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Uploaded by: WInxClubEnglish I don't take any credit for this video or its productions. WOW! Did you already watch the show? Enjoy the first episode of World of Winx and share your opinion... What do you like the most of this new series?
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Just that everyday I see a Flora article! I decide to make an article about her, where she dies to save her friends *and will come back*. Enjoy!


"Hold together, Winx!" Bloom shouted while she and the Winx battle the Trix. "I can't hold anymore, let's give up!" Stella said. "Stella!" Bloom and Layla shouted. "Girls, we have to not let the Trix get this golden circle! Hold on to it!" Musa said as she let go of the golden circle. "Sonic Sphere!" She blasted to Darcy and Stormy. "If Flora was still here!" Tecna said. "She can really hold this circle since she has a bond with it!" Layla shouted....
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All the Details of the Characters of the WINX GIRLS.

I was born on 10th December and my fairy sign is Dragon. I come from Gardenia, on Earth, and I lived there with Vanessa, my mother, and Mike, my father.

One day in the park, I met a fairy, Stella, and a big dangerous troll. In order to defend the blonde fairy I used magic powers that I didn't know I had, and from this point my adventure began! I left Earth and went to the magical school of Alfea. Lots of things have changed since then. I met the wicked Trix, I fought against Lord Darkar and Valtor, but above all I found out...
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Flora in Believix
Flora in Believix
Hello! Me again! : ) Since some people liked my article on Tecna, I thought that I would do another. But this time, on information on *Drumroll Please* Flora! :D Hope you like this one!



Flora was born on March 1. She is the shyest, most quiet and generous member of the Winx Club.

In the first few seasons, she stayed quiet and really didn't have a strong connection with the Winx. But soon, her bond grew stronger especially with Layla (Aisha in RAI English and the original) princess of Andros due to that she helped Flora gain confidence to talk...
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