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Ok, this is my first story type of thing... it's about Tyler who tell's about when Lindsay forgot his name. If you like it, leave a comment or just tell me if I need to fix something, I would appreciate if you did! Thanks! :)

I couldn't believe it. Season 1... we were so close, but now she's forgotten who I am?! Seriously, when I first got on the Island (after hurting myself with my epic come in on the waterski) she noticed me and I noticed her. We just seemed to go together but we got put on opposite teams, which sucked!

Later when we went into the cabins, I heard her scream so I ran over to see what was wrong and wondered if I could help. She was scared of a cockroach, of course that punk Duncan chopped it's head off. I then made my move and told her to ask me if she see's one again! We then had gazed into each other's eye's... it was awesome to see her interested in me!

The moment she forgot who I was, was when there was only 5 people left in the competition. We were both at this awesome resort which a pool, spa's, all you could eat! We were sitting by the pool relaxing, and after Chris interviewing Lindsay she forgot who I was! She went around to almost every person there and asked 'Are you Tyler?' when I was sitting right there! She's stupid, but she sure is pretty! Don't tell her I called her stupid! ~To be continued...
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