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The Island Of Sodor, 1976

It was a very foggy morning on the Island Of Sodor. Henry was going as fast as he could with the flying kipper. It was hours behind schedule.

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Thomas The Tank Engine fanfiction

The Great Race

Starring... Do I have to tell you who's starring in this fanfiction? It's not like you don't know what this is about.

Henry: *On the mainland, and sees a red signal ahead*
Jinty & Pug: *Resting in a siding*
Workmen: *Waiting by three pick up trucks built by Ford, and GMC*
Henry: *Stops at the station*

The song fades away as Henry begins the conversation

Henry: Hey guys, sorry I'm late.
Pug: Would you mind telling us why you're late?
Henry: Bad track conditions. A train got derailed, and blocked my path. To make matters worse, Harold the helicopter.. Oh never mind, you wouldn't believe me.
Jinty: Rubbish. What happened?
Henry: He ran out of fuel, and blocked more parts of the line.
Pug: You're right, I don't believe you.
Henry: I knew it. Well, I better get going, and let you two shunt these freight cars after they get unloaded. I'm supposed to double head a freight train with a new engine named Samson.
Pug: How long has this Samson character been working on your line Henry?
Henry: No more then a couple of months. I remember he arrived sometime after the Christmas of 1975, but before last February. I'll ask him when he came to Sodor. *Leaves*

Speaking of Samson, he was shunting twenty coal cars for Donald & Douglas to pull. He was being careless though, and shunted the cars too fast.

Samson: *Bangs the coal cars into Donald & Douglas*
Donald: *Sees coal dust go over him, and Douglas* Losh sakes!
Douglas: Our beautiful blue coats of paint, ruined!
Samson: *Feeling silly* Sorry you two.
Donald: Show off yer speed to Gordon you reckless tank engine. *Pulls coal cars with Douglas*
Douglas: If only Duck wasn't so busy running his branchline with Oliver. He knows everything about... Everything.
Samson: He does not! That's my job!

The freight cars heard what Donald, and Douglas said. They agreed with the Scottish twins, and decided to tease Samson.

Freight Car 35: At least he's not afraid to admit whenever he's made a mistake.
Freight Car 28: At least he doesn't get coaches, and freight cars mixed up.
Samson: *Angry* Shut up! *Bangs the freight cars, then puffs away*
Henry: *Arrives at the yards* Hey Samson-
Samson: No. *Leaves the yards*
Henry: What's the matter with him?

After Samson left the yards, he heard Thomas, and Gordon debating on who was the fastest.

Thomas: I can go really fast uphill.
Gordon: Only because you have those light out of date coaches, Annie, and Clarabel. If you had express coaches like me, you would never go fast at all.
Samson: But I could.
Gordon: Pfft, rubbish. No engine is as strong as me. Especially tank engines.
Samson: I'll prove you wrong. I am faster, and stronger then both of you combined.
Thomas: But we're talking about speed.
Gordon: You can't get that without power.
Henry: *Arrives* Samson-
Samson: Not now, this is an important conversation. I must prove my points, and show Thomas, and Gordon that what I'm saying is true.
Thomas: But, all you said was that you were faster, and stronger then me, and Gordon combined.
Samson: Exactly. You two will never stand a chance against me.
Henry: Not if I have anything to say about it, but first we gotta pull a freight train together. *Couples up to Samson, and pulls him away*
Samson: No! Leave me alone! I must be a part of this argument!
Thomas: Bye Samson.
Gordon: Bye Samson.
Thomas: Don't come back until you finish your work.

Thomas, and Gordon continued on with their work, but they started arguing again at the sheds.

Thomas: I'm the fastest. Everyone knows that.
Gordon: No they don't.
Thomas: Yes they do.
Gordon: No they don't!
Thomas: Yes they do!
Sir Tophamm Hat: *Arrives* What's with all the shouting?
Thomas: Gordon thinks he's faster then me.
Gordon: It is true.
Sir Tophamm Hat: I think a race is in order. I'll make the preparations, and you two can have your race next week.
Thomas: Next week?!
Gordon: Sir, that'll take too long.
Sir Tophamm Hat: You'll have to be patient. I'll see if others would like to race as well. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go play golf.
Gordon: At 9 PM?
Thomas: And since when did you start playing golf?
Sir Tophamm Hat: Just now. *Walks away*

Sir Tophamm Hat put posters around Sodor about the race Thomas, and Gordon were about to have. More engines wanted to join in which made Thomas, and Gordon cross.

Thomas: Clearly none of those other engines will win. It should just be the two of us.
Gordon: That's pretty much the entire point of this race. Me, versus you.
Thomas: It's supposed to be the two of us.
Sir Tophamm Hat: *Arrives* It's supposed to be fun no matter who is racing. If you don't want to participate with the other engines, I'll gladly remove you from the race.
Gordon: No!
Thomas: We're okay with the other engines.
Sir Tophamm Hat: That's more like it. Now I want you two to pull freight trains from here to Maron station.
Gordon: Freight trains?!?! You know I hate that job.
Sir Tophamm Hat: Too bad. Do as I say, or you will be removed from the race.
Gordon: *Puffs away* No matter what happens, Sir Tophamm Hat will threaten to remove me from the race .
Thomas: I guess he's just doing that to make you a really useful engine.
Gordon: I'm already useful pulling the express. I don't need to pull freight trains.

When they got to the trainyard, they saw a very long train, forty freight cars long.

Gordon: Who is pulling that train?
Thomas: *Sees the engine* It must be a new engine.

The new engine was at Maron station when Thomas, and Gordon got there.

