this is not funny
Kat: twany where were you
Vinny: yeah
Rikki: ouch watch I sorry
Don: no no im sorry
Rikki: we are alone steps in closer
Don: steps in to kiss her
Rikki: kisses him
Don: kisses her back
roxie: holy crap faints
Cassidy: what happend
Don : she seen us kiss
Next day in mellissa's room 1st bell
Don: about last night
Rikki: forget it happend ok
Don: ok
Star: hi wussy you cant kiss her boo hoo
Don: walks away
Carry: next challenge is jump into thd 40 feet inches deep pool
Vinny gets ahhhhhhhhhh splashes
star: my growls
Roxie: jumps in yahooo canon ball
Ashley takes jorys hand on accident
Both: ahhhh
Ashley my swiming trunks
jory: woah
Tony: grabs cassidy this is awsome
Luna pushes star in the water
Star: falls ahhhh
Part 3 coming at 6:00
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