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tekkencentre posted on Jul 03, 2008 at 10:44AM
Let´s talk about favourite parts of the best film ever-Titanic!

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over a year ago mammamia100 said…
i like the part wher jack's holding rose on the edge of the ship, some people may call it the "flying scene"
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over a year ago Deni-Rose said…
My favourite scene is The Flying Scene and also one of the strongest moments in the movie when Rose jumps out of the boat,then goes back to Jack and says "You jump,I jump,right?".It's so amazing!
over a year ago pat83 said…
i like the part where at the end when jack died and rose said I'll never let go i promise.
over a year ago Leo_Lover said…
I have sooooo many fave scene's in Titanic, so to put it short, I absolutely love every single scene that Jack & Rose are in together :D.
over a year ago 22_445 said…
My fav scene is the scene after they just made love in the car. They are running out on the deck .
JAck says " Did you see those guys faces ...did you?.." Rose puts her hand on his lips in a shh sign.
"when the ships docks im getting off with you" she said
"this is crazy this is.."jack says
:I know , and thats why I trusted " Rose says and they kiss.
I love that pRT!
over a year ago Leo_Lover said…
Yeah, I like that scene too :). Although, I also find that scene a bit sad because if u think about it, the ship didn't dock & they didn't get off together :'(.
over a year ago titanicluver94 said…
I liked da whole thing but specially when jack n rose reunite at the very end of the movie n they give each other a kiss n everyone that had died in the titanic start clapping. Its very touching 2 me
over a year ago Leo_Lover said…
I also love that scene :). It's such an amazing scene <3 ;).
over a year ago 0009 said…
I haven't got a favorite part because I like full movie.
over a year ago xXtothestarsXx said…
One of my favorite scenes is the one where Rose is enjoying the party under deck ^^ she also shows Sven and the other guy that a woman is also able to drink beer and she shows them her amazing trick with her toes ;)
over a year ago titanicfreak96 said…
My fave part in the movie, "Titanic" is the scene where Rose goes back to rescue Jack and he asked, "How did you find out I didn't do it?" She replies, "I didn't. I just found out I already knew."

That scene is so meaningful in their relationship because it shows that they really trust each other and the amazing thing is: They have only known each other for a few short days!
over a year ago qwert2011 said…
I like all of them so far. It's going to be hard to pick!