This is for all Trent and Gwen fans and other people. This is my song that i made up.


Trent:Hey baby, i love you don't you love me
Gwen: I have moved on, oh can't you seeeee
Trent: I can see that just give me a reason Whyy Whyy Won't you come back to me.
Gwen: Honey i'll tell you once more i've moved on to a diffrent world.
Trent: But just Whyy Whyyy Why won't you come back to me.
Gwen: I just won't honey
Trent: My life isn't complete without you my darling Gwen
Gwen: Listen your going to be fine without me
Trent: You just don't understand i love you to much (Echo)
Gwen: Trent my former mate we will be together once again, just baby
Trent: Thank you Gwen.