Okee ppl, I'm not 100% sure this is true, but I got it on the internet, ok?? So please, don't leave me mean comments! (BTW, my other article, Info and Dates on the Next 5 Episodes of TDA, may not be real. I got most of the info from the 'net.

Episode 16:Dial M For Merger(Suspense/Spy Theme) </br>
Episode 17:Super Hero-ld Superman (Superhero Theme) </br>
Episode 18:Owen's Good Side TDA AFTERMATH 3 </br>
Episode 19:The Sixth Left The Sixth Sense (Philosophy Theme) </br>
Episode 20:The Karate Kids The Karate Kid (Karate Theme) </br>
Episode 21:Dawn of the Losers Dawn of the Dead (Zombie Theme) </br>
Episode 22:Star Wreck Star Trek/Star Wars (Space Theme) </br>
Episode 23:Welcome To The Wild Welcome To The Jungle(Jungle Theme) </br>
Episode 24:The Good Can Be Ugly TDA AFTERMATH 4 </br>
Episode 25:The Lame-O-Sines TDA SPECIAL </br>
Episode 26:A Day To Remember The Walk To Remember (Romantic Theme)</br>
Episode 27:Make Yo Own Opera Phantom of the Opera (Acts/Play Theme)</br>
Episode 28:Unseen Action TDA SPECIAL</br>
Episode 29:The Movielimpics The Movie Olympics (All Themes in One)</br>
LOL hope u learned something from this! Hehe... XD, Mp4girl!