Thomas: Whoa. You're really huge.
Sam: And because of that, I am very powerful. My name is Sam. And you two are?
Thomas: I'm Thomas.
Gordon: And I'm Gordon.
Sam: I heard there's going to be a race later next Friday. I am going to take part in it.
Thomas: I bet you're really fast.
Gordon: Not as fast as me. I am the fastest engine on Sodor.
Thomas: No. I am.
Sam: We'll see who's the fastest in the race. *Pulls his train out of the station*
Station Master: Okay Thomas, and Gordon. You may run your branchline, and pull your express.
Thomas: Thank you.
Gordon: It's about time.

They left their freight cars to be unloaded, and cheerfully went to do their next job.

While Thomas was running his branchline, he saw Percy with a sad face.

Thomas: *Stops at a station* What's the matter Percy?
Percy: There's a disease going around Sodor called Brandonitis.
Thomas: What's that?
Percy: It's a disease that makes you speak in a southern accent, just like how Michael Brandon would speak in a southern accent, if he was providing the voices for most of the characters.
Thomas: Oh yeah, I remember that.
Percy: So far, the only engine that got it is Emily. Thankfully, it's not contagious, and it's very difficult to get.
Thomas: How do you get Brandonitis?
Percy: If your wheels can't get any grip for ten seconds nonstop.
Thomas: Well, we don't have to worry about that. All we gotta do, is make sure our wheels don't slip ten seconds nonstop. *Puffs away*

Days later, the great day came where the engines would race from Knapford Station to Vicarstown. The engines participating in the race were Thomas, Gordon, Emily, Sam, Connor, Caitlyn, and Duck.

Thomas: I'm surprised Spencer isn't here.
Sir Tophamm Hat: He is busy on the mainland. And now.. *Grabs a gun*
Passenger: LOOK OUT, HE HAS A GUN!!
Sir Tophamm Hat: Wait a minute, wait a minute! The bullets are blanks. I will fire one off to signal the start of the race. Ready?
Engines: Yes sir.
Sir Tophamm Hat: 3, 2, 1. *Points gun at the ceilling, and fires a bullet*
Engines: *Take off to race*
Sir Tophamm Hat: *Looks at the ceilling* Hm, I could've sworn I put in blanks. Oh well.

Vicarstown was very far from Knapford. The engines had to go as fast as they could. So far, the positions are.

1st - Thomas
2nd - Duck
3rd - Sam
4th - Caitlyn
5th - Connor
6th - Gordon
Last place - Emily.

Thomas was going very fast. Sam, Connor, and Caitlyn were right behind him.

Duck: *Passing Caitlyn* See you at the finish line!
Caitlyn: Yeah, after I pass you. *Passing Duck*
Emily: *Far behind everyone else, and sighs* First, I get a disease that makes me talk in a southern accent, and now I'm in last place. Things ain't going well for me.
Connor: *Trying to pass Sam* This engine is so big, I don't think I can pass him.
Sam: You're doing good Thomas.
Thomas: Thanks Sam.

A sharp turn was coming up ahead. The engines had to make sure they weren't going too fast. The only engine that didn't put his brakes on was Gordon. As he flew off the tracks, everyone passed him.

Emily: Yay, I ain't in last anymore.
Gordon: Ohh, the indignity!
Duck: Gordon's Hill is coming up soon.
Caitlyn: Too bad Gordon won't be able to be with us as we go up.
Thomas: *The first one to go up Gordon's Hill* I'm far ahead of everyone else. I must be really fast.

Thomas was going so fast, that he went airborne at the top.

Thomas: Bust my buffers! *Lands on the rails* Hey, not a single wheel is derailed. I'm okay.
Sam: *Goes over Gordon's Hill with Duck, Connor, and Caitlyn behind him*
Emily: *Slowly going up Gordon's Hill* Why does this hill have to be so steep? I'm strugglin', and I ain't even pulling anything. This is embarrassing. *Gets to the top* Finally. *Coasts down the hill*
Thomas: *Going 200 miles an hour* I'm glad I had those chemicals spill into my system two years ago. If that didn't happen, I would never be able to go this fast. *Passes Maron Station* And it's a good thing that this track stays straight. *Sees a curve in front of him* FOR A LONG TIME!! *Slows down. He leans to left as he goes fast on the curve going right. He doesn't derail, and stops leaning as he gets off the curve*

The other engines passed Maron station after Thomas did. So far, the positions are.

1st - Thomas
2nd - Sam
3rd - Connor
4th - Caitlyn
5th - Duck
Last place - Emily.

Vicarstown was not far for the engines. They had travelled far at high speeds, and were now getting closer to the end of their race.

Thomas: *Gets to Vicarstown first* Yes! I won!
Sam: *Arrives second* Good race.
Caitlyn: *Passes Connor, and gets third* Yes it was indeed.
Connor: I should've gotten third.
Duck: *Arrives* Well, at least you beat me.
Emily: *Arrives last, and cries about it*
Thomas: Come on Emily. You cry about everything nowadays. Stop it.
Emily: *Stops crying* I wanted first place!
Duck: Too bad. Thomas got first.
Samson: *Arrives, and is very angry* What?! You raced without me! I demand you start another race, and I will be a part of it.
Thomas: No thanks Samson. We're tired.
Samson: I want to race you guys.
Thomas: No.
Samson: I want to race you guys.
Thomas: No.
Samson: I want to race you guys.
Thomas: No.
Samson: I want to race you guys.
Thomas: No.
Samson: Why can't I race you?!!?
Thomas: Because, the race is already over. Go be wrong about stuff somewhere else.
Samson: *Puffs away* I hate getting stuff wrong.
Emily: *Leaves with Samson*

The End
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.