Titanic [OPEN] Titanic 10in10 Icon Challenge [ROUND 1 - Jack] (Deadline 27th August)

TitanicLeoKate posted on Aug 17, 2012 at 12:34PM
Part#1: Introduction
Here are the rules. Now if you are new to this keep reading, if you already know how it goes then just skip this part and move to Part#2. Alright, this contest is not like normal icon contests; in normal ones you only submit 1 icon, here you have to submit 10. No rush, you have 10 days to make them.

Now the icons are divided into 3 parts.
Part 1: Themes (I will give you a theme for every single icon of your first part, which are 5 icons. eg; blue, dark, light)
Part 2: Category icons (I will give you one theme for your next 3 icons. eg; emotions, one color)
Part 3: Artist's Choice icons (2 icons of your choice)

Part#2: Prop Ranking
Win Theme - 2 Props
Win Category or AC - 3 Props
Participating - 1 props

Part#3: Reminders
Some rules are the same in most other contests, here are some reminders:
1. NO STEALING You have to make the icons, not just get them from any user/website/club.
2. Icons do not have to be a particular size, but they have to be squared.
3. No animated icons (GIFs).
4. No repeated icons or same icons as before with different effects.
**********DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF.**********

Round 1 - Jack
1 - Close Up
2 - Name (It has to say Jack's name)
3 - Plus 1
4 - Full Body
5 - Red
Category - 3 Icons of Leonardo DiCaprio
AC x 2

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over a year ago mandali said…
I'll like to participate :)
over a year ago Stephanie14 said…
I'll like to participate in the Jack Dawson Icon Challenge, it sounds fun :D and plus I like Leonardo.
over a year ago TitanicLeoKate said…
big smile
^^Yeah, sure :)